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With a loud “plop”, the white figure fell into Kunming Pond, causing numerous splashes.

Standing on the shore, all one could see was a white mass sinking and floating, and the young eunuch worried, “We didn’t tie him up and he didn’t fall on the rocks, will he drown”

The other knocked him on the head and scolded in a shrill voice: “You idiot, we can’t leave any traces, so one can say that he fell into the water by accident.

Tie him up and drop him on the stones, Wang Qin will definitely find evidence.”

The one who said the wrong thing nodded again and again, indicating that he understood.

The emperor didn’t like to see his grandson, but Wang Qin loved his son very much.

If they left any evidence, they wouldn’t be able to get past the wayward prince.

Fortunately, his son was disobedient and liked to run around alone, otherwise it wouldn’t be easy for them to succeed.

Not long after, only a white fox fur cloak was floating on the water, but Wei Chongrong was gone.

Seeing that the matter was done, the two eunuchs left quietly and went back to report to Su Wen.

As soon as they turned away, Wei Chongrong climbed up the shore.

He was wet all over, his face was red with cold, but he was holding a waist token that was used in the palace, which he had yanked off the moment he was thrown out from the waist of the eunuch holding his hands.

Wei Chongrong tore his drenched clothes into an even bigger mess, slapped his face again and again, brewed up his feelings and ran to Linguang Palace, crying all the way.

He was familiar with the path, took a shortcut, and arrived in less than a stick of incense.

Wei Zhao went to Linguang Palace after breakfast and was supposed to be there at this time.

Wei Chongrong didn’t report when he arrived at Linguang Palace and cried “Daddy, save me” while breaking in, putting the guards at the door in a very difficult position.

Under normal circumstances, they would definitely not dare to let Wei Chongrong barge in, but this little ancestor looked really miserable and cried earth-shatteringly.

If they really didn’t let him in and Wang Qin found out, who knew who would be in trouble.

So they just let Wei Chongrong go in unimpeded and rush all the way into Linguang Palace.

Wei Su didn’t discuss military matters with Wei Zhao today, but the father and son played chess in the warm pavilion and talked about family matters.

The emperor was getting older, and while he was on the lookout for his son to seize power, he was also longing for the joy of family life, and the return of Wei Zhao greatly satisfied his needs.

The two of them were talking about funny stories from Wei Zhao and Jun Qing’s childhood, when Wei Chongrong’s yelling that was impossible to ignore came from outside.

Wei Su frowned and said with displeasure: “Look at the good son you taught, he knows no rules at all.” He would leave the matter of the horse riding that day alone, but today, in the palace, the brat still dared to make a ruckus, how unbecoming.

Wei Zhao suddenly stood up and frowned as he looked out: “Father, Rong’er is crying.

He is not a crybaby.

Something must have happened.

I have to go and see…” He had deep skills and his hearing was so keen that he could hear more clearly than Wei Su.

The sound of footsteps and cries got closer and closer.

Wei Zhao couldn’t help it anymore and rushed out, leaving the emperor staring behind him.

“Daddy, help, someone is going to kill me, Daddy, save me, woo…” In order to completely arouse Wei Zhao’s desire for protection, Wei Chongrong was willing to give up everything, even his face.

Wei Zhao was dumbfounded when he saw Wei Chongrong, and hurriedly asked, “Rong’er, what happened Who wants to kill you, make it clear!”

In the middle of winter, his son was wearing a drenched single shirt, his face and hands were red with cold and his hair was turned into icicles.

Which bastard did this When he found out, destroying the culprit’s whole family would be considered too mild.

Wei Chongrong shivered and replied in a trembling voice: “It was, it was two eunuchs I don’t know.

They, they threw me into the water, ah-choo…”

At some point Wei Su came to the room outside and said in a lukewarm voice: “Is it time to ask questions Let someone bathe him and change his clothes first…” Wei Su didn’t feel sorry for his grandson; he was afraid that Wei Chongrong would be sick and Wei Zhao would get anxious and angry.

Wei Zhao, who seemed to be struck by lightning, reacted quickly.

While tearing off Wei Chongrong’s wet clothes, he wrapped him in a quilt that a palace maid had just brought, and ordered people to prepare hot water and ginger soup.

After thinking about it, he added the order to send for the imperial doctor.

He couldn’t let his son get sick from freezing.

Wei Zhao was in such a hurry that the people around him were in a frenzy, and in just half an hour Wei Chongrong was settled.


Wei Chongrong had changed his clothes and was sitting on the couch holding a hand stove, draped in the fire fox cloak that Wei Zhao had robbed from Wei Su.

He had just drunk a large bowl of ginger soup, so hot that he sweated all over.

Wei Zhao didn’t ask Wei Chongrong again what happened until the doctor said he was not in danger.

Wei Chongrong answered truthfully, never embellishing the story, and after speaking, he showed the waist token that he had been holding tightly in his hand.

“Gonggong Su! Which Gonggong Su” Wei Zhao slapped the table abruptly.

He dared to report his name when he was killing someone! Did he think that he, Wei Zhao, was easy to bully

Wei Chongrong shook his head and said innocently: “I don’t know, I just heard this sentence.” Of course he knew that Gonggong Su was Su Wen, but he couldn’t say it, it wouldn’t fit his persona to do so.

The faces of Wei Su and Wei Zhao became ugly at the same time.

This was Shanglin Park, the other palace of the imperial family.

There were people who dared to murder the emperor’s grandson, was there no law

It goes without saying that Wei Zhao loved his son like his life.

Although Wei Su didn’t want to see Wei Chongrong, he just treated him coldly.

He would never allow others to neglect him, let alone harm him.

He immediately ordered someone to send a message and strictly investigate the matter.

The truth was bound to come to light.

When such a thing happened, Wei Su didn’t force Wei Zhao to stay and asked him to take Wei Chongrong back while letting others investigate the real culprit.

After carrying Wei Chongrong back to Daidang Palace, Wei Zhao sent the palace servants out and asked Wei Chongrong again about what happened.

Wei Chongrong recalled the story and started from the beginning, and there was no difference from what he had said at Linguang Palace.

It was just that Wei Zhao’s face became more gloomy and distorted, and Wei Chongrong blinked in confusion, not understanding what he was angry about.

Hadn’t Wei Su already ordered someone to check it out

Wei Zhao looked straight at Wei Chongrong, and after a long time said in a deep voice, “Rong’er, when those two eunuchs held you, you really couldn’t break free” His tone was unprecedentedly stern.

Wei Chongrong didn’t dare to lie, so he had to nod: “Maybe I could, I didn’t try.” He could judge from their walk that the two eunuchs had no martial arts skills.

If he wanted to break free, there was definitely a chance, but he didn’t do so.

“Why didn’t you try” The anger in Wei Zhao’s eyes burned noticeably brighter.

It would be fine in summer, but this was the cold winter month, and even if a person was good at swimming, there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t have an accident if he suddenly went into the water.

This boy was a little too bold, and he deserved to get a severe beating.

Wei Chongrong thought for a while, but couldn’t come up with a suitable excuse, so he had to tell the truth: “It was very remote there, and there was no one around.

If I broke away by myself, wouldn’t there be no evidence” It was not that he had never taken a cold bath in winter; it was worth it to have evidence.

Wei Zhao became even more angry, and said bitterly: “Weren’t you afraid of something happening in the water” Maybe Wei Chongrong was not afraid, but Wei Zhao was very scared when he thought about it.

Wei Chongrong shook his head and said calmly: “I’ve been wandering around for a long time and I’ve seen the scenery.

The water in Kunming Pond is not deep.

There are no aquatic plants in the water in winter.

It was going to be fine.”

Wei Zhao was so angry that he didn’t want to talk to him, and after a moment of silence, he shouted angrily, “From now on, you are not allowed to act rashly without my permission, do you hear me”

Wei Chongrong neither nodded nor said anything.

He didn’t want to deceive Wei Zhao, but he really couldn’t agree to this.

Wei Zhao took a deep breath, raised his eyebrows and said, “You think it will work because you have evidence.

With that waist token, the two eunuchs probably can’t get away, but Su Wen, he can say that he was framed.

You have no evidence at all.”

Wei Chongrong was overjoyed when he heard this and asked, “Daddy, do you know who Gonggong Su is”

Wei Zhao rolled his eyes and explained: “There is more than one eunuch surnamed Su in the palace, but only Su Wen will be called Gonggong Su.” He had been confused by his anger before, but now that he calmed down, he remembered.


Wei Chongrong knew that his power was not enough, and he alone would definitely not be able to defeat Su Wen.

He decided to reveal some useful information to Wei Zhao.

With him intervening, many things would be easier to do.

“Oh.” Wei Chongrong nodded in response, and then said, “Daddy, I was wandering in the park and heard someone say that this Gonggong Su doesn’t get along with the Crown Prince Uncle and even said bad things about the Crown Prince Uncle to Grandfather Emperor.”

Wei Chongrong’s ability to eavesdrop was something Wei Zhao had learned before, so he asked, “What did you hear them say”

“They said, ah, that Uncle once visited Grandmother Empress at Weiyang Palace and spent some time there, so Su Wen told Grandfather Emperor that Uncle molested the palace maids at Weiyang Palace.

But Grandfather Emperor not only wasn’t angry but even sent many beautiful palace maids to the Eastern Palace, and the Crown Prince’s Lord Consort was angry.”

“What!” Was there such a thing Wei Zhao really didn’t know, and he thought it didn’t make sense.

Wei Ming and Jun Feili had such a good relationship.

It was so good that there were no male or female concubines in the Eastern Palace, it was because Wei Ming didn’t want any.

Molesting palace maids Nonsense…

“There was also a time when Grandfather Emperor was also in Shanglin Park and fell sick.

He sent a eunuch surnamed Chang to summon the Crown Prince Uncle.

Su Wen then instructed this Chang to tell Grandfather Emperor that Uncle had a happy face when he heard that Grandfather Emperor was sick, and Grandfather Emperor wasn’t pleased…”

“What!” Su Wen was so bold that Wei Zhao was stunned.

This wasn’t a small matter.

Wei Su was such a petty person.

If he had a grudge against the Crown Prince, no one could reverse it.

But Wei Zhao also believed that Wei Ming wouldn’t allow such a brainless thing.

Seeing Wei Zhao gloomy and speechless, Wei Chongrong hurriedly said, “Daddy, these things are really what I heard, but I don’t know if they were talking nonsense.

Why don’t you find a way to check it out”

Wei Chongrong knew a lot of the bad things that Su Wen had said about Wei Ming, but it wasn’t easy to determine when they were said, so he left them out, only mentioning the two most important and most certain ones.

As long as Wei Zhao could make sure that what he said was true, he would never let Su Wen go, and with him falling into the water in the first place, Wei Zhao would feel justified in dealing with Su Wen in any way.

It was impossible for everyone around the emperor to be nice to the Eastern Palace, Wei Su wouldn’t allow it in the first place, but an existence like Su Wen needed to be eradicated.

It was only later that Wei Chongrong understood that the relationship between the Shangguan family and Su Wen wasn’t the co-operation he had imagined, but pure use.

It was because Su Wen had won Wei Su’s trust that the Shangguan family lured his nephew into making a mistake and let him fall into the hands of Luo Fu, who originally had ties with the Eastern Palace.

Su Wen asked the Crown Prince for help, but the Crown Prince refused.

Su Wen’s nephew died in exile, so Su Wen hated the Crown Prince…

All of the above was Shangguan Ao’s plan, but on the surface, they had nothing to do with Su Wen.

Even Su Wen didn’t realise that he had inadvertently become a pawn of the Shangguan family.

And the death of his nephew was also related to the Shangguan family.

It was a pity that not only did Su Wen not know who the real culprit was, but being manipulated by them, he fought the Crown Prince endlessly.

Wei Su had always been resolute in doing things.

The results of the investigation into Wei Chongrong’s fall into the water came later that day and were not far from Wei Zhao’s suspicions.

The two eunuchs had all the human and physical evidence against them, and they would definitely not be able to escape, but their confessions not only failed to implement Su Wen’s guilt, but helped him clear the accusations as he cried in front of the emperor that he had been framed.

Since there was no evidence and Wei Su was used to Su Wen, naturally he wouldn’t punish him, so he only ordered to drag the two unlucky eunuchs away and deal with them.

“Son, do you see You worked so hard to take a cold bath, and you only got rid of two little shrimps.” Wei Zhao’s tone was indescribably weird.

Wei Chongrong was reluctant to admit his mistake: “I didn’t work hard, I like to take cold baths!” It was so humiliating, being ridiculed by his father.

“Do you like it Take a cold bath for seven days in a row, and I’ll help you sort out Su Wen!” Stinky boy, what a mess.

“It’s a deal” Wei Chongrong thought it was a good deal.

“It’s a deal!” Wei Zhao felt that he had been calculated.

Wei Chongrong kept his promise and really went to Kunming Pond for seven consecutive days.

Although he hugged his shoulders every time he went into the water and looked reluctant, as long as he submerged into the water, he was having a lot of fun.

Wei Zhao called him, and he refused to come out at all.

In the face of such a situation, Wei Zhao felt angry and funny.

Couldn’t his son be more playful However, Wei Zhao was also a person who kept his word.

Since he had promised Wei Chongrong something, he would definitely do it, and he would never go back on his word.

On the seventh day, as Wei Chongrong crawled out of the icy pond, he rushed into Wei Zhao’s arms dripping with water and said proudly: “Daddy, it’s been seven days, it’s your turn to fulfil your promise.”

Wei Zhao held a dry towel to wipe Wei Chongrong and said as he wiped him: “Rong’er, change your clothes first, and we will go as soon as you change.”

Wei Chongrong nodded excitedly.

He was very curious about how Wei Zhao would sort out Su Wen without evidence.

Su Wen was a very popular person by Wei Su’s side, and even Wei Ming couldn’t easily deal with him.

Wei Zhao took Wei Chongrong to Linguang Palace.

Wei Su wasn’t there.

It was said that he accompanied two young beauties on a walk in the park.

But Su Wen didn’t accompany him, staying behind at Linguang Palace.

Wei Zhao was unceremonious, directly lifted Su Wen and carried him to Kunming Pond, first beating him violently and then throwing him into the pond casually.

The whole process was clean and smooth, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

Wei Chongrong was also one of those dumbfounded people.

He knew that Wei Zhao’s temper wasn’t very good, and his style of doing things was always simple and rough, but it was so rough that it was completely beyond his expectations.

Wasn’t he afraid that Su Wen would retaliate in the future

He saw Wei Zhao clap his hands and say to Su Wen, who was struggling in the pool: “Gonggong Su, today is the interest.

You don’t have to thank this wang.

If there’s the principal, this wang will collect it later!” After saying this, he took Wei Chongrong’s hand and walked away.

Wei Chongrong was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word as he was led away by Wei Zhao.

It wasn’t until the figures of the father and son completely disappeared that the surrounding guards reacted, jumped into the water quickly and picked up Su Wen, who was about to die.

Who knows if Su Wen was beaten stupid or something.

After he got ashore, he didn’t say a word.

He stared at the sparkling water for a few moments, then turned and left silently.

When the guards saw this, they talked a lot, and they all said that Wang Qin was really not easy to serve.

Gonggong Su was so respected by His Majesty, and Wang Qin could beat him up like this and throw him into the water; he was really domineering.


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