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If it had the power, it must be an authentic one.

Gu Ning was happy, but didnt show her happiness on her face.

Gu Ning walked to the stand.

The stand owner ignored her because she was a teenage girl in an ordinary clothing, and seemed poor.

Gu Ning didnt care though.

She pointed directly at the bracelet, “How much is this one, please”

The stand owner took a glance at the bracelet, then frowned with disdain.

Why Because in his eye, this bracelet was fake.

He even intended to throw it away.

But since there was a buyer for it, he opened his mouth, ” 50 yuan.”

Fifty yuan were merely much, but it was still a lot for Gu Ning.

However, Gu Ning wasnt willing to miss any chance to win money.

She didnt want to show her real intention at the very beginning, so she bargained, “Could you please sell it for a cheaper price Im just a student with less money.”

“Then 40 yuan, thats all.” The stand owner agreed.

He still believed the bracelet was a worthless junk.

Gu Ning pretended to hesitate for a second, then said, “Great, Ill take it.”

Then she gave money to the stand owner.

The stand owner took the money and gave the bracelet to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning went straight to the appraisal center with the bracelet afterwards.

She went to the appraisal center not to identify the bracelet, but for money.

Only with money that she was able to do other things.

There was a monthly large fair in the antique market with many visitors.

In a normal day, many visitors would come and make deals, but the price wouldnt be high because dealers were not adequate.

When Gu Ning arrived at the appraisal center, there was already someone in there to identify antiques.

Bystanders stood around.

Someone were here just for fun, while some were here for the results.

If there was a real one, they would bid.

Those appraisers were all experienced, and the appraisal center had its own rules.

If it was a fake one, they would not charge for it.

If it was a real one, then you need to pay for the service.

If the antique was sold on-site, the service price would be higher.

The rules were quite acceptable.

Gu Ning walked to the table of appraisal.

There was a appraiser in the middle of identification.

It was a delicate snuff bottle, and looked like an authentic one.

Gu Ning used her Jade eyes.

She didnt see any fog around it.

It was fake.

“Its fake.” It only took the appraiser around 10 minutes to have the result.

“What Its fake” A male voice sounded in shock among the crowd.

The man wore an astonished face, “Its impossible! How could it be fake!”

“Are you questioning me now” The appraiser wasnt happy to be questioned.

The man explained at once, “No, no, but its an heirloom from my grandpa to my father and to me.

I cant accept its fake.”

The rest of the people in the center showed their sympathy.

“Bro, even if its an heirloom, it could be fake.”


“Probably your grandfather had made a mistake.

Its quite normal.”

Others echoed.

The man wore a displeased face.

He left swiftly with his heirloom.

He had believed it must be a real antique, and wanted to sell it, but to his surprise, it was fake.

Then, there were more fake ones, but no one felt disappointed because the owners didnt pay much for their “antiques”.

“Hi, could you please identify this bracelet for me” It was Gu Nings turn.

She handed over the bracelet she had just bought.

Gu Nings appearance raised discussion among the crowd.

“Gee, where did she get this dirty thing Its so ugly.”

“This little girl must be crazy about money.

Its apparently fake.”

Others echoed.

Gu Ning ignored all of them. Lets see .

She thought to herself.

Though the appraiser didnt believe it was real neither, he did his work though.

When he took the dusty bracelet over, he almost hated it at the first look.

However, while he was cleaning the stains by a napkin, the real color of the bracelet appeared.

It was white and blue in random order, and it was made of china.

The appraiser frowned a little.

He thought it was merely a modern artwork.

In the ancient time, no one would use china to make bracelet.

But since he had begun, he decided to finish his work.

Then, he kept on cleaning the bracelet.

After a while, he felt something was unusual.

Others asked immediately.

“What happened”

“Is it real”

The appraiser stayed silent, focusing on his work.

Before long, the bracelet was clean and shiny.

Everyone now discovered that the bracelet was made of china.

All of them were assured that it must be fake, because no one had ever heard a china bracelet could be made in the ancient time.

It must be a modern artwork.

While the appraiser thought otherwise.

He now was astonished and super excited.

“The china is blue and white porcelain from Ming and Qing Dynasty.” He suddenly said.



Everyone was shocked.

Blue and white porcelain from Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Then, it was a real one

Though blue and white porcelain in Ming and Qing Dynasty wasnt as expensive as in Yuan or Tang Dynasty, it wasnt cheap at all.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Gu Ning in jealousy.

Instead, Gu Ning was as calm as usual, which made people wonder that she had known it already.

Actually, Gu Ning only knew it was real, but had no idea what it was exactly.

“It is blue and white porcelain from Ming and Qing Dynasty.

I suppose the original one is broken, and somebody has made it into a bracelet.” Or, no one would intentionally break a valuable blue and white porcelain to make a bracelet.

“Hey young girl, where did you get this bracelet” someone asked.

“I just bought it from a normal stand,” Gu Ning told the truth.

“What You picked it up by accident What a lucky girl!”

Everyone agreed.

“Young girl, do you want to sell it Ill give you 30 thousand.” A middle-aged man in a suit made a bid without any delay.


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