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“Situ, Im so sorry that Im late,” Gu Ning said and apologized to Situ Ye once she arrived.“Its fine.

Youre not very late after all,” Situ Ye said.

He actually disliked it when Gu Ning was too polite to him, because it made him feel like they werent close.

He hoped that Gu Ning could see him as a close friend.

However, although they werent strangers, they werent very familiar with each other either.

After that, they were all seated.

“Oh, I heard that the first film produced by your company was a great success.

Congratulations!” Situ Ye said.

Even though he was very busy these days, he still read a lot of news about Gu Ning on the Internet.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning politely said.

“Peihan always wanted to join the entertainment industry, and her performance in the movie has helped her get many fans,” Chu Xuanfeng said.

Although Chu Peihan didnt have as many fans as the leading actors, it was a success for her to be remembered by many people because of the film.

No matter what Chu Peihan wanted to do, Chu Xuanfeng would support her as long as she didnt join the Qing Gang or fought all day.

In addition, the Qinghua Organization owned an entertainment company too, so Chu Xuanfeng could protect Chu Peihan from being hurt by unspoken rules.

As for what chances or roles Chu Peihan could get, that depended on her.

“Peihan really is suitable for this industry, because shes beautiful, smart, and talented,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning didnt know much about acting, but Lu Zhan had made positive comments about Chu Peihans talent.

Lu Zhan had even asked Gu Ning whether this was the first time Chu Peihan had acted in a film, because she had done a very good job.

At the beginning, Chu Peihan made some mistakes, but she soon corrected them under Lu Zhans guidance.

Because of Gu Ning, Lu Zhan had added more time to Chu Peihans part in the movie.

Hearing Gu Nings approval of his younger sister, Chu Xuanfeng was satisfied.

They chatted for a short while, before the dishes were placed on the table.

They didnt care much about manners, so they ate while talking with each other.

“Gu Ning, I heard from Adam that you went to the public jade bid in Burma.

How was it Did you get a lot of good jade raw materials” Situ Ye asked.

“Yeah, its not bad, and I indeed bought many high quality jade raw materials,” Gu Ning said.

When Gu Ning met Adam and Aimee at the public jade bid, she did nothing to punish Aimee because she was busy back then.

She didnt see Aimee afterwards, so she gave it up.

However, if she ran into Aimee next time, she wouldnt promise that she would let her go again.

It was impossible that Gu Ning would forgive her, but she couldnt kill her either.

After the meal, they separated.

Situ Ye was still occupied with his work, so he had to go back as soon as he finished the meal with Gu Ning.

It was still early, but Gu Ning wasnt interested in entertaining herself outside so late at night.

Therefore, Gu Ning told Gao Yi to drive her back to Clean Water Blue Sky, and Gao Yi along with Qiao Ya went to stay in a hotel.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt have an apartment there after all.

The car they drove today was a rented car, Gu Ning already told Zhou Zhenghong to prepare a car for her the next day.

Since Gu Ning was in City G now, she definitely had to invite Master Bai and Master Fu to share a meal together, so she decided to call them tomorrow morning.

Once she was back in her apartment, she sent Leng Shaoting a message.

About five minutes later, Gu Nings phone rang, and the caller was Leng Shaoting.

“Hi, Shaoting, what are you doing now” Gu Ning picked it up without hesitation.

“Im missing you,” Leng Shaoting said.

Even though they had seen each other that morning, he had already begun to miss her.

Gu Ning smiled happily.

“I miss you too.”

After that, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting that she had dined with Situ Ye today.

She knew that Leng Shaoting would feel a little displeased when he heard that she dined with Situ Ye, but it was unavoidable to meet Situ Ye in City G.

Leng Shaoting understood it as well, so he wasnt annoyed.

He clearly knew that Gu Ning only loved him, and that Situ Ye was only her friend.

Even though they were a loving couple, they still needed their own private space.

Gu Ning was a businesswoman after all, so it was very normal for her to expand her connections.

Leng Shaoting wasnt small-minded, and he didnt want to lose Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt tell Leng Shaoting that she had encountered a killer, because she was afraid that he might get too worried.

They chatted for about an hour on the phone.

After hanging up the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning opened the WeChat group.

She hadnt chatted with her friends for a long time.

Because Gu Ning seldom used WeChat, she often forgot about it.

The moment she opened it, she found thousands of messages in the WeChat group.

Many of her friends asked her whether she would come back to City F now that the National College Entrance Examination was around the corner.

Gu Ning was free now, so she began to chat with them.

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