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Chapter 1040 I Want a Hug Too

“Im going to dine with Gu Ning,” Xu Qinyin said with a broad smile.

“Gu Ning Is she Leng Shaotings girlfriend” Xu Jinlin asked again.

“Yeah,” Xu Qinyin replied.

Thinking of Gu Ning, Xu Jinlin remembered what had happened in HK last time.

He felt lucky that he hadnt annoyed someone he shouldnt mess with.

Xu Qinyin left to pick Gu Anna up without delay.

Gu Annas home wasnt far away, and Xu Qinyin arrived there about 20 minutes later.

“Why are you so late” Gu Anna complained the moment she saw Xu Qinyin.

“Come on, you know how terrible the traffic jams are in the capital!” Xu Qinyin rolled her eyes at Gu Anna.

“Alright, lets go!” Gu Anna got in the car at once.

Afterwards, they went to the food street.

Unfortunately, the car broke down halfway.

“Sh*t!” Gu Anna was annoyed.

“Let me call Gu Ning first in case she waits for us for too long,” Xu Qinyin said with a resigned look.

They were only about 10 minutes of driving away from the food street, but it would take a long time to repair the car.

When Gu Ning received Xu Qinyins call, she had just reached the food street.

“Gu Ning, have you arrived there My car just broke down at XX Road.

Im afraid that youll have to wait for us for a while longer,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Call someone to repair it, and Ill come to pick you up right now,” Gu Ning said.

“Its fine.

Dont bother.” Xu Qinyin felt a little embarrassed.

“Its no bother at all.

Im coming,” Gu Ning said.

Since Xu Qinyins car didnt work properly now, she should go over to have a look.

Xu Qinyin agreed, because Gu Ning wasnt far from them.

Therefore, Gu Ning drove to pick them up.

Xu Qinyin also made a call to deal with the broken car.

About 10 minutes later, Gu Ning arrived but the repairman was still absent so they had to wait for a while longer.

“Oh my Goddess Gu, give me a hug.

I missed you so much!” Gu Anna threw herself into Gu Nings arms.

Gu Ning laughed and hugged her.

“Been a while!”

“I want a hug too.” Xu Qinyin ran to Gu Ning as well.

Xu Qinyin thought that she was more familiar with G Ning than Gu Anna was, so she should have the same treatment.

Gu Ning felt amused and hugged Xu Qinyin too.

“Is there anything wrong with the car” Gu Ning asked.

“No idea, but it wont start,” Xu Qinyin replied.

Gu Ning had a look at it, but couldnt see the problem, so she left it alone.

They waited for another 20 minutes, before the repairman finally came.

Luckily, there werent many vehicles on this road, so the broken car didnt cause a traffic jam.

Xu Qinyin left the car to the repairman, then got in Gu Nings car.

It was already 6 pm when they arrived at the food street, but it was actually a good time to have dinner.

They hadnt made the decision of what to eat, so they walked along the street looking around.

Vehicles werent allowed to enter this street, so they all had to walk.

However, when they left the parking lot, Gu Ning suddenly saw a familiar car, which belonged to Tang Yaxin.

An idea dawned on Gu Ning, and she parked her car next to Tang Yaxins car.

Afterwards, she left with Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna.

They walked ahead for a short distance, before Gu Ning made an excuse to go back to her car.

She told Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna that she left her phone in the car, but she actually wanted to go back to the parking lot.

Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna then stopped and waited for her, while Gu Ning went back to the parking lot alone.

Gu Ning went back to her car and opened a car door.

She took out two nails from the telepathic eye space, and secretly punctured the tire of Tang Yaxins car like lightning.

It happened too fast for the surveillance cameras to catch her movement.

Moreover, she didnt go near Tang Yaxins car at all, so she wouldnt be the suspect.

The tire kept leaking, but it wasnt loud.

Gu Ning took her phone and closed the car door before she walked out.

Let that be a lesson to Tang Yaxin!

Gu Ning, Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna were all beautiful girls, so they attracted a lot of attention once they entered the food street.

“Hey, beauties, what are your numbers” a man shouted at them.

They ignored the man, and walked ahead.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning saw Tang Yaxin in the restaurant Xu Qinyin picked.

Tang Yaxin came here to have dinner along with her two female friends too.

Seeing Gu Ning, Tang Yaxin frowned.

She recognized that Gu Ning was the girl who had bought Xiangyun Antique-store at the auction last time.

She wasnt interested in antiques, so she had no idea how famous Xiangyun Antique-store was now.

In fact, Tang Yaxin had no grudge against Gu Ning, but she somehow hated Gu Ning very much.

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