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Chapter 1000 Meet the Man of the Evil Practice Again

without further thought, gu ning knew what would happen next, because she recognized the middle-aged man.

he was a member of the evil practice.

she abruptly stood up, which surprised everyone else around her.

“ningning, whats wrong” leng shaoting asked her.

“oh, i suddenly remember that there is something i should deal with right now.

shaoting, why dont you come with me, and the others can enjoy themselves in the meantime,” gu ning said, but didnt tell them details.

“oh, right.”

since gu ning needed to deal with something urgent, they wouldnt stop her.

afterwards, gu ning and leng shaoting left together in a hurry.

on the way to the parking lot, gu ning called quan mingkai and told him to prepare a private pleasure boat for her at wharf no.3.

she was going to have a river tour.

quan mingkai did what she told him to do without delay.

leng shaoting drove to wharf no.3 by the river as fast as possible.

he didnt ask gu ning why, because he knew that gu ning would tell him the reason when it was necessary.

gu ning didnt want to waste time on explaining it, so she remained silent.

if leng shaoting asked her, she would probably have to lie to him again.

around a dozen minutes later, they arrived at wharf no.3.

after stopping the car, they strode towards the entrance.

it wasnt early now, so all the pleasure boats had to come back within half an hour, so only one left on the river a distance away.

quan mingkai had arranged a man to serve gu ning when she arrived, so she called him the moment she got out of the car.

the man was already waiting for her at the entrance.

the second he saw gu ning coming, he walked towards her.

since it was quan mingkais order, he was very polite to gu ning.

as an ace soldier in the special forces, it was super easy for leng shaoting to sail a boat.

at this moment, there were only four or five pleasure boats on the river, and gu ning found her target within seconds, then told leng shaoting to sail towards it.

they were in a private pleasure boat, which was comparatively smaller and moved faster.

gu ning walked out of the cabin, and stood by the ship side.

she used her jade eyes and focused on the target boat.

they were about five hundred meters away from it, so gu ning couldnt see it very clearly, but she noticed the jiao swimming under it.

it was obvious that the jiao smelt the man of the evil practice, so it followed under the boat along the way.

the jiao was also evil, so it could absorb the yin from the man of the evil practice, which was also good for its inner discipline.

however, the jiao remembered gu nings words, and stayed quiet in case it caused any damages to innocent people.

since gu ning was already here, she was unwilling to see the young girl hurt by the man of the evil practice.

she released some of her magical power to attract the mans attention.

she was calling the jiao at the same time.

nevertheless, because of the long distance between them, they didnt sense her magical power right away.

when the two pleasure boats were close, gu ning was able to clearly see the inside of the target boat.

she found the man of the evil practice fixing his eyes on the young girl, and saw that the young girl was about to leave for the washroom.

right at this time, both the man and the jiao sensed gu nings magical power.

the man was surprised, but seemed displeased.

although gu ning was his target too, she wasnt weak at all.

it was hard for him to get her.

he wasnt afraid to meet gu ning, but not now.

it took him a long time to find a virgin girl who was born in the lunar year, and he was ready to absorb her blood.

he hated to miss this great chance again.

unfortunately, gu ning appeared once more.

the man thought that gu ning might stop him if he approached the young girl.

gu ning was better than him at fighting.

if she really attacked him when he wasnt prepared, it was likely that he would be injured or caught.

he was unwilling to be caught, so he decided to let the young girl go.

actually, he was quite angry that gu ning showed up at this key moment.

he found a place to hide himself afterwards, and looked out to the direction of the magical power, but he failed to see anyone on the oncoming pleasure boat.

gu ning squatted on the deck so that the man couldnt see her.

she squatted down because the jiao swam over following the magical power.

it was a private pleasure boat, so the edge wasnt far from the surface of the water.

gu ning reached out her hand into the water.

when the jiao touched her fingers, it was put into the telepathic eye space.

the man found gu ning once she stood up again, and he was sure that gu ning was the girl covered in magical power at a glance.

gu ning didnt avoid his eyes, but stared straight at him on purpose.

she intended to let him know that she was watching him, in case he hurt the innocent girl.

the man was struck dumb for a second, and then realized that gu ning came here because of him.

since gu ning already found him, he didnt bother to hide any longer and walked out to face gu ning.

what should he do now the man had no idea.

if he fought against gu ning face to face, he wasnt confident that he could win, but it was impossible that she would let him get away with it either.

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