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He immediately called back, but Master Fu wouldnt answer.

Master Bai was growingly restless, walking backwards and forwards in the living room.

“Dad, whats going on” A middle-aged man walked downstairs.

He noticed Master Bai who was walking nervously in the living room.

This middle-aged man was exactly the man that Gu Ning had met today.

He was called Chairman Bai, the son of Master Bai, Bai Linwei.

“Master Fu told me that the woman we met today is the girl, Gu Ning.

Master Fu and Master Yan have talked about her many times in front of me.

He even said that the girl will tell him first if she gets a better jade in the future! A better jade than the violet jade must be top-level jade! The top-level jade!” Master Bai said with anger.

It seemed as if he had already missed the top-level jade.

“What The woman we met today is the girl uncle Fu has mentioned before How come uncle Yan didnt recognize her” Bai Linwei was surprised.

Bai Linwei had also heard a lot about Gu Ning.

He admired and was curious about her.

“Master Fu said that she didnt want to be recognized, so she disguised herself.

Master Yan even failed to recognize her.

The girl is going to be having a meal with Master Fu tomorrow.

Im going as well! I cant let Master Fu get the jade before me,” Master Bai said.

However, Master Fu wouldnt answer his call.

What should he do Oh, he could call Master Yan.

Therefore, Master Bai called Master Yan at once.

Gu Ning also called Master Yan after she hung up the phone with Master Fu.

She thought that it was impolite to not tell Master Yan.

Master Yan was also astonished to hear the fact that the woman that he had met today was actually Gu Ning.

He was shocked at her outstanding ability to cut out four valuable jade continuously, and her totally different appearance, but he didnt blame her after her explanation.

When Master Bai called Master Yan, he found out that Gu Ning had invited Master Yan as well.

When Master Bai proposed to attend the meal together with Master Yan, Master Yan agreed.

Gu Ning felt like eating steak right now, so she went to a western restaurant.

At the same time, Li Zhenzhen was having a meal with a young lady.

They were chatting and laughing.

When Li Zhenzhen saw Gu Ning coming, she was upset and anxious.

Why was Gu Ning in City G Was she here to get revenge on her

Li Zhenyu had investigated Gu Ning already.

He found out that Gu Ning was an ordinary child from a one-parent poor family.

She wasnt good at studying and was disliked by most of her relatives, but the Gu Ning that they saw with their own eyes was different from the investigation.

Gu Ning in their eyes had an extraordinary talent at stone gambling with a couple hundred million yuan of wealth.

She was also good at fighting.

She had beaten several men down and sent them to the hospital on her own.

Accordingly, Gu Ning was mysterious.

Li Zhenzhen didnt dare to relax only because of Li Zhenyus investigation.

She wasnt afraid that Gu Ning would sue her, because Gu Ning didnt have the proof, but Li Zhenzhen was worried that Gu Ning would get revenge on her.

“Zhenzhen, whats wrong” seeing Li Zhenzhens face change, a beautiful lady asked.

She was Li Zhenzhens good friend, Su Jing.

“Nothing,” Li Zhenzhen got her mind back.

Although she and Su Jing were good friends, she didnt tell her about Gu Ning.

It was very shameful, so she didnt want to lose her face.

Li Zhenzhen wanted to hide from Gu Ning, but Gu Ning had already noticed her.

Besides, Gu Ning had no intention of letting Li Zhenzhen get away with what had happened last time.

She wouldnt kill her of course, but she would torture her for sure.

If Gu Ning had been a weak girl, she would have been ruined last time.

Therefore, when Gu Ning saw Li Zhenzhen, she walked straight towards her with cold eyes.

Li Zhenzhen was increasingly nervous.

However, she was too proud to escape, so she could only face it.

“Oh, isnt this Miss Li What a coincidence! I did plan to talk with you about our good old times.

I dont expect to meet you here,” Gu Ning said meaningfully with a kind smile.

Others would believe they were really good friends, but Li Zhenzhen knew clearly Gu Ning did it on purpose.

Gu Ning must want to hurt her!

Li Zhenzhen tried her best to curb her nervousness.

She said airily, “Miss Gu, I dont know you actually.

I dont think we need to talk.”

“We do not know each other very well.

However, what has happened between us cant be forgotten, right” Gu Ning said intentionally.

Li Zhenzhen was stiff.

She absolutely understood what Gu Ning was talking about, but she pretended to be calm and denied, “I dont know what youre talking about.

Please leave us alone, Miss Gu.”

“It doesnt matter.

Ill let you know.

Alright, I need to have my meal now.

Oh, friendly alert, please be careful, Miss Li,” Gu Ning said, then she was gone.

Li Zhenzhen looked extremely unpleasant.

Her body was trembling out of fear and anger.

Gu Ning had made it very clear.

She had warned her to be careful, which meant that she was going to hurt her.

“Zhenzhen, what is going on Who is she” Su Jing apparently noticed that the two didnt get along well.

Li Zhenzhen was also afraid of the other.

It couldnt be simple!

“We arent familiar.

I just had an argument with her before.” Li Zhenzhen did tell the truth, but she didnt tell anymore details.

Although Su Jing was curious, she stopped asking since Li Zhenzhen didnt want to tell her.

They were good friends, but it didnt mean that there were no secrets between them.

Li Zhenzhen lost her appetite but they were almost finished anyway.

Out of anxiety, Li Zhenzhen wanted to get home sooner so she urged Su Jing to hurry.

Gu Ning sneered, but didnt stop or stalk them.

She didnt want to waste her time for eating on Li Zhenzhen.

Once Li Zhenzhen left the restaurant, she said good-bye to Su Jing and headed home at once.

After her meal, Gu Ning went to buy daily necessities in the market.

Those were all the things she needed in her apartment.

Li Zhenzhen couldnt relax until she got home.

She was out of breath and sweaty.

Li Zhenyu noticed something was wrong.

He asked with care, “Zhenzhen, what happened You look so awful.”

“I just met Gu Ning.

She warned me to be careful.

I think she is going to hurt me, so I come back home quickly,” Li Zhenzhen said.

Her voice trembled a little.

“What Are you alright” Li Zhenyu was shocked and worried.


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