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Yuan Maos parents were very kind and generous, so the neighbors cared about them.Yuan Maos mother thanked them for their kindness, then told them that Gu Ning was a kind benefactor helping with Yuan Maos education.

She said nothing about the contract.

Other people felt happy for Yuan Maos family, because it really was a shame that Yuan Mao had to quit school.

Some were also jealous of Yuan Mao, but didnt say it aloud.

Yuan Mao and his parents went back home at once, then applied the medicine to his fathers broken leg.

Yuan Maos father soon felt that his injured leg felt comfortable, and the pain was relieved a little.

It would take time for Yuan Maos father to make a full recovery, but he was still amazed by the obvious effect of Gu Nings medicine.

Yuan Mao and his parents finally saw hope, and they believed that their family was going to live a better life in the future.

Gu Ning called Yan Zhenglin in her car on the way to a restaurant.

She briefly explained the situation Yuan Mao was in to him, and asked him whether he could help.

Yan Zhenglin agreed since Gu Ning needed his help.

He also had sympathy for Yuan Mao after knowing what Yuan Mao had been through.

Yan Zhenglin called the principal of the No.2 High School without hesitation.

Although there was no need for him to do that in person, he wanted to do that personally for Gu Nings sake.

The principal of the No.2 High School had Yan Zhenglins phone number, but they had never talked with each other on the phone before.

Even though they knew each other, they werent familiar with one another.

Therefore, the principal was surprised when he saw the callers name.

He picked it up at once.

After hearing the reason why Yan Zhenglin called him, the principal was surprised again.

Since Yan Zhenglin called him in person, it meant that it was very important, so he agreed without doubt.

He was also willing to accept an excellent student.

It would be a great shame if such an excellent student like Yuan Mao had to quit school just because of money.

Because Yuan Mao was an excellent student, he always had a scholarship in high school.

The principal was willing to continue to offer Yuan Mao the scholarship as long as he performed well at his studies as usual.

After having the call with Yan Zhenglin, the principal called the head teacher of Yuan Maos class at once, and the head teacher was happy to have Yuan Mao back too.

Yan Zhenglin gave Gu Ning a reply later.

He also asked Gu Ning whether she was in City G at the moment.

Gu Ning told him that she was in City G, so he invited her to dine with them at the Yan familys house.

Gu Ning already had a plan to dine with them that afternoon, so she wouldnt visit the Yan familys home.

Yan Zhenglin agreed.

When Gu Ning arrived at the restaurant, she called Master Bai, Master Fu and Master Yan and asked them whether they were free for a meal that afternoon.

They were all happy to know that Gu Ning was in City G, and even complained that Gu Ning hadnt visited them in a long time.

Gu Ning smiled and explained that she had been very busy recently.

They obviously knew that Gu Ning was busy dealing with her business empire and she was also a student.

It wasnt easy for a young girl to manage both her work and study well at the same time.

Because they were free that afternoon, they agreed to dine with Gu Ning with alacrity.

Zhou Zhengtang got up at 9 am that morning and went to wait outside Jade Beauty Jewelry to see whether he could meet Zhou Zhenghong.

Although he knew Zhou Zhenghong spent most of the time in the factory, he didnt know where the factory was so he had to wait outside the store.

Zhou Zhengtang knew the address of Zhou Zhenghongs new house, but he wasnt allowed to go inside.

When it was almost 1 pm, Zhou Zhenghong finally came, and Zhou Zhengtang walked to him at once.

“Hi, Zhenghong,” he called him.

Zhou Zhenghong stopped, but he was obviously displeased the second he saw Zhou Zhengtang.


Zhou Zhenghong understood why Zhou Zhengtang showed up here, but he was still unwilling to help.

Zhou Zhengtang wasnt dumb either, and he was annoyed facing Zhou Zhenghongs cold expression.

“Zhenghong, you should know why Im here.”

“I already told you that its impossible.

Why did you still come here” Zhou Zhenghong frowned.

“You…” Zhou Zhengtang was angry.

“Zhenghong, do you have to be so cold-blooded If youre not willing to pay the bill, you can lend some money to me.”

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