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Leng Shaoting was much more outgoing than before.“Its the truth,” Leng Shaoting said.

Once Gu Ning sat back by Leng Shaotings side, other females withdrew their gazes.

Leng Shaoting already had a girlfriend, so it was inappropriate for them to keep staring at him.

Nobody wanted to be embarrassed in public.

When it was the departure time, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting boarded.

And at 1:50 pm, the plane landed at the airport of City Teng.

Gu Ning turned on her phone, and found a missed call and a message from Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying told her to call her back when she read this message.

Gu Ning called Zheng Peng first, then called Zi Beiying back.

Zi Beiying picked the call up at once.

“Hey, where are you now” Zi Beiying asked.

“Im in City Teng,” Gu Ning said.

“Are you going to attend the public jade bid in Burma” Zi Beiying sounded excited.

“Yeah,” Gu Ning said, then understood why Zi Beiying called her.

“Wonderful, Im leaving for Burma too! I knew that youll be there since youre involved in the jewelry business.

Ill be in Burma tomorrow.

Can we meet” Zi Beiying asked.

“Sure, but Im not sure that I can keep your company all the time.

I have something else to deal with,” Gu Ning said.

“Its fine.

Im just going there for fun, so you can take me on a tour,” Zi Beiying said.

“No problem,” Gu Ning said.

She hung up the call, and told Leng Shaoting about it, and Leng Shaoting agreed with it.

When they walked in the parking lot, they saw Zheng Peng standing by a car in the distance.

He waved at Gu Ning once she showed up in his sight.

“Hi, boss, Mr.

Leng,” Zheng Peng said to them politely.

“Hi, been a while!” Gu Ning smiled at him.

They got in the car afterwards, and Zheng Peng asked Gu Ning, “Boss, where should we go first”

“To the stone-gambling street please,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Zheng Peng said and started the car.

“Uncle Zheng, hows the company going” Gu Ning asked.

“Everything is going well, and the company is growing fast,” Zheng Peng said with excitement.

“Glad to know that.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to let me know.

Dont be overburdened,” Gu Ning said.

“I will, boss,” Zheng Peng said.

Although Zheng Peng was willing to deal with all the problems alone, he should definitely discuss it with Gu Ning when it was necessary.

“Boss, when will you go to Burma” Zheng Peng asked.

“Tomorrow morning I guess,” Gu Ning said.

City Teng was very close to Burma, so they could be Burma in an hour or two.

The public jade bid would be held for three days.

During the first two days, jade raw materials would be put out to tender, and people would begin to bid on the third day.

Zheng Peng took out an invitation letter at this moment and handed it to Gu Ning.

“Boss, this is the invitation letter of the public jade bid.”

There were three ways to join in the public jade bid.

First, by being invited by the government of Burma; Second, by being invited by jewelry associations of Burma; Third, by being invited by jewelry trade companies of Burma.

Colorful Jade Provider was one of the three biggest jade providers in City Teng, so it was directly invited by the government of Burma.

Gu Ning took the invitation letter, and put it into her backpack.

When they arrived at the stone-gambling street, it was full of activity with a lot more visitors than usual.

Zheng Peng said, “Because of tomorrows public jade bid in Burma, many people came to City Teng first.”

City Teng was the place of production for jade raw materials, so it was normally the first stop of jade raw material buyers.

Once Gu Ning entered the stone-gambling street, she used her Jade Eyes to scan around to see whether she could find quality jade.

Although she already had enough jade now, it was hard to find quality jade, and she wouldnt miss any chance to find a piece.

After walking by several stands, Gu Ning found a raw material with high-level jade inside.

She told Zheng Peng and Leng Shaoting to wait for her for a while, then walked over herself.

She bought two raw materials without asking for their prices, which surprised other people.

“Does she know stone gambling at all She didnt carefully observe it.”

“I think she must be very rich.”

“Even if she doesnt lack money, a piece of jade raw material isnt cheap!”

Some people got jealous the moment they saw rich people, and they held great hatred towards rich people too.

Gu Ning, however, didnt care about their opinions.

Zheng Peng and Leng Shaoting understood that there must be jade in those two raw materials since Gu Ning bought them without asking for their prices.

“Hey, miss, do you want to cut it out” the stand owner asked.

“No, thanks,” Gu Ning said, then left.

“Let me take them.” Leng Shaoting carried the two jade raw materials for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then kept using her Jade Eyes, and went to buy jade raw materials by herself again.

She didnt let Zheng Peng follow her, because most stand owners on this street were familiar with him.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Gu Ning told him to stay behind.

Gu Ning did the same thing this time.

She didnt have a careful observation before she paid for it.

However, as soon as her hand fell on the jade raw material, another hand fell on it too.

In other peoples eyes, their hands were laid on the raw material at the same time.

Neither of them was willing to withdraw their hands.

The person who also laid a hand on the raw material was a woman around 30.

She was a pretty successful businesswoman in a formal suit and looked a little arrogant.

“Im sorry, I touched this raw material before you, so I have the right to buy it first,” Gu Ning said.

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