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Chapter 1013 A Female Ghos

Smith hugged Leng Shaojia with an arm and went to sit on the sofa.

He poured a glass of drink for her and clinked his glass against hers.

“What Are you in a bad mood” Smith asked Leng Shaojia when he saw her drinking one glass after another without stopping at all.

Leng Shaojia ignored him, but kept on drinking.

Since she wanted to drink, Smith wouldnt stop her.

“I cant wait a second longer.

Lets go!” Smith pulled Leng Shaojia to leave when she had had a lot to drink.

He lost control of his desire when facing Leng Shaojia.

Therefore, they left together.

When they just walked out of the club, Leng Shaojia met someone that she knew.

Tang Yaxin was with another woman, but Qi Ziyue was absent.

Tang Yaxin also loved playing around, and she stayed out late with her friends when Qi Ziyue wasnt with her.

Although Tang Yaxin lived a life of decadence and self-indulgence, she would restrict herself when she was with Qi Ziyue because she liked him.

“Hi, Miss Leng!” Tang Yaxin greeted Leng Shaojia politely, because Leng Shaojia was from a family that was much more powerful than her family.

“Nice to see you, Miss Tang,” Leng Shaojia said.

They were merely acquaintances, and soon separated.

Both of them came here for fun, so Tang Yaxin didnt pay much attention to the man standing beside Leng Shaojia.

After that, Tang Yaxin and her friend went to a private room in the club.

There were three men and a woman inside, and they were all her friends.

However, they werent Tang Yaxins real friends, but friends with benefits, and they just hung out, and had sex together.

Two men stood up once Tang Yaxin and the other woman walked inside.

“Youre finally here! Weve waited for you for a long time.

Come on, have a drink!” One man hugged Tang Yaxin with an arm, then handed her a glass of drink.

Tang Yaxin didnt mind at all, and drank it without hesitation.

When Tang Yaxin was drinking, the man pinched her ass with great force, but Tang Yaxin said nothing, nor did she move away.

The majority of rich people in the high society indulged themselves in alcohol and sex, but outsiders knew nothing about it.

Even Qi Ziyue knew little about Tang Yaxins private life.

He thought that she simply liked hanging out with her friends, but had no idea that she had sex with a lot of men.

When they were all seated, Tang Yaxin took off her coat and pressed her body against the man.

She was wearing a tight and short dress, and her boobs almost popped out.

It was more convenient for her to have sex in that.

“Yaxin, where is your man, Qi Ziyue” The man asked her.

“He went abroad, and wont be back until a few days later,” Tang Yaxin said.

“Does that mean that youre free today” he asked again.

“Of course or I wouldnt have come out.” Tang Yaxin beamed.

Hearing that, the man said by Tang Yaxins ears in a low voice, “Why dont we go back to my house tonight”

Tang Yaxin put on a seductive smile.


Hearing that, the man laughed with happiness.

Afterwards, they continued to drink and play.

“Why dont we play the game that we all love” One woman proposed.

“Good idea! The same game and the same punishment,” a man said with a filthy smile.

In City B, Gu Ning went to the antique street that looked totally different at night.

Most of the buildings on the antique street were very old, but the view here was still attractive with a few visitors.

Gu Ning parked her car, but didnt get out right away because she didnt want to be recognized by others.

Therefore, she disguised herself as Tang Aining before she left her car and walked ahead.

She walked straight towards Xianghe Antique, and it was still the same as earlier that day, because this case was still under investigation so the scene wasnt cleared yet.

Without sunshine, Xianghe Antique looked scarier and had strong Yin surrounding it.

Most importantly, Gu Ning saw a red figure among the ruins.

Something blocked her sight, and she couldnt see it clearly, so she used her Jade Eyes.

There was indeed a figure, or a ghost to be specific.

It was a female ghost.

It seemed to be a noble lady from the Qing dynasty because it was dressed in red manchu clothes with luxurious accessories.

It stood there staring at the damaged paintings scattered on the ground.

Gu Ning could feel its anger.

The female ghost also sensed that someone was looking at it.

It turned and found Gu Ning.

The moment its sight fell on Gu Ning, it was stunned because Gu Ning was looking at it.

Gu Ning didnt avoid its eyes, and stared straight at it.

She did it on purpose so that the female ghost would know that she was able to see it.

The female ghost was surprised and confused, because it couldnt believe that a human could see it.

It stood there in silence, and didnt know what to do.

Like that a human and a female ghost stared straight at each other in the night.

Within a minute, Gu Ning moved her eyes away from the female ghost.

She checked her surroundings and ran towards the ruins when she made sure that there was nobody around her.

The female ghost was shocked seeing Gu Ning running over.

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