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“You…” Gu Qinxiang was speechless again.

However, before he could say another word, another voice interrupted him.

“Qianqian, what are you doing”

A charming male voice sounded.

Then, a tall handsome man walked over.

He was around 30 and was in a suit with the air of an elite, but not arrogance.

“What else can I do! My friend is being insulted.

Im helping her!” An Qian said unkindly, but it was not aimed at the man.

Seeing the man, Gu Qinxiang immediately put a smile on his face.

He flattered, “Oh, its so nice to meet you, Executive Le! Are you here for dinner What a coincidence! Let me be the host please!”

The man had to be powerful to be able to make Gu Qinxiang flatter him so obviously.

“No.” Before the man could open his mouth, An Qian immediately rejected him.

She was apparently pissed off by Gu Qinxiang.

“You…” Gu Qinxiang wanted to criticize An Qian, but remembering that the two came together, he shut his mouth.

Although he didnt know the relationship between them, they were either friends, or girlfriend and boyfriend, so Gu Qingxiang wasnt willing to have bad blood with An Qian before the man.

Gu Qinxiang turned to Le Zhengyu, waiting for his answer.

“Sorry, Chairman Gu, Im here with my friend today.

Its not very convenient,” Le Zhengyu refused indirectly.

“Well, um, what a shame.” Gu Qinxiang didnt insist, he didnt dare to insist.

Le Zhengyu had a hotel construction project in hand and Gu Qingxiang was trying to get it.

He was on the waiting list now actually.

Le Zhengyu would choose one out of five companies.

It was a pretty intense competition.

Therefore, Gu Qingxiang didnt dare to aggravate him.

An Qian immediately invited Gu Ning and her family, “Gu Ning, come and have dinner with us! You promised to buy me a meal, but Ive waited for so many days.

You didnt call me once!” An Qian almost criticized Gu Ning.

Gu Ning explained with embarrassment, “Um, I have many classes.

I did plan to call you when I was free.”

“It doesnt matter whether you buy me a meal or not, but were friends.

We should gather together if we have time.

Dont wait for the next time.

Lets have the meal together now! Oh, Gu Nings mother, aunt and uncle, you all must come with us,” An Qian said with determination.

She had heard the old ladys words.

If Gu Ning stayed, the old lady would leave right now.

Besides, they just had a quarrel in public.

It was impossible for them to sit down and eat together again.

An Qian didnt plan to help Gu Ning out, but she really wanted to have a meal with her.

“But…” Gu Ning didnt want to bother An Qian and Le Zhengyu.

An Qian knew what Gu Ning was thinking.

She said, “You dont need to worry.

He wont mind.”

She meant Le Zhengyu of course.

An Qian gave Le Zhengyu a knowing look at the same time.

Le Zhengyu received her message.

Although he wore a resigned smile, he did not mind at all.

He then opened his mouth, “Miss Gu, please dine together with us.”

He obviously only invited Gu Ning and her family, not Gu Qinxiangs family.

He didnt know what had just happened, but he understood that there were two different sides here.

An Qian obviously stood by Gu Nings side, so he had to agree with her.

“Alright! Since were already here, we need to have dinner before we go back home.” Seeing Le Zhengyu was fine with An Qians invitation, Gu Ning answered at the end.

“Mom, aunt, uncle, Xinyue, lets go dine with Doctor An!” Gu Ning said to her family.

Although Gu Man and the rest all didnt want to bother someone else, Gu Ning had accepted, so they agreed as well.

Gu Qinxiang, however, was totally annoyed that Le Zhengyu was willing to have a meal with Gu Ning and her family, while he had been rejected.

He now hated An Qian very much.

However, he didnt dare to say another word.

Lin Lijuan and Gu Xiaoxiao were also mad, but they knew that the man was an important figure, so they closed their mouths too.

However, because they knew that the man was special, Lin Lijuan and Gu Xiaoxiao were even more displeased.

Gu Ning was only a poor girl.

How could she know that Executive Le!

Meanwhile, the old lady suddenly erupted, “Hey, what is wrong with you My son invited you to dine with him.

You rejected, so how could you eat with the b*st*rd You… ”

In the old ladys eyes, her son was a big boss, while Gu Ning was merely a poor girl as well as a b*st*rd.

“Mom, shut your mouth!” Gu Qinxiang was shocked.

He immediately criticized, “You cant talk to Executive Le like that!”

Gu Qinxiang seldom criticized his mother, unless it was important.

So the old lady realized that she had done something wrong.

She immediately shut up, but also felt stressed because of the look from Gu Ning.

Gu Qinxiang apologized to Le Zhengyu at once, “Executive Le, Im so sorry.

My mom is a trouble in my family.

Please forgive us.”

“Im fine.

However, your mother swore at a young girl like that.

It was too rude and too vicious!” Le Zhengyu was apparently unhappy to witness the old ladys behavior.

“My mom is too old to behave herself.

Ill talk to her later,” Gu Qinxiang said without delay.

“This is the last time.

If I ever hear you call me a b*st*rd again, youll pay for it,” Gu Ning warned the old lady.

She then ignored her, walking inside with others.

The old lady almost fainted from anger, but she did not dare to say another word.

After they were gone, she then opened her mouth, “How-how could she do that!”

Gu Qinxiang snapped, “Enough! Im on the waiting list of a significant project in Executive Les hand.

I have to maintain a good relationship with him! How dare you argue with him If he gets mad and removes my name from the list.

Ill lose a fortune!”

Hearing that, the old lady was shocked.

She asked with worry, “What-what should we do now It was all because of the b*tch Gu Ning.

If it hadnt been for her…”


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