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In the following minutes, Gu Ning continued to easily avoid Tang Jiakai and throw the basketball into the hoop.“OMG, shes so awesome!”

“Is she a professional basketball player”


Some people thought that Gu Ning was very skillful, but some didnt think so.

“I think the boy is too weak.”

“Shes short and slim.

I dont think shes a professional.”

“I agree.”

It was true that Gu Ning was too short to be a professional basketball player.

Normally, a female professional basketball player couldnt be shorter than 1.75m.

However, although Gu Ning was only 1.65m, the national team probably would invite her to join them given her outstanding skills.

Therefore, rules were only set for ordinary people, and Gu Ning was an exception.

Tang Jiakai felt sad after being overshadowed by Gu Ning on the basketball court.

“Hey, beauty, hes too weak for you.

Can I help him” someone shouted at Gu Ning all of a sudden.


I dont care how many of you want to help him,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, two other men walked forward.

Tang Jiakai was already exhausted, so he left at once and let the three young men compete against Gu Ning.

“Are three of you going to play together against the girl Its not fair!” someone said.

“Its fine.

I dont think they can win,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

Even though the three young men were displeased by Gu Nings attitude, they could see that she wasnt an ordinary girl.

“Alright, I can be the judge,” a man said.

He had a whistle hanging on his neck.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed.

The next second, the basketball game began, and other people all began to take a video of it.

Gu Ning was alone, so she held the ball at the beginning of the game.

The three young men were confident to win against a girl, but they soon found out that they couldnt grab the ball away nor stop Gu Ning from getting points.

The spectators were all surprised.

In the second round, the three young men held the ball, and they directly passed it among them.

However, Gu Ning suddenly jumped and stole the ball away.

The moment she got the ball, she ran away fast.

No matter how the three young men tried to catch her and stop her, she was still able to throw the ball into the hoop with unerring accuracy.

Within a short while, Gu Ning successively threw six balls into the hoop, with the three young men failing to touch the ball even once.

In the end, they failed without doubt.

Right at this moment, it was 12 pm and many professional basketball players walked out.

“Oh, look, there are three men playing against a girl!”

“Jesus, the girl just scored a three-point field goal.”

“Its just a three-point field goal.

Nothing impressive,” someone said with disdain.

He was a member of the basketball team that Gu Ning was going to punish today.

The team was named the Bulls.

“Its not impressive that she just scored a three-point field goal, but shes competing against the three young men,” another member said.

“I think shes good.”

“Thats because the three young men are too weak.”

“Well, I dont think any of us can easily defeat her alone,” Teng Xiaoyus teammate said.

Their team was called the Warriors.

“Shes just a girl.

She cant be better than us at playing basketball.”

“I agree.

Shes no match for us!” The members of the Bulls took Gu Ning lightly.

They were as arrogant as usual.

In fact, only the Warriors were better than them in the basketball matches this time, and they ranked second, so they decided to scheme against Teng Xiaoyu.

Since Teng Xiaoyu was injured now, they believed that they would be the champions.

“Really Do you dare to have a try I dont think any three of you can defeat the girl.” A member of the Warriors challenged them.

It was just a trap.

“Why should we listen to you” a member of the Bulls said.

“Youre just a bunch of cowards,” a member of the Warriors said.

“What did you just say Thats insane! Any of us can easily defeat the girl by themselves, but what can we get if we win” The Bulls were annoyed by the Warriors.

“If you win, two of us will quit the game and only seven of us will play the finals.

If you lose, you should do the same thing,” a member of the Warriors said.

“No problem!” The Bulls agreed, because it was exactly what they wanted.

Although Teng Xiaoyu was the most important member of the Warriors, the rest of its members were highly skilled too.

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