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It was quite understandable that he said that.

No one else had ever cut out four emeralds before.

This woman couldnt be a human being!

Everyone now looked at Gu Ning like she was an alien, Master Bai and his company included.

Although Master Yan knew that Gu Ning had cut out four medium-high-level and high-level jade last week too, there had been some waste raw materials.

However, this woman didnt cut out a single piece of raw material.

She was even more extraordinary than Gu Ning!

Gu Ning, instead, didnt care about the onlookers attitude.

Master Bai approached near, and took a closer look at the jade.

He said, “The green color is bright, and the color shape is strip-shaped.

The filaments are arranged in a straight line, and the filaments are in the form of a shallow bottom.

This is the silk type.

The green strips are clearly distributed in a certain direction, and the jadeite crystals are elongated and oriented in a fine fiber shape, so this is the medium-high-level silk type.”

Master Bai was apparently an expert.

Before long, the violet jade was fully cut out.

“Fifty million yuan!”

Master Bai opened his mouth first.

He wanted the violet jade.

Although fifty million yuan wasnt the perfect price for this jade, it was high enough to show his fondness towards it.

Not everyone was willing to spend that much money on an emerald.

Some people retreated in front of the beginning bid of fifty million yuan, but some still tried to compete.

“I think Master Bai must like this violet jade very much, but I love it too.

I bid fifty-five million yuan for it!” a middle-aged man said with obvious respect.

Everyone could bid for the jade fairly, but Master Bai was a respectable and powerful man.

Therefore, everyone needed to show his or her respect in front of him.

“Since you love it too, then lets compete! Sixty million yuan!” Master Bai said.

He liked this violet jade, but he was willing to compete too.

The most generous buyer could get the jade.

Hearing the talk between Master Bai and the man, Gu Ning thought of Master Fu and Zhao Yuefeng.

They had had the same competition last week, but Master Fu had won in the end.

This time, Gu Ning believed Master Bai was more likely to win.

“Sixty million yuan!”

“Sixty-five million yuan!”

“Seventy million yuan!”

“Seventy-five million yuan!”

“Eighty million yuan!”

When Master Bai bid eighty million yuan for the jade, the man hesitated.

The price was almost there.

If the jade was used to make jewelry, it could bring at least twenty million yuan in profit.

And if the price went higher, the deal wouldnt be profitable.

Finally, the man gave up.

Master Bai paid eighty million yuan for the violet jade, and he was thrilled.

“Master Fu showed off in front of my face last week.

He got an emerald of the glutinous rice type and an emerald of the glass type.

I was so jealous of him! Now I have this violet jade, which is much more expensive than his! Im going to show off in front of his face, and let him be jealous of me!” Master Bai gloated like a child.

Like the old saying went: the elderly were like the children.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt like laughing, but she restricted herself.

At the same time, she couldnt help thinking to herself that Master Fu would probably be really jealous! If Master Fu knew that this violet jade Master Bai bought was from her, he would probably also blame her for that.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning felt a little helpless.

The jade of the silk type, which was as big as half a basketball, was bought by the middle-aged man at the price of fifty million yuan.

Though it was a pity he didnt get the violet jade, it was a great comfort to get the jade of the silk type.

Gu Ning made 345 million yuan in total, and absorbed a lot of power.

“Jesus! She maked 345 million yuan at once.

I think those raw materials cost a few million yuan at the most.”

“Exactly! Im envious of her.”

“Why couldnt I be so lucky!”

“I wish I were her.”

“Is there more jade in the raw materials in her cart”

“Who knows!”

Gu Ning had already cut out four raw materials with highly valuable jade.

No one knew whether there was more jade in those raw materials in her cart.

Everyone was now jealous of her.

Gu Ning also received many unkind looks.

She knew that some would pay more attention to her since she had made a fortune, but she wasnt scared.

Gu Ning thought that 345 million yuan was enough to satisfy her needs, and it was time to stop.

She sensed that she was causing trouble for herself.

If she continued, she would be in bigger trouble.

She was not afraid of trouble, but she didnt like it.

Accordingly, Gu Ning packed up the rest raw materials and got ready to leave.

Some businessmen who were waiting for Gu Ning to cut out more jade felt disappointed, but they couldnt force her to do it.

Although a hundred pounds of raw materials werent heavy for Gu Ning, she was wearing high-heels now and it wasnt convenient.

Therefore, she bought a cart in the shop and used it to push the raw materials away.

Before she left, many jewelry businessmen gave her their name cards.

They all wanted to cooperate with her.

If she could cut out more jade in the future, they all wanted to receive her call.

Gu Ning happily took the name cards, but since she didnt have her own name card, she didnt exchange name cards with them.

She didnt even tell them her name and number, because she didnt want them to know her real identity.

After Gu Ning left the shop for a short while, she felt that someone was stalking her.

She stayed calm.

There were a lot of people around here.

The stalker didnt have chance to hurt her.

Even if the stalker planned to hurt her, Gu Ning was confident that she could win.

Only because it wasnt convenient for her to fight today, she wanted to avoid conflict.

On her way, she called Zhou Zhenghong to pick her up beside the road.

She also told him to wait for her in the car, and to not show his face.

Gu Ning walked down to the entrance of the antique street safely.

There were too many people in this street after all.

However, once she left the antique street, there was a wide road ahead.

Zhou Zhenghong was waiting for her in the car beside the road.

Gu Ning went straight in the car, and left the stalkers behind.

Gu Ning sat in her car.

In the rear-view mirror, she noticed that several men were madly looking at the direction she left.

They got in a black car, chasing after her quickly.

Gu Ning frowned a little.

Those men wouldnt leave her alone!

“Uncle Zhou, hows your driving skill” Gu Ning asked.

Zhou Zhenghong didnt know her real intention, so he simply answered, “Ive driven for 12 years.

Not bad I think.”

“Were being stalked.

Please drive faster and get rid of them, safely of course,” Gu Ning said.


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