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Because Tang Jiakai and the members of the Warriors already knew that Gu Ning would get the ball, they werent surprised.

Although the game just began, Gu Ning proved her ability by getting the ball first.

Lao Er was very confident at the beginning, but soon found out that Gu Ning was much better than he thought.

He went to chase Gu Ning at once, but it was too late and Gu Ning moved faster than him.

Within seconds, Gu Ning accurately threw the ball into the hoop.


People standing by the court applauded loudly, but members of the Bulls were mad.

Even though Gu Ning just got a point, they still refused to admit that she could play basketball better than them.

Lao Er glared at Gu Ning, but Gu Ning gave him a smile of disdain.

She ignored him, then walked away, which annoyed Lao Er and he almost wanted to beat her.

They would decide who was the winner after three baskets were scored, and Gu Ning already won the first one.

Lao Er cheered himself up and was determined to win the next one.

The second round began.

Because Lao Er lost first, he had the ball this time.

Once the whistle sounded, Lao Er avoided Gu Ning and ran to find a good position to throw the ball.

He could only throw the ball after taking three steps, but Gu Ning stole the ball away when he had only taken two steps ahead.

Lao Er was struck dumb by Gu Nings speed.

Gu Ning moved too fast, so nobody could clearly see how she stole the ball, and they just saw the ball appear in her hands the next second.

“Jesus! She moves like lightning.”

“How did she manage to do that”


Everyone was astonished, and more people began to believe that Gu Ning could be the winner.

Lao Er soon got his mind back and ran towards Gu Ning to stop her.

However, the same thing happened again.

Before he could catch her, she already threw the ball into the hoop.

“No way!”


People applauded and cheered.

“This girl is so unbelievable!”

“She already scored two baskets.”

“It cant be a coincidence that she can score again and again.”



“Damn it!”

The members of the Bulls were furious now, especially its leader, but he didnt blame Lao Er for it.

Instead, he thought that it was Gu Nings fault.

Other members of the Bulls were getting worried that Lao Er might really lose, which would be super embarrassing.

The leader of the Bulls hadnt thought that it would be necessary for five of them to play a match against Gu Ning, but now he had to accept it, because he wanted to win.

If they lost, they had to do what they had said they would when they bet with the Warriors.

Lao Er could do nothing about it, but gave Gu Ning another glare.

Gu Ning snorted, “Is this all you can do I thought that you are somebody since you have the courage to play the match against me by yourself.”

“You havent scored three points yet!” Lao Er said in anger.

He was arrogant, but wasnt dumb, and he knew that he was in a very dangerous situation now.

Nevertheless, it was still hard for him to believe that a young and slim girl like Gu Ning could easily defeat him.

After all, he was a professional basketball player who trained every day.

“Lets see!” Gu Ning said, then directly started the third round.

Lao Er had the ball again this time.

Gu Ning didnt stop him from reaching the hoop this time, but she suddenly stole the ball from him when he wanted to throw it into the hoop.

Everyone was shocked by the scene.

“OMG, I thought that he finally had a chance to score a point!”

“The girl jumped so high!”

“I cant believe my eyes.”


They kept complimenting Gu Ning, but it was totally unacceptable in Lao Ers eyes.

Given his ability, he should have thrown the ball into the hoop, but Gu Ning stole the ball halfway.

The members of the Bulls were stunned, and didnt know what to say.

Tang Jiakai and the members of the Warriors, on the contrary, felt satisfied.

They were looking forward to watching the game when Gu Ning played against five members of the Bulls later.

The moment Gu Ning stole the ball away, she ran backwards to the other hoop, and Lao Er tried to catch her once more.

He failed without doubt.

Gu Ning stopped near the three-point line and threw it to the hoop without hesitation.

Lao Er couldnt stop her, and the ball smoothly went into the hoop.

It was a three-point field goal! People were amazed and Gu Ning got another round of loud applause.

The members of the Bulls and members of the Warriors were in completely different moods right now.

Lao Er clenched his fists in anger, glaring at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning disliked Lao Ers glare.

He always glared at her when he lost.

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