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It was not that Gu Ning didnt want to dine with them, but they were employees and boss.

She was a teenage girl too.

Thus it wasnt convenient for her to hang out with several adult men.

She got Zhou Zhenghong drive her to the downtown to eat.

Zhou Zhenghong and others agreed.

On her way to the downtown, Gu Ning called Master Fu.

She asked whether he was free tomorrow.

She wanted to meet him.

Master Fu was happy to know that Gu Ning was in City G.

He accepted her invitation quickly.

He had promised to help Gu Ning, and he meant it, but thinking of what had happened in the street of stone gambling, Master Fu complained to Gu Ning.

He thought the female was Gu Ning, but it turned out that she was a mature woman.

He also complained that Master Bai had shown off in front of him.

He was so mad and regretted refusing to go out with them today.

Gu Ning couldnt help laughing.

She said, “Grandpa Fu, you could simply say you know the woman, and she has even more valuable jade waiting for you.

You could show off too.”

“I dont know the woman though! If she had been you, I would have shown off,” Master Fu said.

“Actually, Im the woman,” Gu Ning answered without hesitation.

Gu Ning had her own plan.

She didnt want to hide from Master Fu.

Of course, she wouldnt hurt Master Fu.

She just wanted to expand her network through Master Fu.


Hearing that, Master Fu was totally shocked.

He couldnt believe his ears.

He asked, “Do you mean that the woman was you”


I didnt want to be recognized, so I changed my appearance on purpose.

I didnt tell you because I was badly in need of money.

I didnt have much time.

Please dont be mad at me, grandpa Fu,” Gu Ning explained.

In the beginning, Master Fu was indeed slightly mad.

However, after her explanation, he didnt want to blame her.

He wouldnt criticize her either.

“Then Ill forgive you!” Master Fu said.

Even though, Gu Ning was slightly worried.

She said, “But grandpa Yan was there today.

I didnt greet him because I wanted to hide my real identity.

Im afraid that he would probably be mad at me.”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.

He will! If he knows the woman is actually you, hell be irritated,” Master Fu said.

He was gloating, aiming at both Gu Ning and Master Yan.

“Well, now I can show off in front of Master Bai and also annoy Master Yan, ha-ha.” Master Fu was a little excited.

After a while, he asked, “Do you really have jade that is better than the violet jade”

“I will have, but not right now,” Gu Ning answered.

She didnt want to tell anyone else about the Kings Green at the moment.

“Great, then Ill wait.” Master Fu believed in Gu Ning.

He believed that she could cut out jade that was better than the violet jade.

Gu Ning hung up.

She turned to Zhou Zhenghong and said, “Uncle Zhou, please order a private room in the Huangdeng Hotel.

I need you to go meet someone with me.

Hell help us with the registration of our company.”

“Sure, boss,” Zhou Zhenghong replied.

He didnt ask who the person was.

Meanwhile, Master Fu immediately called Master Bai after he hung up Gu Nings call.

“Hey, Master Fu, whats up Please dont bother me while Im appreciating my violet jade.

This violet jade is so beautiful!” The minute Master Bai answered the call, he showed off plainly.

However, this time, Master Fu wasnt mad at all.

He asked meaningfully instead, “Master Bai, what do you think of that womans ability at stone gambling”

Master Bai didnt know what the real meaning of Master Fus words was, but he was interested in that woman.

He commented, “Shes good.

Even an expert cant cut out four valuable jade at one time!”

“Ha-ha! Girl Gu is indeed excellent.

She cut out several jade of high quality last week.

She even cut out more valuable jade continuously today, but she promised me she would tell me first when she gets a jade that is better than the violet the next time.

So I dont care about your violet jade,” Master Fu said proudly.

He was showing off his intimate relationship with Gu Ning.

“Wait, wait, what did you say The woman is the girl named Gu Ning who youve told me before, but Master Yan didnt recognize her!” Master Bai was surprised to know the truth.

He couldnt believe it.

Indeed! Master Yan knew Gu Ning, but he had failed to recognize her.

The reason why Master Bai was so excited was because Master Fu and Master Yan had influenced him deeply.

They both thought highly of Gu Ning, and had mentioned her name many times.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be interested in a stranger.

This Gu Ning who was young, but had great ability.

Not only had she cut out many emeralds, she had also picked out two real antiques.

Her ability was extraordinary!

However, Gu Ning would tell Master Fu first once she had a better jade the next time.

Master Bai was now very jealous.

A better jade than the violet jade.

It had to be a top-level jade! The Kings Green, Blood Beauty, Purple Eyes, Smurfs, Fu Lushou, and so on.

Thinking of those jade, Master Bai was thrilled.

Although he knew it was hard to find those jade, he believed that Gu Ning had the ability.

No, Master Bai decided he had to meet the girl.

He wouldnt allow Master Fu to get the top-level jade before him.

“Yes! That was because she didnt want to be recognized.

She changed her appearance! Alright, Im going to have a walk now.

Girl Gu doesnt come to City G often.

She invited me to have a meal with her tomorrow morning.

Cant reject that, right Ha-ha,” Master Fu said proudly.

He then hung up directly.

Actually, Master Fu understood why Gu Ning told him the truth, but he didnt care.

He had a great impression of her.

In addition, she had great ability, so he sincerely wanted to become friends with her and support her.

Before Master Bai could say another word, Master Fu had already hung up.

He was annoyed, and almost smashed his phone on the ground.


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