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“29.5 million dollars,” Dongfang Ziyu said.“Thirty million dollars,” Gu Ning said.When the price reached 30 million dollars, Dongfang Ziyu gave up, because it was the highest price she was willing to offer.

Besides, Gu Ning had no intention to stop bidding, and the price would only get higher and higher.

Although she really wanted this jade raw material, she wasnt sure whether the jade in it was worth 30 million dollars.

Nobody was competing against Gu Ning now, so the hostess opened her mouth after waiting for a few seconds.

“Thirty million dollars once.


Any more bids”

No one answered, and the hostess said, “Alright, sold! Jade raw material No.1 now belongs to bidder A-122.”

Gu Ning got it.

It was a piece of old-pit glass jade that was worth over 500 million yuan, and Gu Ning only paid 204 million yuan for it, which wasnt beyond her estimation.

Jade raw material No.2 was shown on the screen next.

It was also partially cut with a piece of water type jade inside, but its size wasnt big.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt want to bid for it.

Jade raw material No.3 wasnt cut open at all.

There was a piece of jade inside, but its quality wasnt very good, so Gu Ning gave it up too.

Gu Ning only wanted jade of high quality if it was a partially-cut jade raw material.

She didnt lack jade right now after all.

Because Gu Ning didnt bid, Dongfang Ziyu successfully got two pieces of jade after dozens of jade raw materials were sold at this auction.

Gu Ning wasnt aware that people from the cultivation world also needed the power of good jade to improve their inner discipline, so she thought that Dongfang Ziyu or Dongfang Ziyus family was involved in the jewelry business.

Without Zi Beiyings interference, Shouta Minamino also won several pieces of jade.

It was an official auction, so Zi Beiying couldnt cause trouble.

Gu Ning waited for a long time, but there was still no jade of high quality, so she remained silent.

Although there were many pieces of good jade at this auction, the bidders were all rich people, so the prices were very high.

When the 18th jade raw material was shown on the screen, Gu Ning wanted it.

She saw a piece of high-level jade in it.

Its opening bid was 10 thousand dollars and the bid increment couldnt be less than 10 thousand dollars.

As time went by, the price rose to over a million dollars.

Gu Ning didnt join the game at the beginning as usual.

When the price increased to two million dollars, only a few bidders were left competing for it.

When the price came to three million dollars, only two bidders were left.

Everyone stopped bidding when the price became 3.6 million dollars, but Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“3.7 million dollars.”

“3.8 million dollars.”

“3.9 million dollars.”

“4.2 million dollars,” Gu Ning said.

Some people followed Gu Ning into the bidding, but still gave up in the end.

As a result, Gu Ning got it.

She did exactly the same thing in the following rounds once she found jade of high quality in the jade raw materials.

Many bidders followed her, but none of them had enough money or courage to compete against her for the jade.

The auction was divided into the first half and the second half.

There were 50 jade raw materials sold in the first half, which took almost two hours.

Afterwards, they had a break of half an hour before the second half began.

During the first half of this auction, Gu Ning got three partially-cut jade raw materials and three complete jade raw materials.

She was probably the one who won the most valuable jade.

Dongfang Ziyu won four partially-cut jade raw materials.

Shouta Minamino had three partially-cut jade raw materials.

Zhang Dequan only had one partially-cut jade raw material and two complete jade raw materials.

And Zhao Yuefeng had a partially-cut jade raw material and a complete jade raw material.

Some of the other bidders also got some valuable jade raw materials.

There were far more bidders than jade raw materials at this auction, so it wasnt easy to win more than two jade raw materials per person.

The host of the auction provided desserts, fruit, and drinks for the guests at the restaurant next door, and people could have as much as they wanted.

All the bidders were rich people, so the restaurant was luxurious too.

Zhang Dequan, Zhao Yuefeng and others walked to Gu Ning once the first half was over.

They kindly greeted each other and chatted casually.

At this moment, Ma Jingshan also walked towards Gu Ning, followed by other members of his family.

Zhang Dequan, Zhao Yuefeng and Ma Jingshan were very familiar with one another.

Both Zhang Dequan and Ma Jingshan were members of the Jade Association, so they often met at different meetings.

Zhao Yuefeng was a jewelry businessman and he showed up often at meetings where jewelry businessmen gathered together.

Therefore, Zhao Yuefeng and Zhang Dequan werent strangers.

In addition, Zhao Yuefeng had visited the Ma familys jade raw material shop many times before, so he and Ma Jingshan werent strangers either.

“Hi, Mr.

Ma, nice to see you again!” Zhang Dequan, Zhang Binsheng and Zhao Yuefeng greeted Ma Jingshan.

“Nice to meet you too, everyone!” Ma Jingshan was also a very kind man.

His sight fell on Gu Ning then.

“Miss Gu, nice to see you.

Im the vice president of the Jade Association in Province Yun, and my names Ma Jingshan.

I can see that youre very talented at stone gambling.”

Ma Jingshan didnt take Gu Ning lightly just because she was young, because he knew that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

“My honor to meet you here, Mr.

Ma,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

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