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“No idea, but it seems this woman tried to pour hot soup over them, but the man kicked its bottom and the pot turned over.

She ended up pouring the hot soup over herself in the end.”“If so, shes a really evil person, and she deserves it.”

“Um, maybe the woman did it for a reason.”

“Hard to say.

Its so complicated.”

Onlookers kept discussing it, but nobody knew what exactly had happened.

Someone called the ambulance without delay.

Zi Beiying looked at Wu Mina and coldly said, “Miss Wu, did you forget what Xu Jinchen warned you”

Although Wu Mina was in terrible pain, she realized that she shouldnt have done that.

She regretted it and felt scared, but the damage was already done.

“I can forgive you this time, but I cant promise what will happen to you and your family the next time you dare do something again,” Zi Beiying said.

Since Wu Mina was already injured by the hot soup, Zi Beiying didnt bother to waste her time on her.

However, when she was about to leave, a man stopped her.

“No matter what grudge you have against her, youve hurt her badly so you cant leave right now.”

“Its none of your business.” Zi Beiying stared at the man.

She wasnt an ordinary girl, so the man felt stressed because of her threatening look.

“She knows how to find me.

If she wants me to take responsibility, she can come find me herself,” Zi Beiying said.

After that, she walked away, followed by her friends and the man didnt dare stop her again.

The onlookers also saw the panic and guilt on Wu Minas face, and they thought that it might have been Wu Minas fault from the very beginning.

If so, there was no need for them to be sympathetic.

“OMG, I was scared!” Xia Maiqi said.

“Beiying, why did the woman try to hurt you”

Zi Beiying shrugged.

“She kept bothering one of my male friends, so I told her that Im his girlfriend in order to help him get rid of her, but she now hates me.”

“Fine, but I dont think its a good idea.

What if she does something like that again” Xia Maiqi said.

“Dont worry, Ill be careful,” Zi Beiying said with a smile.

Afterwards, they kept on drinking and having fine food.

An ambulance soon arrived, but the doctor didnt ask what had happened, because he wasnt a policeman.

Wu Mina was badly scalded, but she was still conscious, so a nurse asked her for her familys numbers.

Wu Mina only told the nurse the number of her older brother, Wu Yunhai, because she didnt dare to tell her parents.

She honestly had no idea how to explain it to her parents.

The nurse called Wu Yunhai at once, and Wu Yunhai went to the hospital without delay.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the doctor dealt with all of Wu Minas wounds.

By the time Wu Mina was back in the ward, Wu Yunhai had also come.

Seeing Wu Minas whole body covered in bandages, Wu Yunhai was shocked.

Luckily, she was still conscious.

“Mina, what happened” Wu Yunhai asked in annoyance.

Wu Mina then told Wu Yunhai everything.

Wu Yunhai wasnt dumb.

Even though his younger sister was badly injured now, he knew it was his younger sisters fault after all.

Besides, the woman was Xu Jinchens girlfriend!

They didnt dare to offend the Xu family.

Because the Wu family relied on the Xu family to do business, they had to accept it.

In case Wu Yunhai caused their family any more trouble, Wu Yunhai warned her seriously.

“Mina, you should know that we cant annoy the Xu family, not to mention that its your fault this time.

I hope that you can let it go and forget about it, or our family might end up in a lot of trouble.”

Wu Mina was reluctant to do it, but there was nothing else she could do.

“I understand,” she said.

“Oh, please dont tell father and mother.”

“I wont.” Wu Yunhai agreed.

Gu Ning asked Yu Zi when they finished the meal, “Yu Zi, where are you staying in the capital”

“I havent booked a hotel yet,” Yu Zi said.

She went straight to the store once she arrived at the capital.

“Why dont you stay in the Huangdeng Hotel” Gu Ning said.

“Its too expensive!” Yu Zi said.

Although she could be reimbursed since it was a business trip, she didnt think that it was necessary for her to stay in a luxurious hotel.

“Its fine, I have a Black Card, so I have free accommodations,” Gu Ning said.

She planned to use her Black Card to book a room for Yu Zi at the Huangdeng Hotel.

Knowing that, Yu Zi agreed.

The Huangdeng Hotel was owned by Gu Nings family anyway.

Yu Zi then got into Gu Nings car, and Gu Ning drove her to the Huangdeng Hotel.

After their arrival, Gu Ning booked a room for Yu Zi with her Black Card before she went back to Leng Shaotings house.

Just as Gu Ning got back to Leng Shaotings house, she received a call from him.

Hearing that Gu Ning was in his house at that moment, Leng Shaoting immediately went to meet her.

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