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Chapter 1080 She Can Afford It

Most importantly, all the jaw raw materials that Gu Ning won had jade of high quality inside.

Therefore, Gu Ning could make a fortune today.

Those jewelry businessmen who were aware that Gu Ning was the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry were totally amazed by her bold behavior.

Gu Ning had won too many jade raw materials, so it took a long time for the hostess to finish reading.

Gu Ning won 346 jade raw materials in all.

About 146 of them were picked from the shops by Gu Ning, while the rest were chosen from the stands.

There were a lot more jade raw materials on those stands, so Gu Ning chose more from them.

In fact, it wasnt an uncommon thing to bid for over a hundred jade raw materials, but the point was that she offered a high price for each of them.

Luckily, Gu Ning was rich enough to afford the bill.

She also had the help of her Jade Eyes, so she could make a lot of money with those jade raw materials.

“Uncle, weve bid for several of the same jade raw materials as Miss Gu.

Given her ability, its highly possible that they have jade inside.

In that case, we must have lost several pieces of high quality jade!” Zhang Binsheng said worriedly.

“No way!” Zhang Dequan said.

He was unwilling to accept the fact, but it was the rule that the jade raw materials would be sold to the highest bidder, so he could do nothing about it.

Zhang Binsheng sighed with a resigned look.

“I dont think she can cut out jade from every jade raw material she wins.

She might lose a fortune!” Lu Weiwei cursed Gu Ning after hearing Zhang Binshengs conversation with Zhang Dequan.

She didnt believe that Gu Ning had the ability to cut out jade every time.

“Weiwei, shut up!” Lu Weili snapped at her.

Although he had the same hope, he understood that it wasnt appropriate to say it out loud.

He refused to believe that Gu Ning was so excellent at stone-gambling, but he had to take it seriously since Zhang Dequan approved of her.

The Lu family had also bid for many of the same jade raw materials as Gu Ning, and they were upset too.

They had chosen them after careful observation, so they were confident that they could cut out jade.

If there was indeed jade inside, it would be a crying shame that they lost those jade raw materials to Gu Ning, but no matter how disappointed they were, they had to accept the result.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting heard what Lu Weiwei said, but they ignored her, because it wasnt going to happen.

It was not only Lu Weiwei, many other people also hoped that Gu Ning would lose a fortune.

Tang Yaxin was included, because she hated Gu Ning no less than Lu Weiwei did.

After Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting was the second bidder.

When the hostess said Leng Shaotings name, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin were shocked and turned to look at him.

Is he…

Although they hadnt met Leng Shaoting before, they had heard of his name.

He was the well-known eldest grandson of Master Leng and the youngest major general in history.

Nobody in the high society of the capital hadnt heard of his name as well as his achievements.

However, not many of them were able to see him in real life, because Leng Shaoting always stayed in the army.

Qi Ziyue knew that Leng Shaoting couldnt be an ordinary person, but his real identity still amazed him.

Tang Yaxin was jealous of Gu Ning after knowing Leng Shaotings family background.

She couldnt help but admire Leng Shaoting now.

Leng Shaoting was her idol ever since she learned of his achievements, but she never had a chance to meet him before.

To her surprise, she met him right now, but he was with the girl she hated the most.

Qi Ziyue didnt notice Tang Yaxins reaction, or he would have felt uncomfortable.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sensed Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxins looks, but they didnt care about them.

Leng Shaoting won 321 jade raw materials in all.

It was a little less than Gu Nings.

That being the case, many other people lost jade raw materials with jade of high quality inside.

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