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Chapter 1017 Register a Game Company

Yu Zi sometimes called him, but they didnt have much time to meet.

Kamei Beauty Salon also became more popular after the wedding.

Many women made reservations to try the skincare products so Kouzi attracted more customers as well.

Within a short time, Kouzi became a well-known brand among those rich women.

Kamei Beauty Salon was about to open a second store in City B, because there were too many new VIP members.

Manager Ding called Gu Man and talked about it with her, and Gu Man agreed.

However, she knew little about opening a branch, so she turned to Tang Yunfan for help.

At the beginning, she wanted to call Gu Ning for advice, but she thought that it would be better if her husband solved this problem for her since she was married now.

Moreover, the Tang family was very influential in City B, so it would be very easy for Tang Yunfan to handle it.

Tang Yunfan was more than willing to help Gu Man.

There were actually several Fengshang Shopping Malls in City B.

The first shop of Kamei Beauty Salon was located downtown, so Tang Yunfan thought that Gu Man could open branches in other districts of City B.

The downtown Fengshang Shopping Mall had the largest flow of people, but there were many people who visited Fengshang Shopping Mall in other districts of City B every day too.

Normally, visitors from other cities would shop downtown, so shopping malls at the city center were always crowded.

Tang Yunfan told Quan Mingkai to find a good shop for Gu Man in other shopping malls.

In fact, it wasnt easy to run a profitable business nowadays.

Even if Fengshang Shopping Mall had a large flow of people, only half of the shops were popular, and many of them could barely stay afloat.

Before long, Quan Mingkai found a shop for rent which was suitable for a beauty salon.

Tang Yunfan told Quan Mingkai to rent it and furnish it in the same style as Kamei Beauty Salon.

Once it was done, Gu Man told Manager Ding that she could hire more people and train them to work in the branch now.

They needed more experienced beauticians, instead of people without skills.

It would save a lot of time for them.

When it was 4 pm, Gu Man and Tang Yunfan left for the airport together, and they leave for Country Y at 6 pm.

The Tang family also had businesses in Country Y, so Tang Yunfan could have a look there during their honeymoon.

Gu Ning was free the next day, so she went to the Tang familys house.

Even if Gu Man and Tang Yunfan were gone for their honeymoon, Tang Haifeng stayed at home all day long, so she thought that she should visit her grandfather.

After all, she was going to the capital tomorrow too, and would leave for Burma a few days later, so she should spend more time with Tang Haifeng now.

Tang Haifeng had heard that the Mu family was in a total mess now, so he asked Gu Ning whether it was caused by K.

Gu Ning had told Tang Haifeng about Ks relationship with the Mu family, so Tang Haifeng thought of K once he heard that the Mu family was in big trouble now.

Gu Ning didnt bother to keep it secret, and directly admitted it.

Tang Haifeng didnt criticize her, because the Mu family asked for it themselves.

If Mu Xuxin hadnt treated his ex-wife so badly before, his son wouldnt have taken revenge.

Tang Haifeng had no sympathy for the Mu family.

He looked kind and nice in his familys eyes, but he could be very cruel to his enemies and bad people.

Even though the Mu family had cooperated with the Tang family in business, Mu Xuxin wasnt a good man in Tang Haifengs eyes.

Besides, Gu Ning told him not to get involved in this, so he would definitely stay away from it.

Gu Ning flew to the capital a day later.

She arrived at the airport of the capital at 10:20 am.

She had called K before she left for the capital and asked K whether he was free to pick her up.

K got excited the moment he heard that Gu Ning was coming to the capital.

“Of course Im free, but since youll be in the capital soon, when will you register a game company”

K couldnt wait for a second longer, because the game was already done and had passed the alpha test.

He was ready to release it once the game company was established.

Gu Ning was amused that K was being so urgent, but she could understand his feelings.

“Ill be reaching the capital around 10:20 am, and it takes 40 minutes to get to the city center.

So we can go finish the legal procedure together before lunch.”

“Great!” K was thrilled.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning ran into Qi Ziyue who just off the plane too.

Gu Ning pretended that she didnt see him.

Qi Ziyue, however, couldnt ignore Gu Ning because she was a gorgeous girl.

At the very beginning he paid attention to her because of her relationship with the Xu family, but now he somehow felt that she was very special.

Although she stayed aloof, she was too beautiful and attractive to be ignored.

Therefore, Qi Ziyue walked to Gu Ning and greeted her.

“Hi, what a coincidence!”

“Hi,” Gu Ning said, but didnt bother to smile at him.

Afterwards, she walked away leaving him behind.

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