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Ji Yijing got in a car, then left.Gu Ning wanted to teach Ji Yijing a lesson, so she drove behind her.

However, a few minutes later, a picture suddenly flashed by Gu Nings eyes.

She saw a white sports car stopped outside a building which was still under construction.

A large iron box fell and hit the drivers seat of the sports car.

Although Gu Ning couldnt see the face of the person in the drivers seat, she knew that he could be killed.

Pictures that had flashed by Gu Nings eyes had all happened in real life, so Gu Ning didnt dare to ignore it this time.

She left Ji Yijing and drove ahead to the building without delay.

Luckily, there werent many vehicles on the road, and Gu Ning drove as fast as she could, which led to peoples criticisms and exclamations.

Before long, the traffic police also noticed her and chased her.

Nevertheless, the traffic police failed to catch up to her at all, because she drove too fast.

No matter how the traffic police blared their sirens, Gu Ning wouldnt stop.

Although the traffic police were amazed by Gu Nings driving skills, they were mad at her dangerous action.

About four minutes later, Gu Ning arrived at the building, and saw the white sports car outside it.

There were two young men chatting in the car.

It seemed that they were waiting for someone.

There was another car stopped ahead of it, and it was followed by a vacant parking space.

Gu Ning wouldnt block its way, so she stopped her car aside.

It was forbidden to park cars here, and it would affect the traffic too, but Gu Ning didnt have much time as the iron box was about to fall from the building.

She ran to the white sports car, and pressed her hands against its bumper.

Her behavior surprised the two young men in the car.

“Hey, what…”

When a young man was about to question her, the car moved, which shocked them.

Jesus, is she actually moving the car by herself

Not only the two young men in the car, but passers-by were also astonished by Gu Nings unbelievable strength.

Within five seconds, Gu Ning moved the car backwards two meters, and she walked to the side too.

The two young men sitting in the car still didnt understand why Gu Ning did that.

All of a sudden, the large iron box fell from the 10th floor of the building.

It fell fast, and hit the ground after a few seconds with a loud sound.

The loud sound shocked everyone near the building.

When people saw the twisted iron box with scattered tools, they all rounded their eyes in shock.

The box fell at the same place where the drivers seat of the white sports car was just then! If the sports car hadnt been moved backwards, the man sitting in the drivers seat would have been smashed.

People turned to look at Gu Ning with curiosity.

It seemed that Gu Ning knew what would happen, so she ran to rescue the two men.

The two young men in the sports car were also terrified, and even trembled in fear.

If their car hadnt been moved away by Gu Ning, both of them could have been killed.

At the same time, the traffic police who had chased Gu Ning along the way finally surrounded her.

“Miss, youve broken the speed limit, and refused to stop.

Please come to the traffic police station with us right now.”

Hearing that, a man who stood close, walked over and explained it to the traffic police.

“Police officer, I think this girl did it for a reason.

Do you see the twisted iron box It just fell from the building, and luckily this girl just pushed the white car away, so the two young men in the car survived.”

If it was an emergency, Gu Ning might be lightly punished.

What This girl just pushed the car away

Hearing that, the traffic police were shocked.

They couldnt believe that it was true because they didnt witness it with their own eyes.

In addition, they still had doubts.

The two young men in the sports car got out at once.

They walked to the traffic police together.

Since Gu Ning just saved their lives, she was their life-saver, and they should help her out too.

Both of them were around 20 years old, but Gu Ning didnt know them.

In fact, one of them was Leng Shaotings younger cousin, Leng Shaoxun, while the other was Jiang Zhongyus grandson, Jiang Ruining who was also Jiang Ruiqins younger brother.

Leng Shaoxun was in the drivers seat just then.

If Gu Ning hadnt helped them, he could have already been killed.

“Police officer, can we talk privately” Leng Shaoxun said to the leader of the traffic police team.

He had a natural air of power, so the police officer didnt dare to ignore him.

Moreover, the sports car that Leng Shaoxun drove was worth millions of yuan, so he must be either very rich or powerful.

Therefore, the police officer walked aside with him.

He also understood what Leng Shaoxun was going to do.

If Leng Shaoxun was really influential, he was willing to do him a favor.

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