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Su Qing didnt look at Kong Yue, but her eyes were fixed on Su Yan.

She said calmly, “In order to kill me, Su Yan hired more than ten assassins to surround us on the way to school today! Fortunately, Im skilled in martial arts, so I managed to come back alive!”

When Su Zheng heard Su Qings words, he suddenly stood up.

He was shocked and asked Su Qing with trembling hands, “What did you say Su Yan hired someone to kill you”

“Thats right! Do you want me to show you the video” Su Qing turned her head and asked Su Zheng with a cold expression.

When Su Lu and Su Shui heard Su Qings words, they sat up straight and looked at Su Yan coldly.

“You need evidence to accuse me.

Wheres the video Take it out! Anyway, youve always been good at criticizing and faking things.

Its not impossible for you to fake it!” Su Yan stood under everyones gazes and pretended to be calm.

Su Qing looked at her, stood up, and walked forward to look her in the eye.

“I knew you would say that.

Of course we can allow someone to verify the authenticity of the video.

How does the police sound”

As she spoke, she turned to look at Su Lu.

“Third Brother! Whats the punishment for attempted murder”

Su Lu glanced at Su Yan and said coldly, “Those who plot a murder will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment!”

Su Lus words were like a poisonous needle that pierced into Su Yans heart.

She gulped and looked slightly flustered.

She refused to give in, and asked instead, “What about slandering others What crime can she be convicted of”

Su Qing sneered and slapped Su Yan hard.

She was so fast that no one present could react in time.

Su Yan was thrown out from the force of the slap, and her mind went blank for a moment.

She turned to look at Su Qing in disbelief.

“How dare you hit me Are you crazy”

When Su Zheng saw Su Qing attack, he subconsciously shouted, wanting to stop her, but no one cared about him.

Su Qing said to Su Yan, “I was going to slap you to wake you up! Its useless to pretend to be ignorant about it and try to argue your way out.

Why dont you rethink your excuses”

Su Yans eyes turned red.

She covered her swollen face and cried, “What did I do The moment you came up, you accused me indiscriminately and even hit me! Who do you think you are Do you even respect Daddy Do you think youre the only one in charge of the Su family How can there be such injustice”

Su Qing was amused by Su Yan.

She didnt expect this woman to be such a talented actress.

She was stubborn herself, but she couldnt compare to Su Yans stubbornness!

At this moment, Su Zheng also spoke, “This matter is very serious.

Su Qing, you have to show us the evidence.

Otherwise, how can we believe you Also, before the matter is clarified, youre not allowed to attack her.”

“Master, the young miss of the Wu family is here,” a servant reported from outside.

Su Qing looked at Su Zheng and smiled.

“The evidence you wanted is here.”

Wu Mu walked in with a cold expression.

She glanced at Su Yan, who was on the ground, and wished she could rush up and beat her to death.

This woman was really ruthless!

“Weve already informed the police about what happened today, and the police have also investigated clearly.

The matter is very simple.

Su Yan hired someone to kill Su Qing, but in the end, those killers were all defeated by Su Qing, and died trying to escape! This is the police report.

Old Master Su, take a look!”

As Wu Mu spoke, she turned to look at Su Yan.

“Do you want to take a look too”

Su Yan looked at her coldly, her eyes slowly landing on the report.

She was telling herself that this was impossible.

How could Su Qing have completed so many things in such a short period of time The police couldnt have acted so quickly either.

Su Qing must be lying to her.

It was impossible for her to find out about this so easily!

Besides, if the police were really involved, why didnt the police follow them back here

So, all of this should be fake!

However, in the next second, Su Zheng threw the piece of paper at her face, making her even more embarrassed!

“You evil creature!” Su Zheng was furious.

He went forward and pointed at Su Yans face as he asked, “Why did you hire someone to kill Su Qing and Su Qian When did you become so ruthless Or did I misjudge you in the past Or was your obedient, kind, and sensible behavior all a lie Su Yan, youre really crazy!”


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