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Yu Mixi was the last one of them to arrive.

She arrived 10 minutes before the test ended.

When everyone got there, Hao Ran told them that they were going to the bar tonight.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan was the most excited.

Although she had been to many bars, she had been there with her elder brother every time and her freedom had been limited.

Mu Ke also agreed to go.

Only Yu Mixi didnt know how to explain it to her family, so she couldnt go with them.

Hao Ran told Yu Mixi she could tell her parents that it was a classmates birthday party.

If her parents wouldnt believe it, they could buy a birthday cake and pretended that they had a birthday party.

Then, they could send some photos to her parents as the proof.

A birthday cake wouldnt cost much, so they planned to eat it as dessert.

Hao Rans idea was approved by everyone.

They all decided to do that.

Even Gu Ning had to use that excuse for her mother, Gu Man, but Gu Man knew Gu Nings friends, so it would be easier for Gu Ning to use that excuse.

After the Chinese test ended, the teacher went back to the office, and spoke with excitement about what Gu Ning had done to the other teachers.

Everyone was amazed by the fact that Gu Ning had finished the paper within 45 minutes, and all the results were correct.

She was a genius!

No one was more astonished than Gu Nings head teacher, Zhang Qiuhua.

She clearly knew Gu Nings previous scores.

They werent terrible, but they were not good either.

It was hard for Zhang Qiuhua to believe Gu Nings sudden change.

Did she cheat

There were other teachers who also knew about Gu Nings previous scores, who believed so, but they found it was still hard to believe that she could get all the right answers by cheating.

Had the questions been leaked

Zhang Qiuhua immediately called Gu Ning to ask her what had happened, in case her student made a terrible mistake.

Gu Ning insisted that she did it all on her own.

If the teachers didnt believe her, they could test her again.

The next test was English.

It took Gu Ning an even shorter time, only 20 minutes, to finish the paper, but she had to wait for another 10 minutes to hand in the paper.

The teacher had doubt what Gu Ning had done at the last test, so he paid more attention to her this time.

However, he didnt find any unusual behavior from Gu Ning.

She just kept writing.

What was even more shocking was that she finished the paper in 20 minutes.

The paper remained clean with good handwriting.

Unfortunately, he wasnt the English teacher, so he didnt know whether Gu Nings answers were correct or not.

If the answers were all correct, or at least 80% were correct, then Gu Ning had to be a genius.

Gu Ning immediately handed the paper in when 30 minutes had passed.

The teacher purposely gave Gu Nings English paper to the English teacher after the test.

The answers were all correct.

“Gu Nings English is very good, and her accent is also very authentic.

I even feel embarrassed for myself.

I asked her to translate a piece of text the other day.

No one in the top class was able to fully translate it, or they would need a long time to do it.

However, Gu Ning did it so effortlessly.

If I hadnt looked at her oriental face, I would have believed that she was a foreigner!” Although Chen Ming had picked on Gu Ning because of Chen Ziyao, he wasnt a person without a moral bottom line.

Gu Nings English had really impressed him, so now he spoke for her.

He even went to the top classroom, the first class, and let other students try it.

Unfortunately, no one could fully translate it even after a long time.

“What Shes that good”

Hearing that, all the teachers were surprised.

“Wasnt she bad at studying before”

No matter how hard they tried to think up a reasonable reason, they all failed at the end.

Around 12 oclock, Gu Ning received a call from Qin Yifan.

The jewelry was done, so he asked when she would be free.

Gu Ning was occupied today and tomorrow.

She said that she would be there Sunday afternoon, or the next Monday, but Qin Yifan was somewhat eager to meet Gu Ning.

He proposed bringing it to her at school to her since he was free.

He would arrive after half an hour.

Gu Ning wanted to refuse.

She didnt want to bother him, but Qin Yifan insisted on coming to her.

Gu Ning finally agreed.

Gu Ning was eating in a restaurant outside of their school with her friends.

She told Qin Yifan to find her in the restaurant.

She didnt want to hide the fact that she knew Qin Yifan, so she had no intention to avoid them.

However, they had tests today, and the free time at noon was limited.

Thus she didnt wait for Qin Yifan to have a meal together.

Qin Yifan wanted to meet Gu Ning now, but he forgot one important detail.

That jewelry was worth over a hundred million yuan.

It wasnt safe to give it to a young girl directly like that.

Gu Ning herself didnt care about that actually, so she didnt mind Qin Yifan coming right now.

Half an hour later, Qin Yifan arrived with a wooden box as big as half a football.

Everyone knew a friend of Gu Nings would be here to give her something, but they had no idea who the person was.

Thus when Qin Yifan appeared, other than Yu Mixi and Chu Peihan, the rest were all surprised, especially Qin Zixun.

Qin Zixun immediately stood up from the sofa, and called, “Hi, my cousin Yifan.”

Gu Ning was astonished.

She didnt expect that Qin Yifan and Qin Zixun were cousins.

“Hi, its so nice to see you.” Hao Ran, Zhang Tianping and Mu Ke all stood up, and greeted him politely.

“Why are you here” Qin Yifan was also surprised to see them.

Although he knew they went to the same school as Gu Ning, he didnt expect that they all knew each other.

After a few seconds, he understood it wasnt impossible.

They studied in the same school, and were all seniors, so it was natural that they knew each other.

However, Qin Zixun and the boys felt that it was surprising.

How did Gu Ning know Qin Yifan

“Please have a seat, you all,” Gu Ning said.

They all sat down.

Qin Yifan knew that Gu Ning had no intention to avoid her friends, so she let him meet her here.

Thus he gave the box to Gu Ning without hesitation, “Gu Ning, this is yours.

Ill transfer the money for the rest of the jade into your account later.”

“Sure, thanks.” Gu Ning took the box.

“Gu Ning, what is this” Chu Peihan fixed her eyes on that wooden box, and asked with curiosity.

Not only Chu Peihan, everyone else was curious as well.

“Its the jewelry Yicui Jade-store helped me make for my family,” Gu Ning told them.

Everyone suddenly lost their interest when they heard that it was jewelry.

Because Qin Zixun and others were here, Qin Yifan felt it was inconvenient to talk to Gu Ning too much.

He also knew they had tests this afternoon, so he left after a while.

Gu Ning and her friends went back to their classrooms too and the rest of the tests began at 2 pm.


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