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“Great, thanks,” Gu Ning said.After that, Gu Ning took a taxi and went straight to Wind Bar.

Wind Bar was a nightclub and it was very noisy and crowded at night.

It was 9 pm, and it would be full of frantic activity after 10 pm.

Because Wind Bar was too popular, guests had to make reservations in advance.

Gu Ning walked inside and directly told a waiter that she came here to meet their manager.

The waiter nodded and was about to guide the way for Gu Ning.

However, just as they moved, a woman stopped them.

“Wait, didnt you say that your manager is very busy Why can she see him” the woman questioned in anger.

She was scantily clad and wearing heavy make-up, and looked younger than 30.

Most of the women who came to a nightclub dressed like that, so it wasnt strange.

It was obvious that this woman wanted to meet the manager of Wind Bar too.

“Miss Ma, Im sorry, our manager is really busy, but this miss has an appointment with our manager.” The waiter explained with patience, even though he disliked this woman.

Hearing that, Miss Mas sight fell on Gu Ning.

She got jealous when she saw that Gu Ning was younger and prettier than her, and she believed that the manager of Wind Bar was willing to see Gu Ning because of Gu Nings outstanding appearance.

“Whats your relationship with Wu Sen” the woman questioned Gu Ning, as if Gu Ning was the vixen who seduced her man.

Wu Sen was the manager of Wind Bar, and the person Gu Ning was going to meet.

“Its none of your business,” Gu Ning said.

She had a bad impression of this rude woman.

“You…” Miss Ma was mad.

She regarded herself as Wu Sens girlfriend, so Gu Ning was an enemy in her eyes.

“Wu Sen is my man!” Miss Ma said with arrogance.

Nevertheless, a touch of disdain flashed on the waiters face.

Obviously, it wasnt the truth.

Miss Ma had only slept with Wu Sen once, and she was unwilling to leave him.

Wu Sen was a playboy, but he only played around with women who didnt care about a serious relationship.

Miss Ma agreed at the beginning, but regretted it afterwards and kept annoying Wu Sen.

Wu Sen had slept with countless women, and Miss Ma was just one of them.

They disliked Miss Mas behavior, but they could understand why she did this, because Wu Sen was very handsome and humorous.

Many of the waitresses who worked here admired him too.

However, those waitresses didnt have the courage to only have sex with Wu Sen, because they were afraid that they might fall in love with him.

“Miss Ma, please stop saying that.

Our manager doesnt think that hes your man, and Miss Gu is our managers distinguished guest.

Please show some respect, or we have to chase you out,” the waiter said politely.

Their manager had told them to treat Miss Gu with great respect, so they believed that Gu Ning must be a very important figure.

“You…” Miss Ma was furious, but she didnt dare to argue with the waiter again.

She was unwilling to be chased out after all.

If she was put on the blacklist, she wouldnt be able to see Wu Sen again.

The waiter then turned to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, Im so sorry to keep you waiting.

Please follow me this way.”

“Thanks.” Gu Ning left with the waiter.

Miss Ma watched Gu Ning leaving in anger, but she didnt dare to follow them.

Since she couldnt see Wu Sen right now, she decided to have some fun in the bar herself.

Wind Bar was very large and there were some private rooms with great insulation.

Wan Chao was being kept in one of these private rooms, and Wu Sen was inside as well.

Only the two of them were in it.

Wu Sen was a handsome and tall, 27-year-old man.

It was no wonder that girls and women all fell in love with him at first glance.

Actually, many women came to Wind Bar every day in order to see him.

However, although Wu Sen was a playboy, he was very picky.

He only had sex with sexy women.

Chu Xuanfeng was the person who called Wu Sen and gave the order to capture Wan Chao.

He told Wu Sen that a girl called Miss Gu would come later, and that she was allowed to do anything she wanted.

Wu Sen was very curious, but he didnt ask any questions.

He only knew that this girl called Miss Gu was very important.

It seemed Wan Chao was in big trouble.

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