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However, after being framed, Yuan Maos father lost his job and had to pay two million yuan as compensation, so they sold the apartment and their car.

So now, they lived in a rented apartment.

The rent and utilities added up to nearly two thousand yuan a month.

Before Yuan Maos father broke his leg, he could make at least five thousand yuan monthly, and with Yuan Maos mothers salary, their family had an income of ten thousand yuan every month.

It was enough for Yuan Maos family to pay their household expenses and his tuition.

Unfortunately, Yuan Maos father was injured afterwards, and they spent all their savings to treat his father.

It was very hard for Yuan Maos mother to support their family alone.

What was worse was that none of their relatives was willing to help them.

As a result, Yuan Mao had to quit school to help his mother to support their family.

When Gu Ning arrived at Yuan Maos home, she told Yuan Maos parents why she came, but Yuan Maos parents didnt believe her at the beginning.

Yuan Maos parents were both simple, and they didnt believe that there was something like free lunch in this world.

Even though Gu Ning only wanted Yuan Mao to work for Shenghua for 10 years with a decent pay, they still couldnt believe it.

It was too good to be true after all.

Gu Ning explained that she really appreciated Yuan Maos character and skills, and that she also had deep sympathy for what he had been through.

She wanted to help him out since he was excellent at studying.

In order to set Yuan Maos parents mind at rest, Gu Ning told them that she was the owner of Shenghua Real Estate and Jade Beauty Jewelry.

However, it wasnt persuasive enough to just tell them, so Gu Ning showed them many pieces of news about her on the Internet.

She also played a video of the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry, which was solid proof to prove her identity.

They had heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry because it was quite famous recently, but they didnt know who its boss was.

They didnt surf on the Internet, so they missed a lot of news about it.

To their surprise, the owner of Jade Beauty Jewelry was a young girl, who was less than 20 years old.

After the great shock, Yuan Maos parents chose to trust Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then signed the labor contract with Yuan Mao.

Yuan Maos father repeatedly thanked Gu Ning and told Yuan Mao to study hard to return Gu Nings favor.

Without delay, Gu Ning transferred twenty thousand yuan to Yuan Maos fathers bank card to help them live a better life.

Gu Ning would pay for Yuan Maos tuition and living expenses in school as well, but it didnt mean that she would support his family.

Anyway, Yuan Maos father could fully recover in a few days, and go back to work.

Gu Ning understood that Yuan Maos father used to be a good architect, so she had the idea to give Yuan Maos father a chance.

Although his father wasnt able to be in charge of a major project, he was capable of managing a small project.

Knowing that Gu Ning could help him get a construction project, Yuan Maos father was thrilled.

However, he was worried that he might cause Gu Ning trouble since his leg was broken now.

His kindness impressed Gu Ning, so Gu Ning said that she could cure his leg.

Yuan Maos father wasnt seriously injured, so it was easy for Gu Ning to cure him.

Yuan Maos family, instead, declined Gu Nings offer, because they thought that Gu Ning wanted to take them to a hospital.

They were unwilling to spend Gu Nings money, no matter how rich she was.

Gu Ning smiled then took out a porcelain bottle.

“We dont need to go to the hospital.

This medicine is effective enough to cure your leg.

You can apply it to your broken leg three times a day, and itll go back to normal within several days.”

“Within several days”

Yuan Maos father was shocked and couldnt believe it, but he thought that there was no reason for Gu Ning to lie to them.

So, even though he didnt believe it, he still decided to try it.

He trusted Gu Ning and thanked her again.

After that, Gu Ning stood up and was about to leave.

Before she walked out, she told Yuan Mao to go back to school tomorrow.

She would handle everything for him, so he didnt need to worry about anything, he could just focus on his studies.

It was time for lunch, so Yuan Maos parents politely invited Gu Ning to stay and share the meal with them.

They werent rich, but they would do their best to treat their guest well.

Gu Ning declined because she needed to deal with something else later, but she promised that she would visit them again when she was free.

Since Gu Ning said that, Yuan Maos parents didnt insist and walked her out.

Once Gu Ning was gone, some neighbors walked over and asked Yuan Maos parents what happened.

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