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Once Zhou Zhengtang left, the others walked away too, and Zhou Zhenghong went into the store.

The staff inside the store witnessed everything, and everyone was mad at Zhou Zhengtang.

They had seen many shameless relatives before, but Zhou Zhengtangs behavior was still beyond their imagination.

They worked for Jade Beauty Jewelry, so they were aware that Zhou Zhenghong was an important shareholder of it, but they wouldnt say it aloud.

When Zhou Zhengtang went back home in anger, his wife understood that they failed again, but she still asked, “How is it”

“He refused to buy a house and a car for us! He even embarrassed me in public by saying that he has already paid a lot for us before.

Why does he have to be so mean Hes rich enough to afford it after all,” Zhou Zhengtang said.

He still believed that he had done nothing wrong, and it was all Zhou Zhenghongs fault.

“How could he do that Does he think hes better than us just because hes rich” Zhou Zhengtangs wife said.

She made it sound as if Zhou Zhenghong had taken advantage of them.

Zhou Zhengtang and her wife were the same kind of people.

Both of them were extremely selfish and greedy.

However, they didnt notice that their son, Zhou Mingkang, and their sons fiancée, Li Fei, heard their conversation at this moment.

Li Fei was struck dumb for a second, and it took a long while for her to digest it.

She was surprised by her future parents-in-laws shamelessness.

She was going to marry Zhou Mingkang, but Zhou Mingkangs parents asked his uncle for a free house and car.

In fact, Li Fei never asked for a house and a car before they got married, because she knew that they werent rich, and she also decided to fight for it along with Zhou Mingkang.

After all, they worked in a public institution with decent pay and good social welfare.

Therefore, as long as they could afford the down payment, it wasnt difficult for them to buy a house by getting a mortgage.

They had only joined the workforce for a year, so their salaries werent very high, but their salaries could increase over time.

Li Fei was scared by Zhou Zhengtang and his wife.

She didnt think that she could live a happy life with them if she married into such a family.

Although Zhou Mingkangs parents did it for them, she disliked their way of thinking.

Even Zhou Mingkang was shocked by his parents conversation.

He disliked his parents values and behavior too, but he wouldnt blame them because they were his parents.

Li Fei, however, was different.

She hadnt married into the family yet, and she found that she couldnt accept their values.

“Mingkang, I cant stand this, I think we should end our relationship,” she said to Zhou Mingkang with a serious expression.

After that, she turned around and walked away without hesitation.

Li Fei was determined, because it wasnt the first time that she had been disgusted by the words or behavior of Zhou Mingkangs parents.

Although Zhou Mingkangs parents already accepted her as their future daughter-in-law, she sensed that there was something wrong with his parents values when they spent some time together.

Li Fei wasnt satisfied, but she thought she was going to marry Zhou Mingkang, not his parents, so she tolerated it.

In addition, people all had shortcomings.

Nevertheless, what Zhou Mingkangs parents had said and done today was totally unacceptable in her eyes.

She still loved Zhou Mingkang, but she had to make a choice now.

She couldnt be happy if she married into such a family.

They couldnt afford a house right now, so she would have to live with Zhou Mingkangs parents for years.

In that case, she would have endless conflict with his parents.

It wasnt the marriage or life she wanted.

Zhou Zhengtang and his wife were surprised when they heard Li Feis voice and they turned to look at the door.

They didnt think that they were wrong, and they were annoyed by Li Feis attitude.

“Feifei!” Zhou Mingkang stopped Li Fei at once by pulling her hand.

He also loved Li Fei very much, and was unwilling to lose her.

“What did you just say” Zhou Mingkangs mother questioned her.

She accepted Li Fei as her future daughter-in-law, but it didnt mean that she would treat Li Fei very well as a member of her family.

In her eyes, a daughter-in-law was always an outsider.

Besides, she believed that she was more important than her daughter-in-law.

“Mom, stop it now,” Zhou Mingkang said and frowned.

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