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“Hi, Grandpa Leng, Shaoxun!” Gu Ning greeted them with a smile.

“Nice to see you again, my sister-in-law,” Leng Shaoxun said.

Although Gu Ning hadnt married into the Leng family yet, he knew both his grandfather and Leng Shaoting were very satisfied with Gu Ning.

He also wanted Gu Ning to be his sister-in-law too.

Gu Ning felt a little shy when Leng Shaoxun called her his sister-in-law, but Master Leng and Leng Shaoting were happy to hear that.

“Please be seated,” Gu Ning said to them then.

“Ningning, you lost weight! I havent seen you for days.

Were you too busy to eat properly” Master Leng said.

He even gave Leng Shaoting a blaming glance.

In fact, Master Leng always complained that Leng Shaoting cared more about Gu Ning than him, but he cared more about Gu Ning than he did about Leng Shaoting as well.

Although Master Leng didnt think his future granddaughter-in-laws family background was very important, he still liked an easy-going girl.

It would be easier for him to get along with an easy-going girl.

“I wasnt, and ate a lot as usual,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt think that she had lost too much weight, but she might be a little skinny in the eyes of the older generation.

Compared with her peers, she had a standard build.

Many girls thought that the slimmer they were, the better it was, but Gu Ning had a different idea.

She preferred to keep in shape by exercising a lot so that she could be healthy and attractive at the same time.

“I know young girls are very sensitive about their weight, but I dont think a skinny girl is beautiful.

I only hope that you can be healthy,” Master Leng said.

Gu Ning understood that Master Leng cared a lot about her, and she felt quite touched.

“Grandpa Leng, you dont need to be worried about me.

I can take good care of myself, and I exercise regularly.

In addition, I also have magical pills to help me stay strong and energetic!” Gu Ning said with a broad smile.

Hearing that, Master Leng remembered that Gu Ning indeed had a lot of magical pills.

It was impossible that Gu Ning couldnt stay healthy.

Gu Ning had cured many people with the magical pills after all.

“Ha-ha, youre right.” Master Leng laughed.

At this time, he finally turned to look at Leng Shaoting, but then asked Gu Ning again, “Ningning, has Shaoting ever annoyed you”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, then felt amused.

“No, not once.

Shaoting treats me very well.”


If he dares annoy you, tell me.

Grandpa will help you teach him a lesson,” Master Leng said and he totally supported Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was amused too.

He definitely wouldnt annoy Gu Ning.

He didnt have the heart to do it.

Gu Ning glanced at Leng Shaoting, then said, “Sure, Ill tell you if Shaoting dares to annoy me.”

Actually, Master Leng said that only because he was worried that Gu Ning might leave Leng Shaoting one day.

As Leng Shaotings grandfather, Master Leng believed that Leng Shaoting would take good care of Gu Ning, and he said that to Gu Ning only to let Gu Ning know that she was very important in his eyes.

A short while later, Master Xu came.

“Nice to see you again, Grandpa Xu,” Gu Ning said standing up at once, followed by Leng Shaoting and Leng Shaoxun.

“Hi, Grandpa Xu,” they said.

“Been a while, Girl Gu!” Master Xu said.

“Im sorry for being so busy these days, and we can finally get together tonight,” Gu Ning said.

“Girl Gu, you dont need to work so hard at such an early age.

Other teenagers are enjoying themselves, but only you are occupied with work,” Master Xu said.

“I have my own plan, and I dont like to hang out all day,” Gu Ning said.

She was indeed very busy dealing with her business.

When she was just reborn, she and Gu Man had lived a very difficult life, so she made up her mind to change their life.

Besides, she also needed to pay her enemies back.

If she hadnt suffered a lot, she would have enjoyed her adolescence as other teenagers did.

However, she had to work hard to become as successful as possible in order to fulfill her goal.

Several minutes later, Jiang Zhongyu and Jiang Ruining arrived.

Leng Shaoxun had called Jiang Ruining and told him to come to enjoy the meal together with them.

Ever since Gu Ning had rescued them last time and defeated Peng Yunlong in the fighting competition, they became her fans.

If Gu Ning werent Leng Shaotings girlfriend, they would love to gather together with her more often.

Leng Shaoxi also gained a lot of attention and jealousy from her schoolmates when they learned that Gu Ning was her future sister-in-law.

She enjoyed it when others were envious of her.

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