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Su Qing looked at Su Zheng and said in a low voice, “Its fine if you dont want the police to interfere in this matter, but you have to get someone to watch over her.

If I see her again, I wont let her off easily.

You know me.”

Su Zheng actually sensed some danger in her serious gaze.

He nodded lightly.

“I understand.

Ill investigate what you said carefully and pay attention to it.”

As Su Zheng thought about this, he suddenly realized something.

He asked in confusion, “How did you help the police investigate the matter so clearly in such a short period of time Why were the police so cooperative Didnt they already have the arrest documents Why didnt they just come and arrest her Did you order all of this”

Su Zheng probed with these questions.

Other than Miss Wu Mu, who was on the same side as Su Qing, this was what everyone present wanted to know.

Wu Mu glanced at Su Qing and suddenly smiled.

“Uncle Su, what do you think our family does Qingqing and I are such good friends.

Its not difficult for us to help her beg her family to investigate this matter.

My brother is very easy to talk to.”

When Su Zheng heard this, he came to a sudden realization.

Thats right.

The Wu family had indeed been developing in the political direction over the past few years.

It wasnt surprising that there were a few of their people in the police station who could make decisions.

Su Qing had probably returned to confront Su Yan first for the sake of the Su familys reputation.

She wanted to see her attitude before deciding if she should hand Su Yan over to the police.

She was very considerate.

From Su Zhengs perspective, this was the truth.

This was the first time he felt that Su Qing had made a good friend.

She wouldnt mess up at critical moments.

Su Zheng nodded and said to Wu Mu, “This matter is our familys fault.

Weve troubled your family to help us.

Were really in trouble.

Ill definitely visit your house personally to thank you another day.”

Wu Mu was stunned.

She smiled dryly and said, “Uncle, youre too polite.

Theres no need! This is just a small matter.

Su Qing and I are good friends, so its natural that I help.”

When Kong Yue saw Su Zhengs expression, she said in amusement, “Alright, alright! Since Wu Mu has already said so, let the younger generation just sort it out themselves! Youre an old man, theres no need for you to get involved in the childrens matters!”


Wu Mu smiled at Kong Yue and quickly nodded.

“Yes, Uncle, Auntie.

You dont have to be so polite.”

Su Qing interrupted their awkward pleasantries.

“Mu Zi and I will go and see Fifth Brother.” As she spoke, she pulled Wu Mu over and went upstairs.

Seeing the two of them disappear, he couldnt help but think of Su Yan, and his expression darkened.

A moment later, he left too.

He still had to deal with her!

There was a manor in the suburbs of the Su family.

No one went there all year round, so it was very suitable for Su Yan.

He would throw her to that place and find a few people to watch over her.

She wouldnt starve or freeze to death there, but he didnt want her to appear in public anymore.

Su Zheng thought about it further and felt that this idea was good.

Out of sight, out of mind.


At the Huo residence.

Huo Qi was reading the documents in his hand.

Huo Feng stood at the side and couldnt take it anymore.

“Young Master! Are you really going to ignore Miss Sus matter The people she locked up here have already been taken away.

Did you see those people I dont think theyre ordinary people.”

When the group of people came over, their leader was very polite.

He was a very straightforward person, and he had a very strong military style.

The team that followed him also didnt look simple.

Seeing that Huo Qi still didnt have any reaction, Huo Feng continued nagging, “Who exactly is Miss Su Why does she have so many secrets What do you think her relationship with those people is”

Huo Qi put down the things in his hand and turned to look at Huo Feng, who was muttering to himself.

He replied slowly, “Who said I didnt care I was just respecting her requests.”

Huo Feng was a little helpless.

When did his young master become so obedient Miss Su hadnt even agreed to his pursuit!

Or rather, she might not even know that his young master was interested in her, so was it good for her to be so considerate towards him Huo Feng thought about this inside, but he didnt dare to say it out loud.


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