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Nevertheless, things changed so quickly this month.

A young girl had cut out several priceless jade last week, and now a woman cut out more highly valuable jade.

The shop owner felt so unhappy.

Many people swarmed in this shop after the news was abroad, especially the jewelry businessmen.

They all wanted to buy the jade.

The shop was actually big, but it soon became very crowded.

The first one was sold already, while the second one was still being cut out.

Seeing that it was a large medium-high-level jade of the water type, the jewelry businessmen were all excited.

Although a medium-high-level jade wasnt rare, it was still hard to find one.

No one wanted to miss it.

Someone immediately bid, but was stopped by Gu Ning.

She told them what she had just said.

There were rules in every industry, and they had to obey them.

Gu Ning then chose the third raw material with a high-level jade inside.

It was as big as two apples.

She handed it to the first worker.

The third raw material wasnt big, so the worker decided to rub it.

Since Gu Ning had already cut out two highly valuable jade, the worker was very careful, but it was still hard for him to believe that this woman could be so lucky.

The crowd had mixed emotions.

Some expected it to be valuable, and some had the opposite hope.

More and more people came into this shop.

The shop was now full of people in every corner, but most of them focused on the worker who was rubbing the raw material, and not many of them were shopping.

Before the second jade was fully cut out, the green showed from the third raw material.

Everyone took a long breath in again.

They all looked at Gu Ning with one accord.

The shock on their faces was beyond description.

Three raw materials with three pieces of jade!

Some assumed that this woman must be from a family running the jade business, so she had some extraordinary ability.

Some also assumed the rest of the raw materials in her cart had jade inside too.

The third jade was fully cut out gradually.

It was a high-level violet jade of the glass type.

What It was so unbelievable! Some people almost had a heart attack right then.

The shop owner wasnt willing to face the truth, and he felt dizzy.

However, those jewelry businessmen were the happiest ones.

A high-level violet jade was very rare!

This violet jade was slightly bigger than the one Gu Ning sold to Qin Yifan, so its price was a little higher.

“She is so unbelievably lucky!”

“She must be from a family that has been running a jade business for generations!”

“Exactly, I cant agree more!”

“In my opinion, she must have Jade Eyes! She can see the jade inside.”

The man was joking, but hit the point accidentally.

Gu Ning was nervous for a while, then she relaxed.

No one would believe that even though it was the truth.

It was already beyond the knowledge of human beings.

“What I heard someone cut out an emerald of the hibiscus type.

Is there a violet jade that has been cut out too”

At that moment, a surprised male voice sounded from the door.

The man apparently had heard the good news.

“Oh, Master Bai, Master Yan and Chairman Bai, so nice to meet you!” The shop owner immediately welcomed the guests with respect.

“A lady has just cut out an emerald of the hibiscus type.

Another jade of the water type hasnt been fully cut out yet, and a violet jade is out already.”


Hearing that, those guests were obviously shocked.

Gu Ning unconsciously looked over once she heard that Master Yan was here.

The old man was indeed Master Yan.

There was an old man around 70 and a man around 45 with Master Yan.

They must be Master Bai and Chairman Bai.

The two resembled each other a lot, and must be father and son.

Gu Ning had completely changed her look, so she didnt greet Master Yan, but pretended that she didnt know him at all.

“Please dont tell me the owner is the same person,” Master Bai said.

“It is,” the shop owner answered, although he felt so hurt in his heart.

Hearing that, three of them all had a long breath in.

It was so unbelievable!

“Lets go and see who is so lucky and cut out three emeralds at a time,” Master Bai said.

He walked over at once followed by Master Yan and Chairman Bai.

Master Yan couldnt help thinking to himself that Gu Ning had been so fortunate last time, but now another person had done the same thing.

It was so strange!

They went into the crowd.

Master Bai asked, “Who is the owner of those raw materials, please”

“Its me,” Gu Ning answered.

She didnt want Master Yan to recognize her, so she deliberately changed her voice slightly.

It was a young woman.

Master Bai and his company were astonished again.

Master Bai knew that an 18-year-old girl had cut out several high-level jade last week, but he didnt know that this woman who seemed at least 24 years old was the same person as the young girl.

He was surprised, why could the young ladies cut jade out so easily nowadays!

Master Yan had the same thought in his mind, but he felt familiar with this woman before his eyes.

Had he met her somewhere else However, he wasnt able to connect her with Gu Ning, because they looked so different.

Facing Master Bai, Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.

She wasnt arrogant at all just because she had cut out several valuable jade.

Master Bai immediately had a good impression of her.

He complimented her plainly, “What a promising young woman!”

Meanwhile, the large jade of the water type was fully cut out.

Gu Ning now allowed the crowd to bid, and she immediately absorbed its power.

Although compared with this medium-high-level jade of the water type, the high-level violet jade was more attractive, the buyers didnt want to miss either of them.

“Ten million yuan!”

“Twenty million yuan!”

“Thirty million yuan!”

“A hundred million yuan!”

“A hundred and fifty million yuan!”

In the end, this jade of the water type was sold at the price of a hundred and fifty million yuan.

It was as big as a basketball.

A hundred and fifty million yuan was an acceptable price.

If the buyer used it to make jewelry and sold them all, he could make around thirty million yuan in profit.

Businessmen wouldnt waste their time and money in unprofitable business.

Gu Ning then chose her fourth raw material with a medium-high-level jade, which was as big as a basketball, inside.

Before the violet jade was fully rubbed out, the green showed from the fourth raw material.

Someone was so shocked that he couldnt help but say dirty words.

“What the f*ck! Is this woman a real human being”


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