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Although Mrs.

Guos phone was taken away from her, Guo Deping could still see her.

He criticized Mrs.

Guo the moment he saw her.Mrs.

Guo didnt dare to keep it a secret from her husband, and told Guo Deping that it was Jiang Shuyuans idea.

She still hoped that Jiang Shuyuan could help her out.

Even though Leng Shaoting wasnt someone they could mess with, they still needed to try.

Guo Deping was unwilling to see his wife being detained, which was humiliating in his eyes, so he agreed to call Jiang Shuyuan.

Jiang Shuyuan was shocked when she heard the news from Guo Deping.

“What She failed” Jiang Shuyuan didnt care that Mrs.

Guo was detained, but the plan failed.

She was actually mad at Mrs.

Guo for ruining it.

Hearing Jiang Shuyuans tone, Guo Deping understood that it wasnt very likely that she would help his wife out.

In fact, it was Jiang Shuyuans idea, and his wife was detained because of her idea.

However, Jiang Shuyuan didnt care about what had happened to his wife, but blamed his wife for everything.

Guo Deping had to calm himself down because he needed Jiang Shuyuans help now.


Leng, please help us.

Only you can bail my wife out now,” Guo Deping said.

“Fine, Ill try,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

She knew that Mrs.

Guo was detained because of her idea, so she was willing to make a call.

Guo Deping didnt tell her that Leng Shaoting was also involved, because he was afraid that she might refuse to help him once she knew.

After hanging up the call with Guo Deping, Jiang Shuyuan called Fang Dongcheng.

She was confident that Fang Dongcheng would listen to her when she called him.

Nevertheless, to her surprise, Fang Dongcheng turned her down.


Leng, Im sorry, I cant release Mrs.

Guo because shes guilty.

If I let her go, Ill be punished by my leader.”

Hearing that, Jiang Shuyuan was displeased.

“Director Fang, do you think youre powerful enough to act against the Leng family” she coldly said.

“Of course not! Mrs.

Leng, I honestly want to help you if I could, but my hands are tied.

Lord Leng called me in person and the boss of Charm is his friend,” Fang Dongcheng said.

Leng Shaoting had told him not to release Mrs.

Guo no matter who called him.

“What Leng Shaoting is also involved in this” Jiang Shuyuan was astonished, then accepted it because she knew that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

She totally forgot about it when she came up with the scheme.


Leng, Im afraid that Ive gotta go.

Im sorry,” Fang Dongcheng said and hung up at once.

He was reluctant to argue with Jiang Shuyuan.

Actually, Fang Dongcheng was an upright man, and he wouldnt yield to power.

Although Jiang Shuyuan had nothing else to say, she still felt humiliated when Fang Dongcheng hung up on her.

After making the call, she felt cornered.

It was impossible that Leng Shaoting would agree to release Mrs.


Besides, if Leng Shaoting found out that it was her idea, he might cause her trouble too.

Jiang Shuyuan was afraid of Leng Shaoting to some extent, and Master Leng cared a lot about him.

If Master Leng learned about it, she would be in big trouble.

Therefore, Jiang Shuyuan had to exclude herself from it.

She called Guo Deping later, and said that she couldnt help him because Leng Shaoting was also involved in it.

It wasnt a surprising answer, but Guo Deping was still disappointed.

However, no matter how he hated Jiang Shuyuan, he could do nothing about it now.

He had to give it up.

Jiang Shuyuan was worried that Mrs.

Guo might betray her, so she said, “Chairman Guo, I understand that its my fault that your wife is detained, but I promise Ill do my best to help you in the future as long as you need my support.”

Hearing that, Guo Deping felt a little better.

Since he couldnt bail his wife out, there was no need for him to annoy Jiang Shuyuan, which was useless.

Anyway, Jiang Shuyuan promised to help him in the future, which wasnt the worst result.

At 6:30 pm, the official Weibo account of Dongcheng District Branch sent out the truth of the case, and thousands of Internet users reposted it within a short time.

After this drama, more people got to know about Charm, and the reputation of Changyue Organization was damaged at the same time.

Guo Deping then realized that he should find out who had posted those articles and photos on social media in the first place.

He soon got the result that those reporters were hired by Mrs.


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