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Before Leng Shaoting could figure out a good way to get rid of those robbers, the car in front of them stopped all of a sudden.“Stop the car now!” Gu Ning said to their driver at once.

“Whats wrong” Zi Beiying asked with confusion, but Gu Ning didnt have time to explain it to her.

The driver listened to Gu Ning and stopped the car, but they were only three meters away from the robbers now.

Once their car stopped, those robbers jumped out with their guns.

“No way, robbers.”

The driver realized that something terrible was going to happen.

The driver was a local citizen, so he knew how dangerous it could be.

Mengda was sitting in the front passengers seat, and he was also surprised by the scene.

There were a bunch of robbers on the road ahead of them.

“What Robbers” Zi Beiying and Nan exclaimed.

“You must have won too many valuable jade raw materials at the auction, and they noticed you.

If they want your valuables, give it to them, and maybe you can survive,” the driver said in a trembling voice.

It had happened many times before that robbers would follow rich bidders on their way back home.

Normally, they only wanted money, so they wouldnt kill.

A few seconds later, the private car at the back stopped as well, and several men with guns got out of it without delay.

It was impossible for Gu Ning and her friends to escape now.

“Since they only want the valuable jade raw materials, we can give them to them.

Stay alert.

If its possible, we can fight back,” Gu Ning said to Leng Shaoting, Zi Beiying and the others.

She didnt care about the jade raw materials, their safety was more important.

However, if it was possible, she would seize the chance to fight back.

The five of them were all ace fighting masters, so it was easy for them to beat up several robbers.

Gu Ning wouldnt allow anyone to take advantage of her and get away with it.

“No problem,” they said.

Zi Beiying wouldnt swallow an insult either, so she was determined to fight back as well.

The next second, their car was surrounded by the armed robbers.

One of them walked forward and knocked on the car window to tell them to get out of it.

Gu Ning and the others listened to him.

Several robbers pointed guns against their backs and forced them to squat to the side.

“We just want money, not your lives.

If you want to stay alive, be quiet,” a robber said in English.

They didnt bother to hide their actions.

Even though other car drivers who passed by this road noticed them, nobody dared to stop them, instead they all sped up and left soon.

Once Gu Ning and the others got out of their car, those robbers got into it and removed all of the jade raw materials.

Four robbers were left to guard Gu Ning and her friends, while the other four robbers moved the jade raw materials to their MPV.

They didnt know that Gu Ning and her friends werent weak people, so they thought four of them could easily control them.

Right as the other four robbers moved the jade raw materials to the MPV, Gu Ning and her friends seized the chance.

In tacit agreement, they began to attack those robbers.

Those robbers were surprised and totally unprepared for it.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate and used her magical power to help her.

She held two handguns in her hands, then shot at the two robbers in front.

“Bam, bam.” The bullets hit them in their laps, and they fell down to the ground at once.

The sudden gunshots shocked everyone, including Zi Beiying and the others, but Leng Shaoting stayed calm.

Zi Beiying and the others didnt know that Gu Ning had guns with her, but they had no time to think further about it right now.

The other two robbers put the jade raw materials in their hands down without delay, and got ready to fight back.

However, before they could do it, Gu Ning replaced her guns with daggers and cut their belts off, then threw their guns back to Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting had just beaten up two of the robbers, then ran towards Gu Ning and picked the guns up like lightning.

After picking up the guns that Gu Ning threw to him, Leng Shaoting quickly removed the guns from the two robbers who had been shot in their laps.

Leng Shaoting also heavily stomped on their chests, their ribs breaking with a clear sound.

In that case, neither of them were a threat to them now.

Mengda, at the same time, ran to the MPV driver and wanted to control the driver.

With her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning saw that there were no more guns or bombs left in the car, so she didnt stop Mengda.

Within a short while, all the robbers were beaten on the ground.

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