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Actually, Su Zheng was right.

There was no need to sacrifice the Su familys interests for a mere Su Yan.

She wasnt worth it.


“Perhaps its best to let her disappear silently.

Hasnt she always wanted to be the Young Miss of the Su family We just wont let her have her way.

Letting her slowly fade into the public eye without batting an eyelid is the best punishment for her.” Su Lu stood up and looked down at his indifferent sister, comforting her softly.


Kong Yue also went forward and held Su Qings hand.

Her gentle face was filled with pity and guilt.

“What your third brother said makes sense.

After all, shes the child who I have taken care of for so many years.

I…” Her voice trailed off.

She was indeed disappointed and heartbroken.

Su Yan was really useless.


Su Qing couldnt stand Kong Yues sad and guilty expression.

She caressed Kong Yues face and said seriously, “Mommy, dont be sad.

Ill let her off!”


Kong Yue pressed her little hand down.

She felt that her precious daughter was like a real angel.

She was too obedient and cute.

Most importantly, her heart ached for her when she looked so serious and simple.

This contrast was really too cute.

When Su Zheng heard Su Qings words, he finally felt relieved.

He looked at Su Qings face, and his expression changed several times.

After a long while, he cleared his throat and shouted, “Su Qing!”

Su Qing turned to look at him, her gaze returning to her cold expression.

Su Zheng took two deep breaths, as though he was making a very simple decision.

He looked at Su Qing sincerely.

“I want to apologize to you for what I did to you in the past! Im sorry!”


As he spoke, he bowed to Su Qing, expressing the sincerity behind his apology.

Su Lu glanced at Su Zheng with an astonished expression.

Their father had gone all out this time! He seemed truly sincere!

Su Shui turned around and exchanged a look with Su Lu.

Both of them then turned to Su Zheng, with a comforted look on their faces.

Kong Yue was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted and smiled at Su Qing and Su Zheng.

Su Zheng was still very responsible.

It was a good thing that he could change for the better!

Su Zheng slowly stood up and looked at Su Qing sincerely under the gaze of the entire family.

“I did something wrong in the past.

It was all my fault, caused by my prejudice, and Su Yans provocation.

It was my fault for scolding and hitting you in the past.

Can you forgive me”

Seeing that Su Qing was still silent with a cold expression, Su Zheng was a little sad.

He also knew that he had indeed gone overboard in the beginning.

He had placed his fatherly position on too high a pedestal, to the extent that he had forgotten the most fundamental thing, which was to understand Su Qing first.

Kong Yues words that day reminded him that he could be a good father, but at that time, he had been thinking too much and had gone too far.

Kong Yue looked at Su Zheng and smiled.

“Its fine.

Its good to make things clear first.

Give Qingqing some time and let her see your performance.

Lets see if you really want to be a good father.”

As she spoke, she looked at Su Qing, who had a calm expression on her face.

“Mommy knows that Daddy had been very strict with you, and he also did some things that made you sad.

Now that those things are in the past, and hes apologized to you, I believe a good girl like you can accept it and give him a chance to turn over a new leaf, right”


Perhaps it was because Kong Yues tone was too gentle and warm, and Su Zhengs apology was also very sincere.

Su Qing glanced at them and nodded slowly.


She thought that if Su Zheng was really as sincere as he said, she could try to accept his apology.

Firstly, it was because she couldnt bear to see Kong Yue become so humble and try to placate her.

Secondly, it was because she wasnt someone who would really fuss over small matters.

This was obvious from her reaction when Su Qian apologized to her.

Seeing Su Qing nod, a smile immediately appeared on Su Zhengs face.

The burden in his heart was finally lifted, but the next second, Su Qings words made his heart sink again.

“Its already very strange that Su Yan was able to contact an assassin of that level and make a deal with him so quickly.

The police havent found anything yet, but I dont think its that simple.”


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