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Gu Ning and her friends didnt stay in the bar for too long.

Their activity at the bar ended at 11 pm.

However, 11 pm was exactly when the night life began, so Chu Peihan proposed to have night snacks.

She knew a place with delicious roasted fish.

Gu Ning admired Chu Peihans outstanding ability to drink.

She was even able to stay clear after she had drunk so much! She simply felt a little dizzy, but was still clear-minded.

Since 11 pm wasnt very late, and it wasnt easy for them to gather together, they all agreed to go.

They took a taxi heading to the roasted fish diner.

It wasnt far away, so they arrived after a few minutes.

They had no idea whether the roasted fish here was truly as delicious as Chu Peihan had said, but the diner seemed extremely popular.

The roasted fish must be good.

The diner was super crowded with people and tables inside and outside.

There were a few diners around, but no one was more crowded than this one.

On their way here, Chu Peihan had already called to reserve a table.

If they hadnt been so lucky, they wouldnt have a table to sit around.

Their table was near the door outside.

Half an hour later, the roasted fish was on the table.

Exactly like what Chu Peihan had said, the roasted fish smelt so good.

While they were eating night snacks, everyone except Gu Ning and Yu Mixi kept on drinking.

Seeing that everyone was still able to remain clear, Gu Ning didnt want to stop them from drinking in case they would get upset.

“Ningning, could you please go with me to the washroom” Yu Mixi asked Gu Ning quietly.

“Sure,” Gu Ning answered.

She stood up and walking towards the washroom with Yu Mixi.

When they came out, because the floor was a little slippery, Yu Mixi accidentally slipped.

She knocked into a man, and the glass held in the mans hand fell down on the ground.

“Sorry, Im so sorry,” Yu Mixi immediately apologized, but the man was clearly displeased.

He swore at Yu Mixi loudly, “Do you f*cking have eyes”

His shout raised a lot of attention from people in the diner.

However, the next second, the man noticed Yu Mixis and Gu Nings beautiful faces.

He changed his attitude at once, ogling and flirting.

“Hey, beauty, come and drink with us.

Then Ill forgive you.”

“Come on!” the other men around the same table echoed.

“We dont drink, but I can buy you a box of drinks.

How about that” Gu Ning didnt want to cause more trouble, and planned to pay money for it.

“Whoa! What a generous beauty! We dont lack drinks.

We want girls,” the man rejected.

“Exactly, we dont care about drinks at all.

We can totally afford it.

We want you both to drink with us,” another man said.

“What if we say no” Gu Ning asked calmly.

It seemed that she was not afraid or nervous at all.

The man was upset hearing that.

He sneered and threatened, “No Its not up to you right now.

Do you think you can fight against us”

Gu Ning was slightly mad now.

Although Yu Mixi had knocked into him first, she hadnt done it on purpose.

Besides, she had already apologized.

A well-educated man would normally forgive that, but the man clearly wasnt.

If so, Gu Ning didnt want to waste time on them.


However, I dont like to drink inside the diner.

Its too airless.

Why dont we go outside and drink at my table” Gu Ning said provocatively.

“No problem.

Lets go!” The man had no idea what was on Gu Nings mind right now.

They never believed that those girls were able to deal with them.

Moreover, they were also irritated by Gu Nings challenge.

“Pay your bill first before coming out,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt want to pay the bill for them if they ran away later.

“Sure,” the man answered.

He paid the bill right away and followed Gu Ning, stepping outside.

Although Yu Mixi was terrified, she wasnt worried at all.

Let alone whether these men could beat Gu Ning or not, Chu Peihan and the boys were outside too.

These men would learn their lesson for sure.

Chu Peihan and the boys saw Gu Ning and Yu Mixi coming along with several men.

They were curious.

Were they Gu Nings friends Everyone believed so.

Those men panicked a little when they finally found out that there were many more people outside other than the two girls.

“Boss, are they your friends” Hao Ran asked.

“Mixi knocked into this man accidentally.

The man wanted us to drink with them.

We refused and proposed to buy them a box of drinks, but they werent willing to accept.

If we dont drink with them, they wont let us leave.

Thus we had to accept,” Gu Ning explained airily, but her words were all against the mans behavior.

Hearing that, everyone was displeased.

“Since they want to drink, lets be their good company!” That sentence was full of viciousness.

Those men werent idiots.

They immediately knew that they had made a terrible choice.

The man who was their head said nervously, “I dont think thats necessary.

No, no, weve had enough.”

Then, they ran away quickly.

Gu Ning didnt stop them, because that was exactly what she wanted.

If it could be dealt with in an easy way, she would do it.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha! Cowards!” Hao Ran mocked.

“Theyre smart not to fight with us,” Qin Zixun said.

“Ningning is a nice girl.

If I had been there, I would have punched them with my fists already,” Chu Peihan said.

She waved her fist, like she was going to hit someone.

“I think Gu Ning is clever to bring them out, and scare them away.

Theyre two young girls.

What if the men had bullied them” Qin Yifan said.

He still was nervous about what had just happened.

“Ha-ha,” Hearing that, everyone snorted with laughter.

Hao Ran said, “Impossible! Our boss has easily knocked Zixun, Tianping and me down.

Its super easy for our boss to beat them to the ground!”

“Exactly, our boss didnt want to cause trouble, so she scared them away.

Otherwise they would have suffered a lot,” Qin Zixun added.

What Gu Ning had easily beaten Hao Ran and the boys down on the ground Qin Yifan rounded his eyes.

He couldnt believe his ears, and asked, “Really Gu Ning had easily beaten you all down on the ground”

“Yes! Thats why she is our boss!” Zhang Tianping replied.


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