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“Yu Zi, tell me what has happened,” Gu Ning said to Yu Zi.

Although she already knew everything, she still needed to ask Yu Zi first.

“This maam bought this dress in our store today,” Yu Zi said and pointed at the dress lying on the sofa.

“About an hour ago, she came back with a group of reporters and accused us of selling low quality gowns.

I checked the dress myself and found it was deliberately cut and damaged by someone.”

“Bull**!” The woman interrupted them at once.

“Youre denying responsibility for the quality problems.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning wasnt mad, but smiled at the woman.

“Maam, please calm down.

You dont have solid proof to prove that the dress is of low quality.

Instead, we have enough reasons to believe that youre deliberately causing us trouble.”

“You…” The woman was struck dumb for a second.

“If there indeed are quality problems with the dress, we will pay you compensation 10 times its price.

If not, well sue you,” Gu Ning said.

“Maam, let me ask you again.

Are you sure this dress hasnt been deliberately cut and damaged after you left Charm store”

The woman panicked a little, but still refused to admit it.

“Im sure there are quality problems with your dresses, and I didnt cut or damage it on purpose.”

Those reporters relaxed a little.

Actually, they got nervous when Gu Ning said that she could sue the woman if it was slander.

However, they knew this woman had powerful support, so they composed themselves.

“Great, if you insist, we can call the police,” Gu Ning said.

“Call the police now!” The woman was unwilling to retreat.

Actually, she knew the police would be involved beforehand, so she already bribed some policemen.

Seeing the womans reaction, Gu Ning also realized that she must have bribed some policemen beforehand.

“Shaoting, why dont you call the police for me” Gu Ning turned to Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting understood what Gu Ning meant, and he left to call the police at once.

However, he didnt call the nearby police station, but directly called the Public Security Bureau.

During this time, some of those reporters checked the comments of their posts on social media.

To their astonishment, they found that most of the Internet users defended Gu Ning instead of criticizing her.

At the same time, they learned that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl, but the famous Goddess Gu.

Not only Charm, but Jade Beauty Jewelry and Fenghua Entertainment were also owned by her.

In addition to her famous companies, Gu Ning had also helped a lot of innocent people, and her bravery as well as kindness had impressed everyone.

Those reporters had all heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Fenghua Entertainment, although they didnt know much about them.

Anyway, it was obvious that Goddess Gu wasnt someone they could mess with.

They put their phones down and looked to Gu Ning in surprise.

Gu Ning saw their movement, and used her Jade Eyes to see the screens of their phones.

When she read the posts, she was displeased.

She didnt expect that these reporters would post the photos on the Internet so soon.

Because of Gu Nings fame and influence, the news already went abroad.

Gu Ning wasnt worried about it, because she thought that it was free advertisement for Charm.

As long as the truth came out later, more people would be interested in Charm.

Those reporters immediately moved their eyes away from Gu Ning.

They somehow felt that the womans scheme was doomed to failure.

They ached to stop the woman, but it was too late to do that.

The Public Security Bureau was a little far away from the shopping mall, so they waited for a long time, which made the woman feel strange.

She had only bribed some policemen in the nearby police station, and they should have been here right away.

About 15 minutes later, a team of policemen finally arrived.

The woman didnt know they were sent here by the Public Security Bureau instead of the nearby police station, so she raised her jaw up high with arrogance.

She believed that these policemen came here to help her.

In fact, the leader of this police team was the director of Dongcheng District Branch of the Public Security Bureau, Fang Dongcheng.

Fang Dongcheng recognized Leng Shaoting at a glance.

Although Leng Shaoting rarely showed his face on TV, Fang Dongcheng had seen him from a distance several times before at some important events.

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