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“All youve done is blame us.

What have we actually done wrong From now on, you better be friendly to us.

Otherwise, were no longer brothers and sisters!” Then, Gu Qing hung up on Gu Qinyang.

Gu Qinyang was so mad that he almost smashed his phone on the ground.

He couldnt accept the fact that Gu Qing ignored him.

Gu Qinyang had always felt he was superior to Gu Qing.

He never realized that he was the one that was wrong.

Although they were brothers and sisters, they didnt have the right to get involved in Gu Mans and Gu Qings personal affairs.

However, they thought that they were richer than their sisters, so they believed that they naturally had the right to control their sisters.

Gu Qinyang called Gu Qing again, but she wouldnt answer.

Gu Ning opened her Jade Eyes while walking along the antique street.

Many of the objects were the same ones of the last week.

There were a few new objects, but most of them were fake.

Even though they were almost all fake, there were real antiques.

Besides, Gu Ning had been very lucky ever since she had been reborn.

After a while, Gu Ning found an antique with power halfway down the street.

It was a crumpled, dirty teapot.

It was big, and looked ordinary and unattractive.

If Gu Ning hadnt noticed the power above it and known that it was real, she would have missed it too.

She stared at it, and gradually fell in love with it.

The color of the pot was dark and thick.

Its material was like jade.

The shape was simple and delicate with mysterious charm.

Gu Ning didnt know much about antiques, so she couldnt determine the source or the price of this teapot.

However, judging from its intense power, Gu Ning believed that the teapot must have a long history.

Its price wouldnt be low.

“Hey, how much is this” Gu Ning asked.

The stand owner took a glance at the teapot with obvious dislike in his eyes.

The teapot was dusty and dirty.

Its size was big, and it was ugly.

He didnt throw it away yet only because he didnt want to lose money.

The stand owner then glanced at Gu Nings face.

The price would depend on how interested Gu Ning was in this teapot.

If she was very interested in it, the price would be higher, and vice versa.

Gu Ning knew the rules, so she didnt show her happiness on face, but instead looked hesitant.

Accordingly, the stand owner couldnt raise the price.

“Five hundred yuan,” he said.

After that, he was a little regretful.

He only bought this object at the price of fifty yuan.

“Great!” Gu Ning immediately took out five hundred yuan and gave it to the stand owner.

The stand owner was surprised that she would buy it so quickly without bargaining at all.

However, he believed that it must be a fake, so he happily took the money from Gu Ning.

Gu Ning continued to walk around.

She found another object with power before long.

It was a landscape painting called The Pond and The People .

In the painting, a few strokes revealed the leisurely lifestyle of the people living in the south.

There was no specific character but it could make others feel the beauty of life.

The several willow trees on the painting werent painted by ink, but in the creative way of the most typical combination of Chinese and Western styles.

The paint was squeezed directly from the tubes while the artist was painting.

The artists name was Wu Guanzhong.

Gu Ning knew that Wu Guanzhong was a famous modern artist, oil painting artist and art educator.

He had passed away several years ago.

In her last lifetime, her father Tang Zhenhua owned a painting called The Snow of Peking .

It had cost him four million yuan at auction.

Therefore, this The Pond and The People landscape painting would be worth several million too.

It would be more expensive than The Snow of Peking .

Gu Ning bought the painting at the price of one thousand yuan.

Everyone believed that it was fake, because it was sold at a stand.

If the stand owner had known that it was authentic, he would had sold it to an art lover himself and made a fortune from it.

When Gu Ning almost reached the end of the antique street, she found a pink glass with deer heads as decoration.

She still didnt know the source and the price of this pink glass, but she bought it since it had power.

Gu Ning thought to herself that she must read more books about antiques.

Even though she could recognize the real antiques now, she had no idea about its price.

She didnt want to be deceived when she was going to sell it in the future.

She paid 1,200 yuan for this pink glass.

Zhou Zhenghong stood aside with mixed emotions.

He didnt know whether those objects Gu Ning had bought were real or not.

It only cost several thousand yuan after all, which was nothing for Gu Ning.

However, he believed that Gu Ning wouldnt waste her money on it if it was fake.

She must have bought them because she thought they were real.

If those antiques were real, it was so unbearable.

How could Gu Ning accurately pick out the real antiques Zhou Zhenghong was curious and surprised, but he didnt say a word.

He knew that curiosity killed the cat.

He only needed to know that Gu Ning had helped him a lot.

And he would stay loyal to her.

The two went to the street of stone gambling later, and started shopping from the first shop as usual.

There were almost all new raw materials indeed.

The number of raw materials with jade inside inclined too.

In the first shop, Gu Ning had already found two raw materials with high-level jade, and four raw materials with medium-high-level jade.

Their sizes varied from an apple to a football.

There were other raw materials with low-level jade inside.

However, Gu Ning didnt buy them, not because she disliked the jade, but because she wanted to save some for other customers.

She didnt plan to cut the raw materials out here, so she didnt buy any waste raw materials to disguise her behavior.

Gu Ning bought seven raw materials in the end.

She went into other shops later, and bought four to six raw materials with high-level jade in each shop.

Now she had 28 raw materials in hands.

Although they were mostly small, they were worth a fortune.

They weighed 336 pounds, and were worth about one billion yuan at least.

They were too heavy to push around in a cart.

However, since Zhou Zhenghong was here, it wasnt convenient for Gu Ning to put them all in the telepathic eye space.

Although the customer could store the raw materials in the shop, Gu Ning didnt want to do that, because she clearly knew that all her raw materials had jade inside.

She could only leave them in the car and let Zhou Zhenghong watch them.

And she would continue to buy some in the street of stone gambling.

This time, she was going to cut out jade and sell some to collect money.


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