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Apart from her family background, Shen Baixiang actually liked Xu Qinyins appearance very much.

Even if it was impossible for him to marry her, he wasnt willing to keep a distance away from her.

As long as Xu Qinyin had no intention to marry him, he wouldnt mind having a sexual relationship with her.Shen Baixiang walked to Xu Qinyin.

“Oh, its really you! What a coincidence!”

Even though Shen Baixiang seemed gentle and kind, he still failed to hide his arrogance.

“Hi,” Xu Qinyin said with a fake smile.

Shen Baixiang understood that Xu Qinyin had no patience for him, but he believed that it was because he had rejected her before.

“Are you free Why dont we have a cup of coffee together” Shen Baixiang invited her.

“No, thanks,” Xu Qinyin said without hesitation.

“Qinyin, are you still mad at me” Shen Baixiang asked on purpose.

“Of course not, I already forget about it, but were not familiar with each other, so I dont think its necessary to keep in touch,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Fine, I wont force you to do it if youre not free now.

Can I have your number” Shen Baixiang said.

“Im afraid you cant.” Xu Qinyin rejected it.

This time, Shen Baixiang was a little annoyed.

He was a self-centered person, and he wouldnt allow others to reject him, but it was only reasonable in his eyes that he could reject other girls as he wanted.

When Shen Baixiang wanted to say something again, Gu Ning walked over.

The second Shen Baixiang saw Gu Ning, he felt that Gu Ning looked very familiar.

After a few seconds, Shen Baixiang remembered who Gu Ning was.

Therefore, once Gu Ning walked near, Shen Baixiang greeted her of his own accord.

“Hi, Im so sorry to bother you, but is your name Gu Ning”

Shen Baixiang had read the news about Gu Ning on the Internet, and he thought only an outstanding girl like Gu Ning could be his girlfriend.

He never thought of whether he deserved her.

In fact, Gu Ning was much richer than his family.

“Yeah, Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said.

She saw him talking with Xu Qinyin from a distance, so she thought that he might be Xu Qinyins friend or something.

“Very nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Im the general manager of Jintong Finance.

My names Shen Baixiang, and my company is on the third floor of this skyscraper.” Shen Baixiang immediately introduced himself, then pointed at the nearby building.

Coincidentally, Fenghua Entertainment was also in the skyscraper now, but Gu Ning didnt bother to mention it.

“Ningning, lets go now.” Xu Qinyin didnt want Gu Ning to waste time on Shen Baixiang, so she pulled Gu Nings hand, walking away.

Seeing that, Gu Ning realized that Xu Qinyin must hate this man called Shen Baixiang, so she said nothing and left with Xu Qinyin.

Shen Baixiang, however, was shocked, because it seemed like Xu Qinyin was very close to Gu Ning.

In his eyes, Xu Qinyin was simply an ordinary girl, and she shouldnt know Gu Ning, who was an important figure.

“Do you hate him” Gu Ning asked when they were far away.

“Yeah, I hate him.” Xu Qinyin told Gu Ning the story afterwards.

After knowing the reason, Gu Ning had a bad impression of Shen Baixiang.

“Why is he approaching you again Has he found out your real family background” Gu Ning asked.

“No idea, but I dont want to see him again,” Xu Qinyin said.

When they arrived at Gu Nings office, Xu Qinyin met Zi Beiying for the first time, and they began to enjoy the tea together.

Both Xu Qinyin and Zi Beiying were talkative, so they soon got familiar with each other.

Gu Ning sat aside and listened to their conversation with a smile.

She didnt feel bored at all.

“There are countless delicious specialties in the capital…” Xu Qinyin named many famous specialties in the capital and Zi Beiyings mouth was watering now.

“Lets go eat them all later!” Zi Beiying said with excitement.

“Can you eat them all” Gu Ning was amused.

Zi Beiying thought for a while, then said, “We can continue tomorrow!”

She wasnt in a rush to go back home anyway.

When it was 5:30 pm, they left Shengning Tower for the food street.

The food street was open almost all day, and visitors from different cities or countries could find all kinds of specialties here.

Gu Ning didnt receive a call or message from Leng Shaoting the whole day, and she didnt text or call him either.

It was obvious that he was very busy with his task, so Gu Ning wouldnt disturb him.

Both of them were mature adults, and they were very considerate in love too.

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