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Zhou Zhenghong sneered.

“Do you want me to lend you some money When can you pay it back”

He knew his older brother too well, and he understood that it was impossible for him to get the money back once he lent it to his older brother.

Zhou Zhengtang indeed had no intention to pay the millions of yuan back to Zhou Zhenghong.

In his eyes, Zhou Zhenghong was rich enough to give him several million yuan without asking for it back.

“Well, Ill pay you back once I have enough money,” Zhou Zhengtang said.

Obviously, it was a lie.

“Youll pay me back once you have enough money” Zhou Zhenghong laughed a little.

“Stop lying to my face.

Ive paid for your house and car before, but youve never mentioned it.

Im not dumb, and I know that your family cant make that much money in your life.

Its impossible that you can pay millions of yuan back to me.”

Zhou Zhenghong wasnt making fun of Zhou Zhengtang, because it was the truth.

Given Zhou Zhengtangs familys income, it indeed was impossible for them to pay Zhou Zhenghong back.

Although it was the truth, Zhou Zhengtang thought that Zhou Zhenghong was laughing at him.

“Zhou Zhenghong, who do you think you are Do you think youre superior to us only because youre rich Dont forget that Im your biological older brother!” Zhou Zhengtang shouted.

He raised his voice on purpose trying to make use of the public opinion to put pressure on Zhou Zhenghong.

Zhou Zhenghong was the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry after all, so he believed that Zhou Zhenghong would give in under the pressure.

Many people immediately walked over to watch the drama, and they began to discuss it.

Because of the popularity of Jade Beauty Jewelry, most of them recognized Zhou Zhenghong.

“Did the man just say that hes the older brother of General Manager Zhou”

“Yeah, I heard it too.

He said that General Manager Zhou refused to help him.”

“Why did General Manager Zhou do that”

“No idea.”


Hearing onlookers discussion, Zhou Zhenghong wasnt mad, but he was angry at Zhou Zhengtangs slander.

Zhou Zhengtang made a stupid decision, because it wasnt easy to scheme against Zhou Zhenghong.

Since Zhou Zhengtang played a dirty trick, there was no need for Zhou Zhenghong to be kind to him anymore.

Zhou Zhenghong had his own principles.

If people treated him nicely, he would be gentle to them as well, and vice versa.

He had tolerated Zhou Zhengtangs behavior for a long time, and he had enough of it.

Besides, he was the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry, and his reputation would affect the reputation of Gu Ning and Jade Beauty Jewelry, so he wouldnt allow anyone to defame him.

“Zhengtang, do you really think millions of yuan is nothing for me Im working for another persons company now, and Im not the boss here! By the way, Ive already bought a house and a car for your family before,” Zhou Zhenghong said in anger.

Not many people knew that Zhou Zhenghong was a shareholder of Jade Beauty Jewelry, outsiders only knew that Gu Ning was the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Zhou Zhenghong was the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry, so his salary couldnt be too high.

It was difficult for him to pay a bill of several million yuan with his salary!

In fact, his salary wasnt very high, but he could make a lot of money from the dividend at the end of the year.

Even though Zhou Zhenghong was rich, it wasnt his duty to buy a house and a car for Zhou Zhengtangs son.

Onlookers started to look at Zhou Zhengtang with disdain and hatred.

It was totally unreasonable for Zhou Zhengtang to force Zhou Zhenghong to buy a house and a car for his son.

“The man is so shameless.”

“How can he force General Manager Zhou to buy a hour and a car for his son”

“General Manager Zhou has already bought a house and a car for his family!”

“General Manager Zhou is so generous.”

“I think his older brother simply wants his money.”

“There are all kinds of fish in the sea.”

“Why cant he earn money to buy a house and a car for his son”

“I agree.”


The onlookers all criticized Zhou Zhengtang.

Zhou Zhengtang was surprised that Zhou Zhenghong said that aloud in public, so he gave him a glare before he left.

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