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Even if Gu Ning was a kung fu master, they didnt think that it was an unfair game, because it was Gu Nings own skill.The five members of the Bulls felt humiliated and angry.

They didnt expect that Gu Ning could really score a basket when she was surrounded by them.

Therefore, they all glared at her.

If Gu Ning was a man, they would probably directly beat her.

Gu Ning didnt care about their glare, and instead gave them a look of disdain, which irritated them.

“Shes so arrogant!”

“If she was a man, Id beat her up.

She just just hit me with her elbow, and my chest is still hurting now.”

“Me too! Shes much stronger than I thought.”

They still thought that Gu Ning knocked into them by accident.

“Hey, if we lose the game, we can deny the agreement we made with them.

Its already super embarrassing, so we dont need to care about the result.

By the way, we can secretly hurt her to stop her from winning as well,” the leader of the Bulls said in a low voice.

“Sure,” his teammates all agreed.

After that, the game continued.

Because the Bulls lost the ball in the first round, they had the chance to start the second round.

The five members of the Bulls tightly surrounded Gu Ning again to stop her from touching the ball.

The onlookers were annoyed, because they thought that it wasnt fair.

“Go for it, my goddess!” a person among the crowd suddenly shouted to support Gu Ning.

He didnt know Gu Nings name, so he directly called her his goddess.

Actually, it was a very suitable word to describe Gu Ning, because she was very pretty and good at playing basketball.

“Go for it, my goddess!” Other people began to encourage Gu Ning as well.

Nearly two third of the audience were Gu Nings supporters.

The five members of the Bulls were mad, and they turned to vent their anger at Gu Ning.

They glared at her as if they were going to swallow her raw and whole.

As the whistle sounded, a member of the Bulls started the second round.

Gu Ning didnt grab the ball right away this time, and let the Bulls have it.

She had no intention to grab the ball this time, but to the audience it seemed like she couldnt do it because she was surrounded by the five men.

The other members of the Bulls didnt move away from Gu Ning, but still surrounded her as usual.

However, it wasnt allowed to surround a person too tightly for more than three seconds on the court, so they didnt stand in Gu Nings way, but kept stopping her when she wanted to chase their teammate who had the ball.

However, it was difficult for them to stop Gu Ning by doing that.

Gu Ning swiftly got rid of them and it looked as if she disappeared out of their arms all of a sudden, which shocked the three men who surrounded her.

Even the audience was surprised by Gu Nings speed.

At this time, the leader of the Bulls was about to throw the basketball.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning jumped up high and stole the ball halfway in the air.

It had happened once before, but it still shocked everyone when it happened again.

Those basketball coaches were stunned this time.

“Wow, my goddess is so amazing!”

“Shes perfect!”

The audience got extremely excited.

The leader of the Bulls was shocked when the ball was stolen away by Gu Ning, and the next second he got furious and began to attack Gu Ning.

His teammates ran over at once.

They were prepared to secretly hurt Gu Ning.

Because all of them were tall and strong, other people outside the court couldnt see their movements clearly, which gave them a great chance to do whatever they wanted.

Nevertheless, facing their aggressive movements, Gu Ning didnt panic.

She stayed calm and filled her arms with magical power to make them as stiff and cold as ice blocks.

As a result, once they knocked Gu Nings arms, they were the ones who felt hurt and pain.

They were surprised, but were unwilling to give up.

In the following minutes, they kept trying to hurt Gu Ning, but Gu Ning did the same thing to fight them back.

“What have you done to me” One of them finally sensed that something wasnt right.

The other members didnt understand what had happened, and they continued to compete for the ball against Gu Ning, but they all failed.

“You just heavily knocked against my arm, so you should ask yourself what youve done,” Gu Ning sneered.

“You…” The person was mad, but didnt know what to say.

He had to stop attacking Gu Ning and tried to do his best to get the ball.

Gu Ning got rid of them once more and ran ahead alone.

When she was near the three-point line, she threw the ball out without hesitation.

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