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“What Did I say anything wrong She hasnt married into our family yet, and she already dares to criticize me!” Zhou Mingkangs mother said.

“Mom, dont say that.” Zhou Mingkang tried to stop his mother.

He was displeased because of his mothers words, and he didnt want his girlfriend to dump him right before their wedding.

Zhou Mingkang thought that it was nothing personal, and it was obviously his parents fault.

“You dont need to worry about that, because Im not going to marry into your family!” Li Fei said with determination and struggled to get rid of Zhou Mingkangs hand.

“Feifei, dont.” Zhou Mingkang held Li Feis hand tight.

“Mingkang, let her go.

You can find someone better than her!” Zhou Mingkangs mother said with arrogance.

In her eyes, Li Fei didnt deserve her son.

“Mom!” Zhou Mingkang was mad.

He didnt understand why his mother became so unreasonable all of a sudden.

Actually, it only proved that Zhou Mingkang didnt know his parents well.

The truth was that Zhou Zhenghong had helped his parents a lot before, so Zhou Mingkang wasnt aware of how greedy his parents were.

Once Zhou Zhenghong lost everything, his parents kept a distance from Zhou Zhenghong.

And when Zhou Zhenghong got rich again, their parents finally showed their real colors.

Zhou Mingkang knew nothing about what his parents had done before, or he would feel utterly embarrassed.

“Enough, let her go! We dont welcome her here,” Zhou Zhengtang said in anger.

He was in a terrible mood now, and Li Feis attitude irritated him.

“Dad!” Zhou Mingkang felt helpless.

“Zhou Mingkang, let me go!” Li Fei was furious.

“Mingkang, let her go!” Zhou Zhengtang and his wife gave an order.

“Ill go with you, and we can have a talk in private,” Zhou Mingkang said.

He knew that they couldnt stay at his home any longer.

However, his mother stopped him.

“You should stay, and let her go.

If you dare to leave with her, youre forbidden from coming back again.”

“Mom!” Zhou Mingkang raised his voice.

“Mingkang, stay home today, and dont go anywhere,” Zhou Zhengtang said and pulled Zhou Mingkang over with great force.

“Dad.” Zhou Mingkang almost had a breakdown at this time.

He even blamed himself for going back home today.

Li Fei seized this chance and got rid of his hand, then left without turning around at all.

Zhou Mingkang could only watch her leaving.

“Mom, dad, how could you ask my uncle for a house and a car Feifei didnt ask for that, and my uncle already bought this apartment for us.

Hes very nice to us,” Zhou Mingkang said when Li Fei was gone.

Hearing that, Zhou Zhengtang shouted, “Hes my younger brother and he has enough money to buy an apartment for me.”

Zhou Mingkang thought that it was ridiculous.

It wasnt a younger brothers duty to support his older brother even if he was rich.

However, his father took it for granted.

Zhou Mingkang didnt know what to say, because his father was too old to change his way of thinking.

“We want a house for your own good.

Dont you know the housing price is incredibly high right now We cant afford a house ourselves.” Zhou Mingkangs mother argued.

Although they had an apartment, they still wanted a house.

“Enough! Why dont you simply admit that youre greedy Do you think your behavior is reasonable Its amoral.

I dont want my colleagues or friends to know I have such parents.

Theyll despise me!” Zhou Mingkang lost his temper.

He didnt want his parents behavior to affect his job.

He could tolerate his parents, but other people wouldnt.

Zhou Zhengtang and his wife closed their mouths at once, because they knew how powerful rumors were.

Actually, Zhou Mingkangs mother loved gossiping, and she always talked about other peoples private lives with her friends.

If other people knew what they had done, their familys reputation would be damaged.

What was worse, it would affect her sons career in the public institution as well.

Therefore, Zhou Mingkangs mother stopped arguing.

Zhou Mingkang was full of anger.

Since Zhou Zhengtang forbade him to leave home, he could only lock himself in his room and called Li Fei at once, but Li Fei refused to answer his calls.

Zhou Mingkang had to give up calling in the end, then threw his phone on his bed.

Because his bed was soft, his phone wasnt damaged at all.

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