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Leng Shaoting indeed won many jade raw materials from other peoples hands.However, because Leng Shaoting bid the same way as Gu Ning, many people turned to look at him because he stood right beside Gu Ning.

They believed that he must be Leng Shaoting.Some people thought that he might have bid on behalf of Gu Ning.

Lu Weiwei and Tang Yaxin had the same idea, so they felt utterly uncomfortable, like Leng Shaoting had disappointed them.

They were jealous of Gu Ning, so they disliked everything Leng Shaoting did for her.

“Whats wrong” Qi Ziyue asked Tang Yaxin.

“Nothing, I just think the girl named Gu Ning could lose a lot of money if there isnt jade in the jade raw materials that she won,” Tang Yaxin said.

Hearing that, Qi Ziyue said nothing.

He also hoped that Gu Ning could lose money in business.

“I dont think she can make money by doing this,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

Although Zi Beiying was the one who had offended her, Gu Ning was Zi Beiyings friend, so she hated Gu Ning as well.

Saying that, she gave Zi Beiying and Gu Ning a hostile glare.

Zi Beiying turned to look at her at once, and showed obvious disdain.

She wasnt afraid of Ayumi Yamaguchi at all.

Ayumi Yamaguchi was furious when Zi Beiying gave her a provocative smile.

She couldnt wait to tear Zi Beiying to pieces.

“Ayumi, dont worry.

I promise that Ill pay her back for you,” Shouta Minamino said to comfort Ayumi Yamaguchi.

The hatred he held for Zi Beiying deepend.

Tomorrow was the last lady of the public jade bid, so he had to figure out a way to get revenge on her before that.

He wished that they were in Country R right now so that he could easily punish Zi Beiying.

Although Shouta Minamino had failed once, he didnt think that his dirty trick was already exposed, and he kept sending other people to follow Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying and her bodyguards were clearly aware of it, but they were waiting for a good opportunity to solve this problem.

She wasnt a weak girl, and even got excited about it.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin had no intention to get involved in this mess.

It took a long time for the hostess to finish reading the numbers of the jade raw materials that Leng Shaoting won.

The Zhang family and the Lu family had bid for many of the same jade raw materials as Leng Shaoting, and they felt quite disappointed.

After the result was revealed, they could go to move the jade raw materials.

There were two ways to deal with the jade raw materials: One was to move them back home, and the other was to cut the jade out and sell the jade.

The host of the public jade bid would arrange trucks to help them move the jade raw materials back home.

It wasnt convenient for Gu Ning to put them into the telepathic eye space now.

If she wanted to cut jade out of them, she could sell the jade at the auction that afternoon.

If she wanted to bring the jade away, she had to finish the legal procedures.

There was a lot of jade in the jade raw materials, so Gu Ning decided to move it back to City Teng first.

It only took two hours of driving from Yangon to City Teng.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in other peoples results, she simply wanted to join the auction which would be held tomorrow.

Therefore, Gu Ning excused herself from Zi Beiying, then went to pick up her jade raw materials.

Seeing Gu Ning walking away, Zhang Dequan knew that she was going to move the jade raw materials back to City Teng.

Nobody was willing to leave so many valuable jade raw materials in the warehouse.

Gu Ning borrowed a large truck because she had too many jade raw materials.

She checked them before the truck was loaded, and none of them had been replaced.

No one knew whether there was jade in them, so nobody had replaced any of them.

Although the public jade bid was held by the government of Burma, it didnt mean that it was totally fair and honest.

After all, many people were jealous of Gu Ning.

About an hour later, Gu Ning and the others left for City Teng.

She called Zheng Peng on the way and told him to prepare a truck at the border.

Two hours later, the truck left Burma.

Zheng Peng and two staff members were already waiting for them.

They knew that Gu Ning would bring a lot of jade raw materials back, but they were still amazed by the amount.

Zheng Peng knew that there must be many pieces of jade in those jade raw materials.

After moving the jade raw materials onto the truck arranged by Zheng Peng, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting followed him back to City Teng.

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