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Chapter 1089 The Auction Begins

Gu Ning left with Leng Shaoting and the others and went to find their seats.

The seats were divided into four areas, A, B, C, and D.

Area A was VVIP area; Area B was VIP area, while both Area C and Area D were for common guests.

Gu Ning came here as the boss of Colorful Jade Provider which was an influential jade company in City Teng, so she had a seat in Area A.

Zi Beiying and the others sat in the same area with her.

In order of arrival, they sat in the back rows of Area A, which didnt actually matter.

Qi Ziyue and other people had seats in Area A as well, but they went to see the partially-cut jade raw materials once they entered the hall.

Although they didnt know much about jade, they were interested in it.

Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua didnt have an invitation letter, so they sat in Area D.

The auction would begin in 20 minutes, and many people began to sit in their seats.

When Zhao Yuefeng noticed Gu Ning, he walked towards her.

“Hi, Miss Gu, why arent you going to look at the jade raw materials”

Gu Ning smiled.

“I dont think its necessary.”

Hearing that, Zhao Yuefeng smiled too.

He understood that it was easy for Gu Ning to get jade of high quality given her unbelievable ability.

Afterwards, Zhao Yuefeng went back to his seat in Area B.

All the guests went back to their seats when it neared 12 pm.

Qi Ziyue and the others walked to Area A.

None of them dared to be unkind to Gu Ning and her friends now.

At 12 pm, the auction began.

On the stage, a beautiful young woman walked out in a red gown and her beauty stunned many people.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to todays annual jade auction in Burma.

Now please allow me to introduce the rules…” The hostess simply introduced the rules of the auction to the audience.

In fact, the rules werent complicated.

“Alright, todays auction begins.”

Once the hostess made the announcement, all the information of jade raw material No.1 was shown on the big screen behind her.

This jade raw material had a window of green on it, so it was obviously expensive.

It was about 83 kilograms, and the exposed jade was the best old-pit glass jade.

Because the diameter of the window was just as large as that of an ordinary cup, bidders couldnt know the type, size, or quality of the jade inside.

However, it was very easy for Gu Ning to find out with the help of her Jade Eyes.

In the jade raw material No.1, there was a piece of jade of old-pit glass type.

Moreover, it was very large and accounted for two thirds of the jade raw material.

Its opening bid was a million dollars, and the bid increment couldnt be less than five hundred thousand dollars.

According to the size of the jade in it, Gu Ning thought that its price should be around five hundred million yuan.

However, because it was a partially-cut jade raw material, other bidders might stop bidding when the price reached two hundred million yuan, which was nearly thirty million dollars.

They didnt know whether there was really jade inside, so it was highly risky.

In most cases, the outer layer of a jade raw material could be very thick, so people tended to believe that the jade in it was small.

Anyway, it was rare to see a bid of over three hundred million yuan.

“Two million dollars.”

“2.5 million dollars.”

“Three million dollars.”

“Twenty million dollars.”

Before long, the price reached twenty million dollars, and the bidder was Dongfang Ziyu.

Although she didnt know how large the jade was in it, she wanted to have a try because it was a jade raw material of high quality.

After the price reached twenty million dollars, fewer and fewer bidders continued to bid for it.

Gu Ning remained silent till now.

She planned to wait and bid at the last minute.

Some people who were familiar with Gu Ning, however, hesitated to join the game.

They subconsciously thought that there might be no jade in No.1 jade raw material or it wasnt worth the price.

Gu Ning understood that she was affecting their behavior, but she didnt care about them.

“24 million dollars.”

“24.5 million dollars.”

For now, only Dongfang Ziyu and a jewelry businessman were competing against each other.

Once Dongfang Ziyu made the bid of 24.5 million dollars, the jewelry businessman stopped bidding.

It was a very high price after all.

24.5 million dollars equaled 166 million yuan.

Even though the window showed green old-pit glass jade, it didnt mean that there would be valuable jade inside.

“Twenty five million dollars.”

Gu Ning finally made her bid.

Hearing that, Zhang Dequan and many other jewelry businessmen who kept glancing at Gu Ning got excited at once.

Since Gu Ning was willing to offer a high price for it, they knew that there must be a very valuable jade inside.

In that case, some of them began to bid for the jade raw material.

Gu Ning actually felt a little uncomfortable because she knew that those jewelry businessmen did it on purpose.

“25.5 million dollars.”

“Twenty six million dollars,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

“26.5 million dollars,” Gu Ning said.

After several rounds, the other bidders all gave up, and only Dongfang Ziyu and Gu Ning were left in the game.

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