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Chapter 1016 The Tragic Story

“I didnt understand why she would do that to me until I stayed in her room for a few days as a ghost.”

“It turned out that my husband wasnt her biological son.

She became pregnant at the same time as another woman, and the prince said that whoever gave birth to a boy would be his wife.

She was worried that the baby in her belly might be a girl, so she prepared a little boy when she was about to deliver.

If she gave birth to a girl, she would replace the girl with the boy.

Without surprise, she gave birth to a girl, and the prepared boy replaced her biological daughter as planned.

The boy was precisely my husband.

In that way, my husband became the son of the duke, while she became the duchess.”

“However, she got pregnant again three years later, and it was a boy, so she began to keep a distance from my husband.

The duke, however, treated my husband very well and even chose my husband to be the heir, which was unacceptable in her eyes.

Therefore, she schemed against my husband on our wedding day.”

Hearing that story, Gu Ning was surprised to know that the female ghost was born in a family of power.

Since it was the grave of a dukes son, there had to be many valuable ancient objects inside.

If all of them were dug out and put on the market, many people could be affected by the Yin.

“Even though my husband died, he was still a son of the duke, and the duchess kept his real identity secret to prevent her dirty deed from being exposed.

Therefore, my husband had a grand funeral at Jiulong Mountain not far from the capital, but I dont know whether the mountain is still called Jiulong Mountain now,” the female ghost said with worry.

“Jiulong Mountain still exists, and Ive heard of it before,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning had heard of Jiulong Mountain because there was a Jiulong Mountain Villa at the foot of it.

Jiulong Mountain Villa was a high-end private club, and people who went there for a meal or vacation were either super-rich or powerful.

In her previous incarnation, she had been there a few times for tasks.

“Great, you can call me out when you arrive at Jiulong Mountain, and I can lead the way for you,” the female ghost said with excitement.

“Ill go to the capital to deal with something in a few days, so you can wait for it,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” the female ghost said.

“Get back in the painting so that I can take you away,” Gu Ning said.

The female ghost became a thin line of red light and entered the painting, then Gu Ning rolled it up and put it into the telepathic eye space.

After that, Gu Ning let the jiao out and asked it whether it could absorb the Yin here.

If it couldnt, Gu Ning would use her night-luminescent pearl to do it.

The jiao nodded and absorbed the Yin in the building, so the building soon went back to normal.

Without delay, Gu Ning put the jiao away and left.

In the capital, Leng Shaojia and Smith went to have rough sex in a hotel.

While Tang Yaxin and the man also went back to the mans house later.

There were all kinds of people in this world.

Some liked to live a peaceful life, while some needed excitement every day.

Leng Shaojia was single, so there was nothing wrong even if she had sex with a random man, but Tang Yaxin was different.

She already had a fiancé, so it was amoral that she still made love with another man.

Qi Ziyue, actually, did the same thing.

He also had mistresses or bought sex with money when Tang Yaxin wasnt by his side, but kept his behavior a secret from her.

In that case, Tang Yaxin trusted that Qi Ziyue was loyal to her.

In addition, Tang Yaxin believed that Qi Ziyue relied on her to gain his high social status today, so he wouldnt dare to betray her.

If Qi Ziyue dared to do that, she could take everything he had away from him in an instant.

And on the contrary, even if he found that she was always cheating on him, he would forgive her.

Tang Yaxin was quite confident in herself.

In fact, men and women werent equal in this society, because many people believed that it was normal that men cheated on their partners, but women couldnt do the same thing.

If a man cheated on his partner, people would say that it was understandable because it was something all men did.

However, if a woman cheated on her partner, people would strongly criticize her.

All in all, men held a higher social status than women.

The next morning, Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning at 8 am and told her that he was leaving for the military base.

Because it was a routine training, his phone would be off for four days at least.

After the training, he might be free and could go to Burma with her.

Gu Man came at 8:30 am to take Gu Qing and the others to the airport.

They reached the airport at about 9:30 am so Gu Man talked with her relatives for a while before they left.

Gu Ning and Gu Man then went back to the Tang familys house for lunch and Gu Ning left after the meal.

Gu Man and Tang Yunfan were going abroad for their honeymoon that afternoon, and they would be back in a week because Tang Yunfan had a large business corporation to run.

Many noble ladies and rich women fell in love with gowns from Charm after Gu Mans wedding, so Yu Zi was very busy these days.

Yang Ziqian had some complaints, but didnt say them aloud, because it was Yu Zis career.

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