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Chapter 1083 Another Round

As a result, Dongfang Ziyu paid 7.4 million dollars for the violet jade.

“Miss Yamaguchi, since youre interested in the jade, why didnt you keep on bidding for it” Zi Beiying crossed her arms on her chest, looking at Ayumi Yamaguchi with arrogance.

“Its none of your business,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said in anger.

“Fine.” Zi Beiying shrugged.

Within a short time, another jade of the Confederate rose type was cut out.

Zi Beiying stared at Ayumi Yamaguchi with a fake smile on her face.

It was obvious that she would compete against her once more if she joined in the bid.

Although this jade wasnt as valuable as the violet jade, it was covered in magical power too, so Dongfang Ziyu focused on it as well.

However, as long as Zi Beiying and Ayumi Yamaguchi joined in the bid, its price would definitely be absurdly high.

Shouta Minamino was also aware of this problem, so he bid for the jade this time.

Nevertheless, it made no difference in Zi Beiyings eyes.

She wouldnt stop competing against them anyway.

Shouta Minamino was mad, but couldnt do anything about it.

In the end, Dongfang Ziyu got the jade of the Confederate rose type at a very high price.

Shouta Minamino had to give up again.

Dongfang Ziyu hated to see them, because they showed up wherever a piece of jade was cut out.

“Ziyu, theyre so terrible!”, Wu Shunhua complained.

He didnt say it loudly, but in a low voice.

Dongfang Ziyu disliked their behavior, but she had to accept it because she really needed jade with magical power.

Because most jade raw materials with jade of high quality were taken by Gu Ning, there were only a few pieces with good jade left.

Dongfang Ziyu wouldnt buy jade of low quality, because the magical power was weak around it.

If it was possible, Dongfang Ziyu would prefer to buy jade of the highest level.

Shouta Minamino, however, didnt have a high standard for the jade.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin didnt follow Shouta Minamino around the hall, because they didnt want to compete against him.

That would damage their relationship.

After a while, Zi Beiying lost interest and went back to the hotel for a rest.

Once she was gone, Dongfang Ziyu felt relieved.

Without their cut-throat competition, she could pay less for the jade.

Shouta Minamino was also relaxed.

“Shes so hateful!” Ayumi Yamaguchi said to Zi Beiyings back.

“Ayumi, I promise Ill teach her a lesson,” Shouta Minamino said to comfort her, but he already said that countless times without actually doing something about it.

Ayumi Yamaguchi had enough of it, so she vented with anger at Shouta Minamino.

“How Theyre so good at fighting, and the public jade bid will be over tomorrow.

We probably wont see them again.”

Shouta Minamino didnt know what to say, because it was the truth.

“Shouta, I understand you want to pay her back for me, but dont say that again before you really take action,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

“All right.” Shouta Minamino understood that Ayumi Yamaguchi was in a bad mood.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got back into Burma, it was already 5 pm, so they directly went back to the hotel.

Gu Ning contacted Zi Beiying on the way, and found out that she was in the hotel at that moment.

Since they were all in the hotel, they decided to gather together for dinner that evening.

At 6 pm, they went downstairs to the dining hall.

“Gu Ning, when will you go back home” Zi Beiying asked Gu Ning.

“When the public jade bid is over tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

“Will you fly back to City B” Zi Beiying asked.

“Nope, Ill go to City Teng first, then fly to the capital the next day.

After that Ill go back to City B,” Gu Ning said.

“Ill go with you!” Zi Beiying got excited.

“I want to have fun in the capital too.”

“Sure, but I dont promise that Ill be able to tour with you by then,” Gu Ning said.

“Its not a big deal.

I have friends in the capital too, and I can take good care of myself.

We can share a meal together when youre free,” Zi Beiying said.

“Great,” Gu Ning said.

She also wanted to spend more private time with Leng Shaoting.

During the dinner, Gu Ning received a call from a stranger, which she answered.

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