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“What” Zhou Zhenghong was surprised and felt nervous.

He tried his best to calm down, then drove faster and focused on the road.

There were three men who were around 30 in the car behind Gu Ning.

Seeing Gu Nings car speed up suddenly, they thought that they must have been discovered.

“Boss, did they discover us” the man sat on the driver seat asked.

“Probably,” a man who sat in the back answered in a deep and unpleasant voice.

“Shall we continue chasing them” a man who sat in the passenger seat asked.

“Of course, why not We cant let her leave with that much money,” the man said firmly with greed in his eyes.

Therefore, they continued to follow Gu Nings car.

The driver was obviously skilful, and followed tightly behind them.

It seemed very difficult for Zhou Zhenghong to get rid of him.

Gu Ning frowned with displeasure.

When they left the densely populated area and they were in a relatively remote part of the road, Gu Ning told Zhou Zhenghong to stop the car.

“I think we probably cant get rid of them.

Please park the car alongside the road.

We cant allow them to follow us all the way.

We need to deal with it now.”

“Boss…” Zhou Zhenghong was a little worried.

Although he knew that Gu Ning was powerful and strong, he had no idea about the ability of those men.

What if they were more powerful than Gu Ning

“Relax, itll be fine.” Gu Ning understood that Zhou Zhenghong cared about her, so she didnt blame him for doubting her decision.

Zhou Zhenghong also knew that no one could change Gu Nings decision once she had made up her mind, so he could only obey her order.

Zhou Zhenghong stopped the car.

Those who had been chasing them felt puzzled.

However, no matter what had happened, that was an opportunity for them.

They immediately parked their car in front of Gu Nings in case they tried to run away.

“Uncle Zhou, you can stay in the car,” Gu Ning ordered with determination.

She got out of the car.

She had already changed her high-heels into a pair of sneakers for convenience.

Zhou Zhenghong was concerned about Gu Ning, but didnt dare to disobey her order.

Besides, he knew that he would only be a burden if he went out.

He could only pray that Gu Ning would be safe.

The minute that Gu Ning left the car, three tall and bulky men walked towards her.

Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes to see whether they carried guns.

Luckily, they didnt have guns.

Gu Ning was now completely confident that she would win.

Those men didnt expect that a woman would get out of the car, walking towards them and seem so calm.

They were greatly surprised, but still, they believed it would be super easy for them to deal with a single woman, and the man who was hiding in the car.

They thought that he must be too scared to come out.

“Give us all your money and raw materials.

Otherwise, youll learn your lesson!” a man threatened.

Even though they werent sure whether there was more jade in the rest of the raw materials, they had witnessed Gu Ning had cut out one jade after another.

They believed that it was highly possible that the rest of the raw materials had jade inside too.

They of course wouldnt miss it.

“Oh, how” Gu Ning pulled her corner of lips raising her eyebrow with disdain.

She didnt take them seriously at all.

Those men were irritated by Gu Nings attitude.

A man raised his voice, “Are you going to give it to us or not”

“If you want it, come on and get it yourself, but let me warn you first.

If you dont want to die, go away right now!” Gu Ning said.

“Whoa, then lets see what you have,” saying that, the three men strode to Gu Ning.

However, before they could go any further, they suddenly stopped and even stepped backwards quickly.

They looked at Gu Ning with fear on their faces.

Gu Ning didnt want to waste her time and energy on fighting, so she directly pulled out a gun.

She aimed at them when they were approaching.

Those men were frightened, but they still doubted whether the gun was real.

Zhou Zhenghong was terrified too.

He also couldnt believe that the gun was real.

It wasnt easy to get a real one.

“Dont-dont try to terrify us with a fake gun,” a man said, but he didnt dare to step forward.

“Try it, if you want to know whether its real or not,” Gu Ning said with a threatening face.

The gun was loaded.

The three men stepped further backwards in horror.

The gun was real

“What, what should we do now” a man asked nervously.

If the gun was real, they could end up dead.

“What else can we do Although we want money, we dont want to die for it.

Go, go back now!” another man said resignedly.

They wanted the money, but werent willing to die for it.

Accordingly, they went back to their car and escaped right away.

When they were gone, Gu Ning went back to her car.

Zhou Zhenghong asked, “Boss, is your gun real or fake”

“Its real.

I got it last week.

I secretly took two with me, but one was handed over.

And I have to give this one to the military officer tomorrow too.” Gu Ning didnt hide, but she felt slightly reluctant to give the gun back.

Hearing that, Zhou Zhenghong was surprised.

Gu Ning was very honest and bold.

She even dared to steal the gun.

If anyone else had done the same thing, Zhou Zhenghong would feel unpleasant, but he didnt feel unpleasant towards Gu Ning at all.

It was already 4 pm now.

When Gu Ning had just left the street of stone gambling, Master Bai called Master Fu and told him everything.

Master Fu was so jealous and mad at the same time.

He regretted that he refused to go out with Master Bai today, but stayed at home playing with his grandson.

He had missed so much as well as the jade.

Hearing that the woman had cut out four jade continuously, Master Fus first reaction was that the woman must be Gu Ning.

He then asked directly.

Master Bai denied it.

Although he didnt know Gu Ning, Master Yan knew her.

If the woman had been Gu Ning, Master Yan would have told him.

In adding, the woman was much older than Gu Ning.

Master Fu then had the same feeling as Master Bai and Master Yan.

What was going on now Why could those young ladies easily cut out jade Such a strange thing had never happened before!

Before long, a post went viral on the Internet.

Its title was “Shocking News: A Young Woman Cut Out Four Jade Continuously in the Street of Stone Gambling in City G, Which Are Worth 345 Million Yuan.”


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