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Xu Jinchen laughed and said, “Great, come here and have a seat!”“Thanks,” Zi Beiying said.“Hi, Shaoting, this is” Song Haoyu stood up when Leng Shaoting walked inside, but he was very curious about the young girl who was standing by Leng Shaotings side.

He wondered whether the girl and Leng Shaoting were girlfriend and boyfriend, but thought that it wasnt likely.

However, before Leng Shaoting could say anything, Xu Jinchen interrupted them.

“Please allow me to make the introduction.

This is our Major General Lengs girlfriend!”

“What” Song Haoyu rounded his eyes in shock.

“Hi.” Gu Ning smiled at him.

“Oh, hi,” Song Haoyu said at once.

“Alright, have a seat, everybody,” Xu Jinlin said.

After that, they were all seated.

“Gu Ning, Miss Zi, this is Song Haoyu, Gu Zichuan, and my older brother, Xu Jinlin,” Xu Jinchen said to Gu Ning and Zi Beiying.

“Nice to meet you all,” Zi Beiying said.

“Nice to see you,” Gu Ning said.

“This is Shaotings girlfriend, Gu Ning, and this is our brothers younger sister, Zi Beiying,” Xu Jinchen said to his friends.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu and Miss Zi,” Song Haoyu, Gu Zichuan and Xu Jinlin said.

“Alright, lets have a drink together!” Xu Jinchen proposed and raised his glass.

They drank red wine, so everyone had a sip of it.

“When will you have the competition Right now, or in a while” Xu Jinchen asked.

“They just arrived.

We can relax for a while,” Song Haoyu said.

Competition What competition

Gu Ning was confused and glanced at Leng Shaoting, but she didnt ask him any questions.

Although Gu Ning didnt ask, Leng Shaoting explained it to her of his own accord, “Well have a competition of our fighting skills.”

“Relax, Gu Ning, it has happened many times, but Shaoting has never once lost,” Xu Jinchen said, in case Gu Ning was worried about Leng Shaotings safety.

However, Gu Ning wasnt worried at all because she trusted him.

During this time, Leng Shaoting became physically stronger with the help of her power crystals and he was able to move faster than usual.

“Xu Jinchen, although Ive never won, couldnt you save some face for me” Song Haoyu argued.

“Do I need to do that Youll lose it sooner or later.” Xu Jinchen rolled his eyes at Song Haoyu.

“Youre a loser too,” Song Haoyu said.

They argued with each other for a short while, then stopped.

“Why dont we have the competition now, in case we drink too much later” Leng Shaoting stood up.

“Great!” Song Haoyu agreed.

Since they were going to have a competition of fighting skills, they needed to go to a special martial art room.

Song Haoyu already booked a VIP martial art room for them.

Their private room was on the third floor, while the martial art room was on the first floor.

“Oh, hi, Jinchen!”

Just as they reached the first floor, a surprised female voice sounded from the center of the hall.

They turned around and found a beautiful young woman walking towards them excitedly.

Nevertheless, Xu Jinchen didnt seem happy to see her.

“Hi, Miss Wu.”

“Jinchen, what a coincidence!” Wu Mina said, then she saw Xu Jinlin and greeted him too.

“Oh, hi, nice to see you again, Jinlin.”

“Nice to see you, Miss Wu,” Xu Jinlin replied politely.

It was obvious that Xu Jinchen and Xu Jinlin werent close to Wu Mina, and they even deliberately kept a distance from her.

Although Wu Mina didnt know Leng Shaoting and Song Haoyu, she was impressed by their handsome looks.

She felt she was quite lucky today to meet so many good-looking men.

“Sorry, Miss Wu, weve gotta leave now,” Xu Jinchen said and interrupted Wu Minas thought.

“What” Wu Mina got her mind back and asked, “Why do you have to leave so early”

“Jesus, Mina, are these handsome men all your friends Why dont you introduce them to us” At this moment, two women walked up to Wu Mina.

“Come on, lets have fun together tonight!” one of them said.

Both of the two women were flirtatious.

“Shut up!” Wu Mina snapped at them, in case Xu Jinchen was displeased.

“Jinchen, Im sorry.

Theyre just kidding.

Please dont be mad,” she added.

The two women shut their mouths at once.

They werent mad at Wu Mina, but were confused about why Wu Mina behaved so strangely.

They thought that Wu Mina probably admired this man.

It was very normal because Xu Jinchen was really handsome.

“Miss Wu, I dont mind, but we do have to leave now,” Xu Jinchen said.

“Fine.” Wu Mina was disappointed, but she couldnt stop him.

After that, she had to watch Xu Jinchen and the others walking out of her sight.

“Do you know who they are How could you talk to him like that” Wu Mina vented her anger at her friends.

Her attitude changed completely.

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