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As Su Yan spoke, she seemed to have thought of something.

She smiled and continued, “Youre just from a better family than me.

How can you compare to me in other aspects Do you think that you got lost when you were young because the servants at home didnt care about you Actually, its because Kong Yue and Su Zheng didnt care about you! They already have five sons, so they naturally didnt care about you!”

When Kong Yue heard Su Yans words, she felt that Su Yan had really gone crazy.

At this time, she didnt even forget to mock Su Qing and sow discord within their family.

Kong Yue stepped forward, her expression as cold as ice.

She raised her hand and slapped Su Yan, saying angrily, “I think youre really crazy!”

Su Qing looked down at Su Yan, her slightly furrowed brows filled with disgust.

She said coldly, “Its true that winning against you isnt something to be happy about, but seeing you struggle to survive like a maggot is still very interesting.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

No one in the Su family harmed you, but youre the one whos greedy and jealous.

Ive never treated you as my opponent because youre not worthy.”

Wu Mu pointed at the door and suggested to Su Qing, “She deserves it! Why are you still telling her this The police officers who followed me here are already outside.

We can just hand her over to them!”

Su Shui nodded in agreement.

“I agree to send her to the police station.

Such a person should be kept there until she dies.”

Su Lu echoed, “I agree.”

Kong Yue glanced at Su Yan and shook her head in disappointment.

Her attitude was already very obvious.

She didnt want to see this vicious woman again.

Su Zheng looked up at Su Yan, then turned to look at Su Qing and said slowly, “This matter cant be handled so simply and crudely.”


Su Qing turned to look at him and asked calmly, “Oh Is this called simple and crude Why do I feel that its karma Shouldnt Su Yan be arrested”

Su Qing had actually misunderstood Su Zheng.

Su Zheng wasnt stupid enough to still want to protect Su Yan at a time like this.

He just had his concerns and thoughts as the head of the Su family.

Su Yan couldnt be taken away from the Su residence by the police so easily.

If that happened, the Su familys reputation would be ruined.

How would the outside world speculate and laugh at them

The Su family would be pushed to the cusp of the news.

The rumors of family infighting would be rampant.

That was not the outcome that Su Zheng wanted to see.

“Thats right! If we dont arrest her, are we going to leave her alone and let her go free” Wu Mu looked at Su Zheng in confusion.

Su Zheng ignored Wu Mu and looked at Su Qing.

“We cant let this matter blow up.

The Su familys business is thriving now, and I still have a few big projects to do.

We cant have such negative public opinion at this time.

I know that youve suffered a lot, but we cant just look at the present.”

Su Qing still looked at him indifferently.

To her, what Su Zheng said was too distant from her thoughts.

She didnt care how rich the Su family was or how much business they had.

She just wanted to return the favor.

On the other hand, Su Yan understood Su Zhengs motive and thought that she could still be saved.

She grabbed Su Zhengs pants and said with a bitter smile, “Daddy, youre right! This matter cant be blown up.

Its too embarrassing for our Su family!”

Su Zheng glanced at Su Yan angrily and gritted his teeth.

“Shut up! Do you still think Ill acknowledge you as my daughter Ill announce that Im going to expel you from the Su family.

From now on, you have nothing to do with our family.”

Su Yan was completely stunned.

Her expression was blank, as though she didnt understand Su Zhengs words.

“No, no, no! Daddy! Youre still my father! Can you not chase me away I really know my mistake.”

Su Zheng didnt want to listen to Su Yans nonsense anymore.

He waved his hand and gestured for Butler Zhang to bring her away.

Su Yans cries echoed throughout the house.

The two police officers waiting outside thought about Wu Mus instructions, so they didnt rush in.

Su Qing wanted to stop Su Zheng from getting someone to take Su Yan away, but she was held back by Su Lu, who was behind her.

Su Lu shook his head at her.

Su Shui also looked at her with a comforting glint in his eyes.


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