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“Over there.” I pointed at a cluster of trees blocking the entrance to my secret practice ground. The rain was still coming down, but the two of us did not mind one bit. In fact, it was probably best if it was raining that way, if anything did happen, the rain could help put out any fires that might occur. 

“This place is not bad at all. I never thought this place existed. I had always thought the protrusion was just a tall rock formation. Never thought it created a little oasis..” My fathers expression showed how surprised he was. It kinda struck me as odd as to why this place had never been discovered before, but when I think about how the people in the village rarely come to this area due to the lack of wildlife, it did make some sense as to why it was not discovered or if it had been it was ignored. The layout of the trees also blocked it from view from inside the forest as well. 

“I just happened to spot the area and lined it up with the rocks from the outside. I poked around a bit and was able to find this place.” I said as I climbed off my fathers back. I walked over to the more rocky area and pointed at a certain spot. “That is where I normally go to do my thinking.”

“You spend all day there drawing magic circles” My father asked. I could tell he was surprised at my dedication. I mean, I am out here for hours nonstop drawing these magic circles like some obsessed freak of nature. But I cant help it. Even when all I did at home was read all the time besides doing my homework, which I hated doing because it cut into my free time, I just read. I read every novel I could find, whether online or printed version. I was so obsessed with losing myself in the worlds the authors created that I didnt care about other things. Love, romance, none of that mattered. My friends were out being bashful while talking with boys while I was dreaming about the hot male lead from the novel I was currently reading. 

I know these are two different extremes, but this was just how I was when I put my everything into something. At least… At least magic is beneficial to my new life while reading back on Earth was just a hobby. I mean, yeah, I could have become an author, but that was only if I could put my thoughts into words and actually produce something that was decent enough that would make people want to read it. I will admit I did try to write a few times but…. It took too much time, and then I would have less time to read…. 

“Yep! I have been here trying to come up with a solution to my problem all week.” I replied. I couldnt sit down now with how wet things were due to the rain, but it didnt matter.-.

“So what is the process you are talking about that you have come up with. I am now your student so help me understand so I can attempt to do this with you.” My father was raring to go, which made me smile. It was very rare for the two of us to get time to bond like this, so I was actually quite thankful for the rain. It kept my father from needing to go out into the fields.

“The process is like this. If a slime is made of condensed magic, we just need to create magic and condense it into a natural process using magic itself. Only then can we turn the end product into a spell. After completing the magic circles, we will then need to speed up the casting time and get the spells to cast and merge at the time giving birth to a new kind of magic. ” I explained. I had no idea how easy it was to understand, but that was the basic idea of it.

“Wait, you are casting two magic circles simultaneously” I watched as my fathers eyes widened in shock.

“Mmm… It would be like this.” I reached out in front of me with both hands and using a single finger on each hand, I began writing to different magic circles at the same time. My speed was quick and seemed very natural. I am sure my father could tell I have practiced this a lot. I was just unsure if my father would be able to do it as well. After all, I could process multiple things at a time without issue. 

“I see….” I heard a sigh coming from my side, causing me to look up at my father. He scratched his head and began attempting the same thing. It was no easy task, that is for sure. He started off slow and messed up quite a few times. But eventually, he started to get the hang of it. My father was truly amazing. He was learning really fast. I watched him practice for an hour. It was not like I could give him tips as I was just naturally able to do it.

An hour passed, and he had finally gotten the hang of it. “This is difficult, and any loss of concentration can mess up the magic circle but. But once I get the hang of it, I should be able to cast just as fast as you. Faith, what is the next step”

“Now we change how the magic circle is written. While still keeping the fundamental basis of it. Lets start with the fire circle. We are not trying to create a fireball but actually gather and condense the fire elements in the air. So in order to do that, we will need to change what we are doing and what the outcome is, and then down here in this formula, we need to change how it is gathered. If we take the runic equation that is used to condense the ice in ice wall and rewrite it like this, we should be in theory able to condense a mass of fire elements into a ball.” I finished my magic circle in three seconds before saying the activation word: “Condense!”

The area in front of me began to grow warm as fire elements began to gather in the air. The mass of orange that had no true use but resemble molten metal floated in the air. “So this is what it looked like when it condenses….”

I looked at my creation with great interest. It was my first time ever rewriting a spell completely to do something else, so this was all intriguing to me. “Now, in theory… If I did the same for the lightning element….”

I began drawing another magic circle in the air that soon created a ball of condensed lightning that floated next to the ball of condensed fire. I inspected the two of them before feeding my magic into the two and began moving them closer together. This was where the greatest amount of mana consumption would happen. I could not allow the two condensed elements to just merge in one go. I had to be careful and do it slowly, little by little, as the elements began to intermingle.

Sweat dripped from my brow, and I bit my lower lip and steadily merged the two elements into the other, allowing the condensed balls to become one. Fifteen minutes passed before I finally made them merge together. “I did it!”

Floating in front of me was a yellow and red ball of elements coexisting with one another as if it was very natural. “This is quite amazing, but the time it takes to do the merger is way too long. Also, how do you plan to make this into a spell”

My fathers question was a good one. The process was kind of sloppy, but to really do anything, there would need to be a final magic circle that took in the merged elements to create a spell. “The entire process is only preliminary, I hope to combine the entire method into a single magic circle at some point. But for now, to actually cast it would be something like this.”

I drew out the magic circle I had in mind and gave it an activation word. “Staticfire!” 

The condensed magic floating in the air suddenly burst into an electrified fireball and swirled in front of me. To my surprise, it was much more stable than I had imagined with a wave of my hand, I sent my new creation towards the rocks. “Go!”

It flew out at an incredible speed before slamming into a large boulder.


A large explosion went off as both fire and lightning danced together. Arcs of lightning spread out, destroying more of the area while fire melted the rock at the epicenter. I had officially created a spell that was both a single target and an area of effect at the same time. 

As the dust and debris settled, I saw a wide, deep crater in front of me, still glowing hot even under the rain. “It was much more powerful than I expected.” 

“Faith you….” I turned to see my fathers mouth was open so wide you could literally stick an egg inside of it. I had actually forgotten he was here. I had once again tuned the world out around me while working on something…. 

“This…. I….” I was having a hard time explaining. This kind of magic should not be something a seven-year-old should be able to cast, never mind creating.

“Faith, never show this to anyone else. But perfect it. This magic could be something that can save your life one day. Sadly, I can only say it is beyond me.” My father seemed a little disappointed. But I was feeling relieved at least I wasnt yelled at or questioned in detail about why I am able to do all of this.

“I promise not to show anyone else.” I nodded my head. I know it would be dangerous to do so. This kind of magic, if formulated on a grander scale, lets say using a magic spell like grand fall, which already is very destructive, and then is fused with another kind of equally destructive magic, it could cause catastrophic consequences.

“Also…. You can only practice with me around. I will make time every night for a few hours in the evening to stay with you while you train. I will also make up an excuse to tell your mother why we will be coming home late as well.” My father seemed to be nervous and excited at the same time. I am not sure if my father really likes magic or what, but his eyes shone kinda like mine when I casted the spell just now. Maybe my father and I do have a lot more in common than I had thought. “And lastly. We will also train you more in swordsmanship. I will get you a teacher to train you more in the early mornings. Never put all your eggs in a single basket. Magic is good, but it will not get you out of every situation.”

I nodded my head, agreeing with his statement. It was true that it was better to be safe than sorry. “Then I will make sure I learn well.”


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