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RebornIm A Dragon Girl With An OP System Chapter 30 Faith's Mighty Roar

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I cant say that I was not excited right now. I mean, even as I move past the trees, I am spinning around in joy, wanting to quickly try out this new innate ability of mine. I remember the image of myself when I pressed the dragon button to get a glimpse of my transformation, and I must say it was just amazing. But I also knew I needed a good spot away from everything just in case. 

The place I was heading to was like a small mountain on top of the plateau where my home was located. It was like the inlet I found before and towers up over the treetops. The way this plateau was formed in such a strange way made me wonder what must have happened to make the rock formations form like this in the past. 

Like was it some kind of catastrophic event Maybe some powerful being that could wield unimaginable power had reforged the entire landscape creating this plateau that had its own mountains. To be honest, I think the powerful being route might not be too far off. When my mother was teaching me history, there were stories of past wars that changed the land in many ways. People who wielded spells that destroyed entire sections of lands, creating whole entire new environments. In the southern part of the continent, there is supposed to be a field of ice and a field of fire, side by side that stretches for miles. Its on my list of top ten places to visit when I finally set out on my own. 

The number one place I wish to visit, believe it or not, is the royal capital, Sky Lake City. Its a city that hovers in the sky with a massive lake in which a grand castle is built in the middle of. I want to see just how fantasy this world is. I heard in order to get there that, you need to ride on an airship that flies in the sky using magic as propulsion. These airships are basically large wooden boats that could fly in the sky. I wonder if one day I will ever own such a thing. While I can soar through the sky as it is now, that is completely different than standing on the deck of a massive airship. I think the novelty of it all is what gets me. 

Then there was the dwarven capital city of Dwrognar. From what I read, the city is the home of automata, otherwise known as golems. They are the technical marvels of the amazing engineering of the dwarves and one of the reasons why most kingdoms do not mess with dwarves. My mother told me out of all demi humans, dwarves are considered to be the only ones able to truly walk around freely besides the high elves. This was because if you angered the wrong one, it could spark a conflict with either kingdom. High elves were known for their powerful magic, and they even taught in the royal capitals magic academy. A place I will probably never be able to go. Although I would not say, I would not want to. It has a massive library, and I could learn many things there.

You would think after going to school in my past life, I would stray away from anything to do with school, but school in this world was much different and was focused around magic. At least, this is what I got from everything I have read. But sadly, I am a demi human and nowhere even close to being able to go to such a place. Well, I may be able to if I ever crack the code for fusion magic. But I think that would be my only chance. And even if I wasnt a demi human, my family was way too poor to pay the tuition fees. I did not know the exact sum. I think it was 100 gold a year, only something those from prominent society could actually afford.  Maybe I can sneak in some time and take a peek.

I came to a stop in a large valley in between two peaks. “This should be big enough, I think….”

I really had no idea how big my dragon form was, I only knew that it looked really cool. “Now then…. I better umm… Take my clothes off…”  -.

I was really hoping no one would show up while I was doing this. I did not know if my clothes would rip during the transformation. Since I have never done this before. The last thing I wanted was to transform fully clothed and end up ripping my clothes to shreds and then try to run home naked without a single person seeing me. While I could use my tail for cover and my hands, it was still the fact of it all! That and it never dawned on me until now that I should have brought another set of clothes just in case. I guess transformation while wearing clothes will need to be tested some other time. 

I once again made a circle of earth using earth all to hide myself before stripping down. After folding my clothes up and setting them aside in my inventory, it was finally time. “So how do I actually transform Do I do like they did in those Japanese shows back on Earth and yell out some kind of phrase  Heeeeeeeeennnnnnnshiiiiiiinnn!” 

I stood there making a strange pose for a while before blushing. Yeah, this is pretty embarrassing, but I had to give it a try once. I let out a sigh and scratched my head. “Do I just need to will it”

Since it was supposed to be innate, an ability that should come naturally to me, I should be able to just kind of think it(will it), and it should work. I shook my body, trying to relax myself before closing my eyes and picturing the image I saw in the system. It was then that I felt the wind brushing past my face. It was a gentle breeze, not very strong. When I opened my eyes, I knew for a fact that something had happened because my line of sight was completely different. I was now looking over the treetops of the forest. “I did it!” I yelled out. Strangely enough, my mouth, that was now much longer than before, still moved as if I was speaking like a human, just that my voice was also much louder. This caused me to cover my mouth with what were now my large claws. 

“Inspection time!” I looked at my front legs, which were covered with reddish black scales, my claws were pitch black and very long. They were at least half an arms length of an adult male. I still had five digits and could move them like my humanoid hands, which was a relief. But my body was now very big.  My underside was a brownish yellow and much softer than the rest of my body.  My tail was much longer and studier too. I felt like I could easily break down a castle wall with it. Why I suddenly started thinking about breaking castle walls, I do not know… 

All in all, I had to say for a dragon, I looked very majestic. Well, I am the only dragon I know, so I am not sure about other dragons. But from my point of view, I thought I looked very noble. Dragons were a noble race, after all. I just hoped if someone saw me, they would not suddenly bring a huge army to try to kill me. “Oh, what about my stats!”

This thought just came to mind. I wondered if my stats had changed at all after my transformation.

[Dragon Form]

[Name]: Faith Cyrilia

[Age] 12

[Level] 17

[Race] Dragonic

[HP] 115500/115500

[MP] ∞

[Attack Power] 115100

[Magic Power] 115100

[Status Points] 370

[Strength] 11510

[Vitality] 11550

[Intelligence] 11510

[Mind] ∞

[Agility] 11510

[Skill Points] 6


[Appraisal (LVL 10(MAX))]

“So this is what its like when the final boss suddenly transforms into their final form and becomes immensely powerful…. I wonder if with partial transformations if I am able to also boost my stats…” If this was possible, then I could easily transform my arms and legs and give myself an extra stat boosts in any fight.

But right now, I am kind of in a dilemma. There is one thing I really wanted to do when I transformed into a mighty, majestic dragon. And that was to let out a world shattering roar! I was seriously debating whether or not I should. “Should I Well, I guess I can just quickly turn back into my humanoid form and get dressed quickly before making a quick escape. I mean…. I only get a chance to do things for the first time once….”

I dropped to all fours and lowered my head and wiggled my butt. “Ahem… Lalalala… Laaaa…. Okay, here we go… Ahem….”

I took a deep breath and then….


I let out the mightiest roar.

I did not hang around after letting out such a roar. I quickly transformed back into my humanoid form, which was a very strange experience because this time as I had my eyes open. No pain, it was more like a poof, and I was already humanoid again. I landed softly on the ground, gathered and put my clothes on, and ran away from the area. I was sure that roar just now echoed back towards the village. I can only hope I did not cause a beast tide. I did not think of that before actually roaring like that… I suddenly felt a headache coming on.  “I guess I can only try to deal with any monster if I see any on my way home running towards the village.”

Although I wouldnt mind if a few certain people died from Wandermere, I still couldnt kill those who were innocent. Sadly it seems I will be saving those I do not wish to save if there really is a beast tide.

But as I made my way out of the forest, I noticed the monsters that were normally roaming about were doing just that. I guess my roar did not have any intent behind it, so no beast tide was formed. But this now brought a new thought to mind. Couldnt I start a beast tide if I learned how to push my intent into my roar Like, what if I wanted the monsters in a forest to go on a rampage and attack a city I wondered if it would be possible. Would I do such a thing Well, it depends…. I guess it is more of a question on a time and place basis. 


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