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Although Tang Yaxin disliked Gu Ning, she had to greet Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna politely, so she walked towards them with a smile.

“Hi, so nice to see you, Miss Xu and Miss Gu!”They were all members of the high society, and often met each other at different parties.

Tang Yaxin only greeted Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna because their families were more powerful than hers.

In fact, Tang Yaxin was jealous of Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna because of their family background.

Even though the Tang family was already very influential in the capital.

She wasnt satisfied and always wanted to be the best.

And if she couldnt, she had to please those who held a higher social status than her.

“Nice to see you too, Miss Tang!” Xu Qinyin kindly said to Tang Yaxin.

She wasnt aware that Tang Yaxin hated Gu Ning.

She disliked Tang Yaxin as well because she knew that Tang Yaxins mother had been a mistress.

It was hard for them to like the daughter of a mistress.

“There is only one private room left in the restaurant.

Why dont we dine together” Tang Yaxin said.

She came here earlier than them, so she booked the last private room.

Tang Yaxin hoped that she could have a closer relationship with Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna.

It was beneficial for her family after all.

“Thanks, but we can dine somewhere else since there is no available room,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Fine.” Tang Yaxin didnt insist.

Xu Qinyin, Gu Ning and Gu Anna left together, while Tang Yaxin and her friends went to the private room.

A while later, Xu Qinyin found another good restaurant and they decided to dine there.

Tang Yaxin finished dinner earlier than them, so she left earlier too.

When she saw that the tire of her car was flat, she was furious.

After checking, she saw the two nails.

“Who did that” Tang Yaxin raised her voice in anger.

“Yaxin, we can go check the surveillance cameras,” her friend said.

Afterwards, they went to the surveillance room.

The man who worked in the room checked the surveillance video at once.

However, nobody got near her car while she was away.

Gu Ning did come back after stopping her car for a short while, but she didnt come close to Tang Yaxins car either.

If nobody got near Tang Yaxins car, who punctured the nails into the tire

They found no clues from the surveillance video, so it wasnt the parking lots fault.

Tang Yaxin had to give up, but she made up her mind to find the person who did it.

She was unwilling to let the person get away with it, because she was sure that it wasnt an accident.

Gu Ning and her friends finished dinner at 8 pm.

Xu Qinyin didnt want to go home so early, so she proposed that they go have fun together in a bar.

They went to Song Nans bar together.

Because they were going to drink, they couldnt drive home later, so Xu Qinyin said that they could hire designated drivers or her older brother could come to send them home.

Gu Ning didnt mind, since Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna wanted to drink, she would go with them.

They hadnt seen each other in a long time after all.

On the way, Xu Qinyin called Song Nan and asked him whether there were vacant seats.

Song Nans bar was always popular and many people made reservations in advance.

So normally, there were no good seats left at this time.

Song Nan said, “I can keep some for you, Miss Xu.”

Song Nan would usually keep a good table for his friends, in case they needed it.

When Xu Qinyin, Gu Ning and Gu Anna went to the parking lot, Tang Yaxin was already gone.

However, her car was left there for repairs.

Qi Ziyue also had the key to this car, so Tang Yaxin told him to handle it.

Gu Ning could imagine how furious Tang Yaxin was when she found the flat tire.

“Look at this car, its tire is flat,” Xu Qinyin said all of a sudden.

“Let it be,” Gu Ning said in a good mood.

Nobody paid any more attention to it, and they left for Song Nans bar.

“Oh, Gu Ning, how did you feel when you met Grandpa Leng yesterday” Xu Qinyin asked Gu Ning with curiosity.

“I felt nervous in the beginning, but soon relaxed,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre so unbelievable.

Ive known Grandpa Leng for nearly 20 years, but I still get nervous every time I see him,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Me too!” Gu Anna agreed.

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