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Chapter 1007 Appreciate I

Tang Yunfan, however, was unwilling to give it up and pressed Gu Man against the closet.

“Tell me, do you like it”

“Yeah,” Gu Man said.

She was telling the truth.

Even though they already had sex with each other last night, she didnt see his body clearly because of the dim light.

So she didnt get the chance to clearly see Tang Yunfans body until now.

“How much do you like it” Tang Yunfan asked again.

Hearing that, Gu Man ached to escape.

She liked it very much, but felt too shy to say it aloud, so she changed the topic at once.

“Um, why dont you put on your clothes now Dont catch a cold.”

Saying that, she tried to push Tang Yunfans arms away.

However, it was impossible for her to push his strong arms away given her strength.

“If you dont answer my question, I wont let you out,” Tang Yunfan said like a little boy.

Gu Man was amused by his childlike expression.

“Of course I like it very much,” she said in the end.

“Great.” Tang Yunfan was satisfied.

“You can appreciate it when youre free.”

Gu Man felt like laughing, but said nothing.

After changing, the two of them went downstairs together.

It was Sunday, so the others were also just waking up.

Tang Haifeng was an old man, and he didnt sleep much at night, so he was already up.

When Gu Man met the other members of the Tang family in the hall, she felt a little embarrassed because she thought that she got up too late.

However, Jiang Lihua asked her with surprise, “Man, why did you get up so early”

Although Jiang Lihua couldnt hear the sounds, she knew what they had done last night without asking.

Jiang Lihua turned to look at Tang Yunfan the next second.

“Why dont you have more sleep today”

She was blaming Tang Yunfan for not taking good care of his wife.

In fact, Jiang Lihua was really worried that Tang Yunfan couldnt take good care of Gu Man, because he had lived alone for so many years before.

“She insisted on getting up now,” Tang Yunfan said and felt aggrieved.

Gu Man flushed.

“Um, its not early, and we cant sleep any longer.”

Seeing that Gu Man was feeling shy, Jiang Lihua didnt talk about that topic any further, but said to Gu Man, “Man, you dont need to be so demure in our family.

Nobody will judge or criticize you.

We just hope that you can live a happy life.”

“Thanks, I understand,” Gu Man said with a smile.

After that, Gu Man went to greet Tang Haifeng.

When Tang Haifeng saw Gu Man, he also asked her why she got up so early.

Gu Man flushed red the entire time.

Gu Ning received Tang Yunfans call at 9 am.

He told her to come back to the Tang familys house for lunch since Gu Qing and her other relatives were leaving today.

However, Gu Ning told him that her friends would be going back to City F today too, and that she would dine with them.

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan invited her friends to share lunch together in the Tang familys house, and said that he could send them to the airport.

Gu Man who stood aside heard that and said that her friends were leaving City B today too, so Tang Yunfan invited her friends to come over as well.

After hanging up the call, Gu Ning called Hao Ran and the others to tell them to be prepared.

Hao Ran also told his mother that they would be dining together in the Tang familys house later.

At 9:30 am, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left for the Huangdeng Hotel to fetch Chu Peihan and the others.

Chu Peihan and the others were already in the hall when they arrived, so they went to the Tang familys house together.


Hao and her friends hadnt been to the Tang familys house before, but Hao Ran had, so he told his mother how splendid and large the Tang familys house was.

Even though they were aware that the Tang family was the richest family in City B, they were still shocked by the layout of the house.

The Tang familys house was the largest and most beautiful house that they had ever seen!

Actually, there were many people who lived in a luxurious house even though they werent as rich as the Tang family.

It wasnt true that the richest people would live in the most luxurious houses.

Instead, some of those rich people preferred to live comfortably.

The Tang familys house looked a little ancient, but it was because it had been their property for generations.

Some common rich people might spend half of their wealth on a house, while some didnt care much about where they lived.

In fact, the richer the person was, the less he or she cared about material goods.


Hao and her friends were envious of Gu Man because she married into a very good family, but they werent jealous of her because Gu Man and Tang Yunfan were a perfect match.

They had already fallen in love with each other many years ago after all.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived, Gu Qing and her relatives were already there.

Cao Wenxins family and Xin Bei were also present.

Cao Wenxins parents approved of Xin Bei, so he was invited too.

They enjoyed the lunch in harmony and happiness.

Members of the Tang family hadnt been so satisfied about their life in a long time, and Gu Man along with Gu Ning brought them priceless happiness.

After lunch, they sat around the hall and chatted while drinking tea together.

Half an hour later, they set off for the airport.

Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei would be on the same flight, so they sat in the same car.

While Hao Ran and the others shared a large bus.

On the way to the airport, they all felt a little sad, because none of them wanted to leave.

However, they had to leave.

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