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Fast! Incredibly quick!

The moment it saw those beautiful fists, the golden mermaid was already in the air.

Then, it felt intense pain in its abdomen, as if its organs were churning.


With the deafening sound, 10 shockwaves spreading outwards had manifested behind its body.

Immediately after, its robust body instantly flew backwards.

Overwhelming pain filled its senses and wracked its brain.

Witnessing the scene, Marco was instantly dumbfounded.

He knew that Black-hearted Princess was very strong.

However, he would never expect her to send that terrifying mermaid flying with a single punch.

Not only that.

Yaeger then moved and effortlessly reached the Golden mermaid, who was flying backwards in breakneck speeds.

Clenching her fists, she raised it above her head and hammered the top of its skull.


The golden mermaid landed with a bang and punched a massive hole into the beach.

The intense shockwave gave it a concussion.

Feeling severe pain all over, as if its bones were all dislocated.

Painstakingly opening its eyes, the golden mermaid realized that a massive fist was now floating in mid-air.

The fist seemed barely real, as if it would dissipate at any moment.

However, the terrifying aura radiating from it made its heart skip a beat!

Run! It had to run! Being hit by that fist would injure it deeply, if not killing it outright.

The golden mermaid endured the pain.

Pressing on the ground with both hands, it instantly bounced up.

However, it was still a little too late.

Yaeger\'s attack carried a terrifying aura and slammed onto it.

At this moment, the golden mermaid felt like it wasn\'t facing a fist.

Instead, it felt like the entire world or the planet itself was fighting it!


A loud noise was heard from the scene.

The sand on the beach was scattered several meters up in the air due to the terrifying impact.

A massive pit appeared in the epicenter.

Underneath, a golden lifeform laid still, just like a corpse.

No, it was still alive! It actually managed to withstand that powerful attack!

Well, Yeager wasn\'t surprised by that at all since this was the effect of [Super Armor].

Although it wasn\'t killed yet, the golden mermaid was still in terrible condition.

It painstakingly flipped over and glared at Yaeger who stood above, its heart being filled with terror.

This greedy human being had strength beyond its imagination.

‘I can\'t win against her!\' With that thought, the urge to escape within its heart grew like wildfire.

However… Escape Where could it go No, could it even escape The answer was no!

Get flattened like a persimmon cake. Yaeger suddenly appeared from mid-air as her external aura was transformed into countless fists.

Within a split second, an avalanche of fists was unleashed.

Not far away, Marco\'s jaws were wide open as his mind went blank.

‘So… So strong.

No… So terrifying!\'

Feeling the vibration on the beach, Marco\'s body trembled as well.

Not sure if it was due to resonance or due to his fear.


Yaeger\'s powerful attacks created massive rumbles all across the place.

The beach itself shook with intensity! Marco was naturally shocked and awed by such overwhelming strength.

The quakes and tremors eventually subsided within a minute.

Inside the deep pit, Yaeger raised her head with an indifferent expression and said, The only reason why you lost is that you\'re too weak.

After hearing those words, the critically injured golden mermaid below her instantly rolled its eyes and died.

If it could turn back time, it would rather die than to pick a fight with this human-shaped monster.

Unfortunately, such a thing wasn\'t possible.

So, it died for real.

Ding! You have eliminated the Veteran Elite Demi-human.

You receive 10 [Ocean\'s Tears], 5 [Deepwater Fin], one bottle of [Golden Flying Fish Essence], and 5,000 gold coins. The system broadcast was heard.

After listening, Yaeger tilted her head in confusion.

‘There\'s no Epic random Equipment Crate\'

No, she didn\'t even get a single box.

I guess I was too lucky back then so I have no luck now Yaeger pondered about it and realized that was the only explanation.

Ding! The Flying Fish General Favorability towards you has decreased by 20,000 points.

It is now mortal enemies with you. Suddenly, the system broadcast was heard again.

Just as Yaeger was puzzled, the calm ocean surface instantly rumbled and a deafening voice assaulted her ears.

How dare you kill my kin Greedy humans, all of you will die!

The moment she heard that voice, a massive figure appeared on the surface of the sea.

It was completely golden, and twice as big as the golden mermaid!

Yaeger jumped out of the deep pit and looked ahead, speaking with slight astonishment, I killed the kid and now the daddy\'s here Are you trolling me

At the same time, she realized that this mermaid was much stronger than the dead fish inside that pit.

As expected of the fish daddy!

Die… The massive golden mermaid went silent abruptly because a petite figure showed up.

Although she looked tiny, it still felt a massive sense of oppression—as if a million mountains were pressing on it!

Terrifying! This little girl was terrifying!

Unlike the previous golden mermaid, this one acutely sensed the horrifying aura that leaked out of this little girl—Lili.


No, it knew it couldn\'t afford to piss her off!

Get lost. Lili only glanced at it and spoke calmly.

Hearing that, Marco was instantly stunned.

‘Did she just tell this walking catastrophe to get lost Are you being serious Little girl, aren\'t you afraid that it\'ll tear you to pieces if you provoke it\'

Yes, yes! However, little did he know, that massive golden mermaid actually left!

It ran away like a little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!

As the massive golden mermaid descended beneath the waves, the waters instantly calmed down.

Marco was utterly stunned.

Yaeger\'s expression was calm.

She wasn\'t surprised at all.

After all, Lili was her overpowered guardian who could probably kill that mermaid easily, just like squishing an ant.

Congratulations, Marco. Suddenly, Yaeger approached with a smile and clapped her hands.

Marco was confused because he didn\'t know what she was getting at.

From now on, you don\'t need to be worried about the golden mermaid anymore.

Yaeger approached him and tapped his shoulders.

I\'m happy for you.

Marco was utterly completely at a loss as he blinked his eyes.

‘What the heck! If you didn\'t blow the horn for the fourth time, I\'ll die of old age before I even have the chance to meet that golden mermaid! Also, you destroyed my family heirloom! Don\'t you have to apologize No, if apologies actually mean a thing, then what\'s the point of having an infirmary inside the church\'

After the crisis was resolved, Marco\'s resentment towards Yaeger had reached its zenith.

I\'m sorry about the horn.

But still, Marco, I\'m helping you here. Yaeger spoke without hesitation.

She didn\'t seem to be sincere at all.

Huh Marco thought,If I\'m stronger than you, I\'ll definitely beat you up right now!\'

Just think about it.

If the horn returns your possession, you\'ll eventually become reliant on it and become a slothful person.

You\'ll lose all motivation to improve.

By then, your life will be ruined! Oh, Marco, a man should commit themselves to the sea of adventure! That\'s right.

You are fated to conquer the sea of stars.

A mere horn shouldn\'t stop you from achieving your destiny! Come on, Marco! I\'ll always be there for you!

Despite the confusion, Marco still felt happy.

‘That\'s right.

My dream is to conquer the stars.

Nobody can stop me from achieving my destiny!\'

Marco clenched his fist and trembled with excitement.

By the time he returned to his senses, Yaeger and Lili were already long gone.

He was left alone, contemplating his miserable existence.


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