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Once they neared Xianghe Antique, Gu Ning felt a strong sense of Yin.The closer she was to the store, the stronger the Yin was.

When she finally stood in front of the building, the concentration of Yin reached the highest point.

Xianghe Antique was an old building of two floors.

It was indeed very old, but wasnt old enough to collapse right now.

The second Gu Ning sensed the Yin she knew that it wasnt the buildings problem.

This place was already surrounded by yellow warning lines, and the owner of Xianghe Antique was in the nearby police station.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and found that the place was completely covered in Yin.

If an ordinary person walked near, he or she might feel unusually cold and uncomfortable.

Thanks to the yellow warning lines, nobody would walk near here.

Gu Ning was able to deal with the Yin here, but she couldnt do it in the day, so she had to come back again at night.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left with Cao Wenxin.

They went back to the Tang familys house together.

However, Cao Wenxin received Zhu Yuanzhens call on the way home and Zhu Yuanzhen told her that Jiang Zezheng was just hit by a car because he dashed out to rescue a kid in the middle of the road.

He had been admitted to the Military General Hospital.

Zhu Yuanzhen was crying in fear on the phone, so she didnt tell Cao Wenxin many details.

Cao Wenxin was also scared, so they immediately went straight to the Military General Hospital.

Gu Ning wouldnt sit on her hands if a terrible accident happened to her friend.

Even though Jiang Zezheng was simply an acquaintance of hers, he was Cao Wenxins friend after all.

Gu Ning sped up and quickly drove to the Military General Hospital.

Twenty minutes later, Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin arrived.

Gao Chengyun and the others were also in Jiang Zezhengs ward.

Jiang Zezhengs face was a little pale, and his whole right arm along with his right foot were wrapped in bandages, but he was still conscious and seemed to be fine.

“Jiang Zezheng, how are you right now” Cao Wenxin asked him with concern.

Jiang Zezheng smiled and said, “Im fine.

Dont worry.

I just have some abrasions on my arm and twisted my foot.”

Jiang Zezheng breathed normally, which proved that he was indeed fine.

“Seriously You dont think youre badly injured” Zhu Yuanzhen glared at him with her red eyes that were swollen after crying for a long time.

Jiang Zezheng closed his mouth at once.

Zhu Yuanzhen cared too much about him, so she was quite nervous and anxious especially because she witnessed the scene.

Most importantly, Zhu Yuanzhen liked Jiang Zezheng.

Even if he just had some abrasions on his arm and twisted his foot, she thought that they were serious injuries.

Jiang Zezheng understood Zhu Yuanzhens feelings towards him, so he didnt argue with her in case she got angrier.

In fact, Jiang Zezheng had a good impression of Zhu Yuanzhen, but Cao Wenxin had always been his love, so he directly ignored Zhu Yuanzhen.

However, he understood it was impossible for him to be Cao Wenxins boyfriend now, so he chose to move on and felt touched by Zhu Yuanzhens care towards him.

It seemed a little unfair, because he turned to Zhu Yuanzhen after knowing that Cao Wenxin became another mans girlfriend, and Zhu Yuanzhen seemed to be a back-up.

Jiang Zezheng felt a little guilty, but Zhu Yuanzhen didnt mind it at all, because Cao Wenxin and him were just friends the entire time.

She wouldnt force Jiang Zezheng to accept her even if she liked him very much.

It was much more painful to be with someone who didnt love you than to keep a distance from him.

They couldnt be friends if they broke up in the future.

Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Zhu Yuanzhen.

“Apply this medicine to his injuries, and hell be fine.”


Zhu Yuanzhens eyes lit up at once.

“Um, his injuries are wrapped.

Can I apply the medicine to his injuries right now” Zhu Yuanzhen asked worriedly.

Zhu Yuanzhen was even more worried about Jiang Zezheng than he was.

“Of course you can,” Gu Ning said.

“Thanks!” Zhu Yuanzhen took the bottle at once, then unwrapped the bandages for Jiang Zezheng.

Jiang Zezheng also trusted Gu Ning and thanked her with sincerity, “Miss Gu, thank you so much.”

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

Zhu Yuanzhen unwrapped the bandages around Jiang Zezhengs arm and foot with great care, in case he felt the pain.

Seeing Zhu Yuanzhen being so careful, Jiang Zezheng had mixed emotions.

When Zhu Yuanzhen saw his injuries in the open, she felt like crying and had tears in her eyes, but in case the tears blocked her sight, she fought them back as she applied medicine to the injuries.

Jiang Zezhengs heart ached for her.

Gu Ning glanced at Cao Wenxin, then walked out.

Cao Wenxin also gave Gao Chengyun and An Ran a look, then they left together.

Jiang Zezheng understood what they were doing, but said nothing.

“It seems like theyre in love!” An Ran said once they were outside.

It wasnt a bad thing if they could be a couple.

“Well, I guess it depends on Jiang Zezheng,” Cao Wenxin said.

It wasnt a secret that Zhu Yuanzhen liked Jiang Zezheng after all.

Jiang Zezheng felt the comfortable coldness when Zhu Yuanzhen applied Gu Nings medicine to his injuries, which surprised him.

“Thanks,” Jiang Zezheng thanked Zhu Yuanzhen when it was done.

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